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How to Find the Perfect Jeans that Suits Your Body Type

by Fashionlady

Perfect jeans for your body shape
Even though jeans are the fashion staples seen in almost every women’s wardrobe, finding the perfect jeans that suit your body type can be a daunting task. Unfortunately, in India most of the women are not aware about the different sizes and patterns pertaining to every body type and they just pick randomly only considering their waist size.

You will be amazed to know that there is an array of designs and patterns available suiting almost every figure and requirement. No matter how pricey your jeans is, you can only put your best foot forward only when you are comfortable in your jeans. So, apart from style, comfort plays a key role when buying a pair of tailor-fit jeans. If you are still unsure about your figure and into which body type do you fall in then better go through the 10 questions.

Those following 10 questions will help you understand your body better, thereby picking the perfect pair. And even if you are still confused at the end, all you can do is describe your body type to the salesman or the online expert to enable you the appropriate pair. Do have a look!

1. How would I describe my height?

  1. Very tall
  2. Average to slightly above average
  3. Average to slightly below average
  4. Very short

2. How would I describe my legs, hips and butt?

  1. Average build – not too curvy, not too straight
  2. Round butt with nicely tapered thighs
  3. Thicker through the thighs
  4. Very straight and narrow through the hips and thighs

3. I am looking for a pair of jeans to which can

  1. Balance my frame
  2. Help me add curves
  3. Hide my thighs
  4. Make me look taller

4. How would I describe my butt?

  1. Pretty average
  2. Practically nonexistent
  3. Definitely prominent
  4. Kind of flat

5. Why can’t I get my type of jeans?

  1. I won’t find jeans that are long enough
  2. I won’t find jeans that give my body shape
  3. I won’t find jeans that fit in the waist and in the thighs
  4. Almost all of the jeans are too long

6. I am not able to find jeans that don’t

  1. Show off butt cleavage when I bend down
  2. Make my butt look small and/or flat
  3. Gap at the waist while pulling tight through the thighs
  4. Creep up higher and pinch my stomach when I bend or twist

7. How would I describe my waist?

  1. My waist is about 10″ narrower than my hips (i.e. my waist is 27″ and my hips are 37″)
  2. My waist is less than 5″ narrower than my hips (i.e. my waist is 34″ and my hips are 38″)
  3. My waist is more than 12″ narrower than my hips (i.e. my waist is 30″ and my hips are 43″)
  4. My waist is between 5″ to 10″ narrower than my hips (i.e. my waist is 26″ and my hips are 34″)

8. My shoulders are

  1. Much wider than my hips
  2. About the same width as my hips
  3. Narrower than my hips
  4. Slightly wider than my hips

9. I get the most compliments on

  1. My extra long legs
  2. My athletic arms
  3. My nice curves
  4. My face and hair

10. I have to be able to wear my jeans with

  1. Flats
  2. Athletic shoes
  3. Boots
  4. Stiletto heels
how to find perfect jeans

Source: lakatwalk.com

So let me help you how to go through this questionnaire –


The Fashionlady team conducted this survey among several women and girls. Let me pick one of these surveys taken by an Art student and this is what she had responded to the following questionnaire-

 1. How would I describe my height? 

 Ans – Average to slightly above average 

 2. How would I describe my legs, hips and butt?

 Ans – Average build – not too curvy, not too straight 

 3. I am looking for a pair of jeans to which can

 Ans – Balance my frame 

 4. How would I describe my butt?

 Ans – Pretty average 

 5. Why can’t I get my type of jeans? 

 Ans – I won’t find jeans that give my body shape 

 6. I am not able to find jeans that don’t 

 8. My shoulders are

 Ans – About the same width as my hips 

 9. I get the most compliments on 

 Ans – My face and hair 

 10. I have to be able to wear my jeans with

 Ans – Stiletto heels 

From the above answers, it is revealed that the woman has an apple body shape and is petite. So, we suggest her to go for a pair of high waist and slim fit jeans.

Best Jeans for Your Shape

Source: morronicustom.com

So, here is a quick round-up on tips to find perfect jeans. Continue reading!

If you have heavy butts

  • When your problem area lies in your butts then you should never go for high-waist jeans rather opt for mid-waist (for petite ladies) and low raise (for taller ladies)
  • Go for without or the smallest possible pockets
  • In order to conceal your hips, do not even go for jeans that have front pockets
  • Do not bleach shades, instead go for darker shades as they will make you look slimmer

If your butt is flat

  • Unlike the above body type, you can go for bleached jeans with pockets both at the front and back side
  • Pick a narrow style and with many pockets in order to seal off the gap behind
  • if you could find a pair with patchwork i.e. made up of different parts of jeans then it would be great or else if you’re good at sewing then have a Patchwork Jeans DIY project this holiday season
  • Go for wide cut classic jeans, that complements your figure

If you’ve thick thighs

  • You should for straight-cut jeans which are slightly broader at the edges, provided if you have strong legs
  • Go for darker shades to make your thighs look slimmer
  • Do not go for too tight items, as they will only highlight your flaw area
  • Wear heels instead of boots or flats to make your thighs look taller

If you’ve short legs

  • Avoid designs that just reach up to your waist line
  • Flairs are not of your type. A strict no to them as they will only make you look more shorter
  • Try to pair them with a matching top or blouse, this will virtually make your limbs look taller
  • Since you’ll be wearing heels, so make sure the hemline of the pants fall on the heels
  • Make sure your selected item is not giving you enough space at the back. The loose-fitting at the hips will make your buttocks just pop up when you bend, so avoid such pairs
  • Even if your sales man provokes you to buy that piece by suggesting that belt will take care of that loose area, do not listen to him. Ideally, your jeans should always make you feel good, no matter whether you’re standing, bending, dancing or sitting
  • Always go for simple designs without any kind of exaggeration
  • Only if you’ve flat bottoms, go for decorated/embellished pockets or else avoid them

Last but not the least, if you are buying from any physical store then always go with your friend or spouse, who will give you honest opinion rather how you find yourself in the mirror

Hope you found this post useful!

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