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Here’s How To Appear Taller And Firmer By Using Yoga

by Fashionlady
Here’s How To Appear Taller and Firmer by Using Yoga

Are you completely unhappy with your height? Are you always blaming your parents for giving you stout height genes? If the answer to both of the above questions is yes, then we have a solution for you – yoga! Don’t just be amazed yet. Hear us out.

You have contributed immensely to your own short stature. Don’t believe us? Just take a minute and stand in front of your mirror. Notice the locked knees, sagging necks, slopped shoulders, forward slump and titled pelvis? There you have it – more 50% of your height problem detected. Standing up straight and maintaining a correct posture automatically contributes to a couple of inches to your height. But we all know how this standing-up-straight business would be continued only for a few minutes, thanks to your incessant slouching habits. This is where yoga comes in. Yes, it cannot alter the chemical composition of your genes passed on from your parents, but it can help you in making a good and erect posture as a second nature, making sure that it adds few inches to your height.

Yoga And Its Height-Increasing Properties

We all know that height merely depends upon the length of your bones. This length cannot increase or decrease as you age, they remain constant. But what yoga does is it helps you stretch and lengthen your spine. This is because the spinal column is an extremely flexible organ in a body, and people with poor or bad posture tend to compress their spinal structure, resulting in shorter height. Yoga can help you alleviate decompression by strengthening your spinal disc and keeping demineralisation of bones at bay.

Yoga and its Height Increasing Properties

Source: yogajournal.com

Yoga Exercises That Increase Height

Top yoga poses that help in getting that extra edge over height are:

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  1. Bhujangasana (Cobra posture)
  1. Tadasana (Tree pose)
  1. Natrajasana (Lying down body twist)
  1. Surya namaskar (Sun Salutation)
Yoga Exercises That Increase Height

Source: healthshlok.com

Exploring the Concept of Height vs. Carriage

One needs to understand the importance of spinal cord alignment here, as it is the very backbone of right posture and alignment. For instance, if you have a computer-related job and you spend nothing less than 5-8 hours in a day on your laptop, it is but obvious that you might have developed a slight curvature of the spine, giving a round shape to your shoulder. In such a case, bones have not been inherently dis-formed but they have led the muscles to become lax. Thus, giving your body an unnatural position, which has become comfortable with you. So even when you stand up straight you have a slight slump.


Exploring the Concept of Height vs Carriage

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Posture and Height

Lengthening of your spine and giving you a good and erect posture are a few of the basic principles of yoga. For instance, when you’re practicing Mountain Pose in yoga, you are making an effort to lift the top of your head by pushing it towards the roof. This mere position helps in stretching your spine and making you comfortable with erect carriage. Vigorous vinyasas and strength poses help in reinforcing good posture in your body, thus holding you in your body’s natural position.

Posture and Height

Source: burtchiropractic.com

Yoga Increases your Growth Hormone or HGH

Practicing heavy breathing yogic exercises, such as pranayama helps in relaxing human mind, thus propagating a stress-free mental health. Deep breathing exercises is also one of the medically proven ways to upkeep the production of Human Growth Hormone or HGH in the body, hence leading to height growth.

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Yoga increases your Growth Hormone or HGH

Source: media.jrn.com

Yoga and Alignment

Continuing with poor posture and embracing that is something similar to falling into bad habits. For instance, standing with your neck slouched or your hips cocked with your weight on one foot when you walk, are all examples of poor posture. It is here that the magical qualities of yoga helps in regaining the natural range of motion of your body, giving you a flexible and stronger supple. And a regular practice of yoga would help you in improving your alignment by giving you that extra grace and edge of movement, all armed with a toned body.

Yoga and Alignment

Source: timeinc.net

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