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Cornstarch As a Beauty Product – The Multi-Talented Beauty Find

by Fashionlady
Cornstarch As a Beauty Product

Cornstarch As a Beauty Product - The Multi-Talented Beauty Find
Cornstarch is one element that is available in the kitchen cupboards of most homes. It is used as a thickening agent for gravies, soups and puddings. Now imagine it as a beauty tonic. Does that sound ugh? No, it’s aha! Cornstarch as it’s called, is an incredible beauty product that can do wonders to your skin and scalp. Beauty is about experimentation too and this one is innovative, result-oriented and delightful.

For Oily Hair

Most often we don’t feel the urge to wash our hair to get rid of the oiliness. Just sprinkle some cornstarch on your scalp and allow it to sit for some time. Now brush your hair. You will find most of the oil absorbed by the starch.

For Detangling Knots

Wondering how to prevent tangled hair? Apply cornstarch in the area. It helps lubricate the hair fibers, making it easier for you to untie your hair locks.

For Detangling Knots


For Nail Polish

Preparing matte nail polish is easy and inexpensive using cornstarch at home. Mix a small portion of cornstarch to your nail paint in a mixing bowl and immediately apply it to your nails to get the matte effect.

For Nail Polish


For Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoos are expensive when bought over the counter. You can resort to a cheaper alternative instead. Sprinkle cornstarch on your hair and rub it gently on your scalp using your palms. The result would be oil-free and fresh hair.

For Dry Shampoo


For Facial Mask


Give up your visit to beauty salons for the gold and diamond facials. Prepare an excellent facial mask in the comfort of your home using cornstarch. Whisk an egg into the mixture of 2 tbsp each of milk and corn starch. Apply this smooth paste on your face. Leave it for 15 minutes and rinse off to a glowing face.

For Facial Mask


For Oily Face

Dust a little amount of cornstarch to your face. This will help absorb excess of troublesome oil giving you a sigh of relief.

For Oily Face


For Makeup

Mascara – Talking of voluminous mascaras, which girl wouldn’t fall for it? Apply mascara the right way. A bit of cornstarch can help you acquire that. Pull out a small container and to a 1/2” blob of mascara, add a dot of cornstarch. Mix with a toothpick and apply with a clean mascara wand to get the desired effect.

Lipstick Mattefier – Getting matte lips is any girl’s pet dream. Instead of rushing to the salon, get the same in your home by first dusting your lips with cornstarch and then applying your lip colour.

Nail Polish Matteifer – Nails cast the first impression when you dress up for the evening. Take a container and add a pinch of cornstarch to nail polish to get that super trendy matte look.

Nail Polish Matteifer


For Skincare

Sunburn Soother – Calm down a sunburn by mixing 1 cup cornstarch into the water and soak yourself in it for about half an hour.

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Now say goodbye to your pesky beauty problems by moving cornstarch from your kitchen into your dressing room.

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