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Different Shades of Blue Jeans: How to Wear Them

by Fashionlady
Different shades of Blue Denims

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Did you know?

There are over 50 shades of blue jeans available in the market and over 100’s in total including the colored ones.

From acid wash and chambre to light wash and colored, denims look wonderful in all hues, provided they suit your personality and style. I bet an average woman must be having atleast 5 shades of denims in her wardrobe, while students and women 20’s and 30’s would be having more than 5 in their collection.

Jeans are super cool wardrobe essentials, which are extremely versatile to suit almost any occasion other than wedding and festives. With so many varieties available in the market and an array of trends to easily confuse with your choice, I have rounded 4 most commonly worn jean shades. This edition is a brief guide on how to wear them and look hot. Do have a read!

With every body type comes a specific pair of jeans. After having successfully covering an elaborate post on How to Find the Perfect Jeans that Suits Your Body Type, I decided to come up with some hot tips on styling different shades. Click here to know more.

Denim Styles

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Before going through the tips, let’s have a sneak peak at its history and evolution –

Jeans, which are pants made from denim or dungaree cloth were invented by  Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss in 1873. While it was originally worn by cowboys and miners, it only entered into the mainstream fashion after historical brands like Levi’s, Lee and Wrangler started manufacturing jeans in various fits and styles.

Originally, the heavily woven denim was sold in only one shade i.e. indigo blue. Since in those days, it was worn only by the hard working class people, so the indigo dye was used to enable a rich dark color whilst enhancing the durability.

While still maintaining its durable qualities, the jeans are now an ever changing fashion fad which are now available with cutting edge technology as well.

From the classic Levi’s 501 to the wide range of designs such as boot cut, skinny, boyfriend, flare and wide legged, there is always a style perfectly suiting your body type, including the shades.

# Shade 1 – Dark Blue Jeans

The most classy shade in the jeans, the dark blue or indigo is mainly identified with the American Old West. It won’t be wrong to tag this shade as the DNA of the denims. It is one of the most versatile shades easily complementing any top/blouse of any shade.

The dark wash skinny jeans usually look great with loose fitted tank tops and can be worn for a weekend getaway to happy hours at your favorite pub. If you have a boot cut or flared jeans in the same shade then go for tight fitted top and if skinnies then pick the loose fitting top.

Here are three styling tips for dark blue jeans – One of our favorite shades of Blue Jeans

Styling Tips for Dark Blue Denims

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White is your safest bet. Even if it’s winter, you can go for cute white cardigans or cashmere tops which will give you an edge to your look. Apart from white, brown and gray are other shades you can opt this February.

2. Light Wash Jeans

These are perhaps the trendiest of all the shades and are usually preferred for casual wear. You should be however extremely careful in picking this side, only if you’re sure this shade won’t make you look heavy. Avoid them if you’re curvy.

Here are three styling tips for light blue jeans –

Light Blue Denims Styles

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T-shirts are the perfect combination along-with sneakers. It is one of the most casual wears till date. If you have a pair of boyfriend jeans then do not forget to pair it with blazer. Even though this shade goes with every skintone, it’s not the same with every body type.

3. Medium Shade or Chamber

The medium shade is somewhat similar to the #Shade 1, except it is a mix of light fades as well on the bodice. You get the liberty to pair anything with these jeans. Just remember one crucial advice from me – Don’t combine denim with denim.

Here are three styling tips for mid blue jeans –

White and Blue Denim Styles

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While the ‘denim-on-denim look‘ was super hot in 90’s, it’s a passé now. Go for all possible light shades in tops for this look. From peach and beige to pastels and shades of pink and green can go with this pair.

Hope you found this post useful!

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