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Brazilian Butt Lift Workout For Best Booty Ever

by Fashionlady
Brazilian Buttlift

Butt Lift Workout

While you may not be Kim Kardashian or any other celeb but there’s no reason why you cannot have that perfect bikini body which draws envious eyes from all corners.

Talking about perfect bodies, we cannot help but think of the Brazilian women who tend to be curvy at all the right places. One highlight feature of their toned body is their firm and lifted butt. If you are in the same league who are ready to slog for that perfect booty and of course a sexy body; then the best bet for you would be the ‘Brazilian Butt Lift Workout’. Touted as one of the best butt lifting programs available today, it is taking the bikini body market by frenzy today. Let’s check it out and know all about the Brazilian butt lift program.

Understanding Brazilian Butt Lift Workout

Created by the reputed Brazilian fitness trainer Leandro Carvalho and released by the Beachbody brand in 2010, this is a workout program consisting of 6 different workouts taped in 3 DVDs, which can be easily ordered and practiced at home. Majorly focusing on lifting and tightening your butt without causing the flab to move to the back or the legs, the program takes you through some Brazilian dance moves, lower-body strengthening workouts and above all, the Leandro’s ‘signature’ butt-blasting moves! The Brazilian butt lift workout results are so terrific that regardless of whether you have a toned body or not; you can get a sexy body and that killer booty by the end of the 60 days when the program ends.

The Working Principle Of The Program

Some of you may not know about it but your butt is actually made up of three different types of muscles and when all these three are targeted at once, your butt stands no chance. The Brazilian butt lift workout routine far exceeds the normal squats and lunges that are taken as the standard for kickass rear! Leandro has invented the TriAngle Training program which hits upon these muscles i.e. minimus, mediums and maximus simultaneously. Translating this program into the Brazilian butt lift workout moves of Afro-Brazilian dances, ballets and capoeira; Leandro has ensured that you have a blast while working towards the dream booty. Consisting of some unique exercises, you can be assured of guaranteed results.


Workout Options Of The Brazilian Butt Lift Workout Program

Apart from plenty of extra goodies and delights, the program has six workout regimes loaded in its 3 DVDs. These workouts are:

  • The first set is the basic workout moves of about 20 minutes which helps you know and master all the moves and techniques of butt lifting.
  • The second set is called ‘Bum Bum’. Helping you gain mastery over lower body exercises to sculpt your butt and melt fat, the workout session lasts about 35 minutes.
  • Known as ‘High & Tight’, the third workout regime which lasts about 35 minutes is all about forming and really giving your butt that dream lift! These three sets are all fitted into DVD 1.
  • The fourth regime, ‘Sculpt’ is a 50 minutes regime and is super effective in helping you tighten and tone your muscles right from head to toe.
  • The next 30 minute workout session is called the ‘Cardio Axe’ and is all about having fun with cardio blasting dance while burning away the fat.
  • The final workout of about 20 minutes is called the ‘tummy tuck’ which helps you get the flat and sexy abs.

Butt Lift Workout

To make the deal sweeter, the program has bonuses like workouts for a toned and slim tummy and abundant reading materials to get any other body part in terrific shape.

In case you are stuck at any point or just confused, you can always take the online support which comes to you absolutely free and is available 24/7. You can even find friends and stay connected to ensure that your motivation does not take a dip.

Our Overall Take On The Brazilian Butt Lift Workout Plan

Based on various results and experiences, it is indeed one of the best rated and highly effective programs to get an envious bikini body butt. Various pictures are shown on its official website where one can clearly see the difference in the Brazilian butt lift workout before and after images! Moreover, the 60-day money back guarantee in case of no results further cements the belief. Although, you must keep in mind that the entire program is meant exclusively for the butt and thus you would need to combine them with other cardio workouts for a full body workout. For the glutes – nothing can match it.

Brazilian Butt Lift Workout Before and After

So are you ordering one now or have you already tried it out? Were the results as spectacular? Do share your thoughts!

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