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5 Makeup Tricks And Techniques To Master In 2017

by Fashionlady
Makeup Tricks and Techniques

Makeup Tricks and Techniques

It is the time of the year when most of us are making new years’ resolutions, to lose weight, to quit smoking, to have fabulous skin, to perfect suryanamaskar etc. Then there are makeup addicts who live in a different realm. As makeup lovers it can be a little difficult to keep up with all the beauty trends.

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So this year, let’s make a resolution to master these techniques and trends by the end of 2017! We have short listed few famous looks and trends that we are going to master this year.


Yes, we have been talking about contouring for over a year now. But have we really mastered the art of contouring to the T? There are times when we still struggle with harsh lines, irregular strokes and a dark forehead. #Sigh!

2016 makeup tricks

Source: thechicspy.com


Strobing is just highlighting. But what makes ALL the difference is where you highlight, which products you use and what technique you use. Using drug store products carelessly can be a little tricky due to product fallout.

Makeup Techniques 2016

Source: cosmopolitan.com


Ah. The latest, newest and the easiest technique to highlight and set your makeup in one go. All you need is to master it. And a good setting powder. We’ve said it once we are saying it again – all you need is Ben Nye’s Banana Powder! Kim uses it.

Ben Nye Banana Powder

Source: macygreyhorse.com


The “feline” flick

We have mastered the perfect eyeliner application. Gel, pencil, liquid – doesn’t matter. But now, we want to flick it out. With perfection.

Flick eyeliner

Source: makeupbyjc.co.uk


Brows are the most basic yet trickiest to do. We have all seen brow faux pas even on the most stylish celebrities and made memes out of their misfortunes. But come this year, we are going to walk out with perfect brows!

Eyebrow makeup

Source: youtube.com

Hopefully we will master these 5 techniques by the end of 2017. Do you have any techniques that you like to master?

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