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10 Different Uses of The Deodorant That You Have Never Tried Earlier

by Fashionlady
Different Uses of The Deodorant That You Have Never Tried Earlier

Different Uses of The Deodorant That You Have Never Tried Earlier
You can’t leave home without your trusted deodorant. It’s the one thing that you religiously use no matter what. But do you know that the nifty bottle that you have been carrying in your purse can be used for many other purposes? Unbelievable but true. Everyone associates deodorant with removing perspiration or body odor, but you can also use your favourite spray for a few other purposes. Read on to know more:

1. Banish Pesky Insect Bites:

Those red, ugly spots can be such an eyesore. Not only that, but insect bites are also itchy and painful. And if you are allergic to them, it’s even worse. So the quickest and easiest way to get rid of them is to slather some deodorant and stop them from itching and welting up.

Banish Pesky Insect Bites

Source: thebeautybean.com

2. Instant Nail Polish Remover:

If you are in the mood for a new mani, but you don’t have a nail polish remover handy, you can use your deodorant to do the same job. Dab your hands in warm water and then spray the deodorant on your fingers. Rub off with cotton and Voila! The nail polish is gone!

Instant Nail Polish Remover

Source: allaboutyou.com

3. Zit be gone!

You are ready for your next big date, but a nasty zit just popped up! What do you do? Well instead of popping it, you can simply dab a little deodorant on the nasty pimple and it will be gone in no time. However, a word of caution: This method is to be used in extremely emergency situations. A deodorant is not suitable for something as sensitive as your face’s skin. Though you will smell fresh, it will wreak havoc on your skin!

Zit be gone

Source: wordpress.com

4. Ban smelly feet:

At the end of the day, you will vehemently deny that your feet stink. But sometimes, the best of us are confronted with an obnoxious smell coming from our dainty feet. To avoid people wrinkling their noses with your feet stink, just dab on some deodorant before going off to bed. On a side note, don’t do that if you are just planning to go out because you will end up slipping on your foot all day long!

Ban smelly feet

Source: xojane.com

5. Razor Burn Rescue:

This is a common problem with most women who try and shave down below. Razor burns are painful and itchy, but deodorant can come to your rescue! As soon as you are done shaving, you can simply dab on deodorant. It will prevent the itching and also ingrown hair.


Razor Burn Rescue

Source: pinimg.com

6. Chaffing Coolers:

Summers are here and it’s the season of Daisy Dukes. But your favourite pair of shorts can also cause a lot of chaffing on your inner thighs, especially since your pins are exposed all day long. Deodorant can help cool down those nasty, red chafes in an instant. Put some in between your legs for a cool sensation all day long.

Chaffing Coolers

Source: thenest.com

7. Sweaty hands solution:

Most of us have a problem of clammy hands. The best way to find out is to look at your smartphone. Finger prints on the screen will show how sweaty your hands can get. To prevent this and have sweet smelling hands, spray some deodorant on your palms.

Sweaty hands solution

Source: saidaonline.com

8. Slip on jeans easily:

If you can’t seem to fit into your favourite pair of jeans, simply slide on some deodorant on your pins. This will help you grease into your skinny jeans in no time!

Slip on jeans easily

Source: cbsistatic.com

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Boob sweat be gone

Source: 247sports.com

So, you see, deodorants are not only for your pits. You can use your favorite spray for many more hacks!

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