Heard About Yoga For Wellbeing? Now Try Yoga For Hair Loss


yoga for hair loss

Don’t we just know about the wonders of yoga? From weight loss to beautiful skin, healthy life to better immunity and more, yoga can help us achieve eternal bliss like no other exercise can. However, we would also want you to stop feeling horrible about your hair loss issues, because you really don’t need those expensive parlor treatments galore to bring back hair on your head, when yoga for hair loss is the cheapest and the best way to stop it in the first place.

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If combing your hair is a nightmare, here are a few yoga for hair loss poses that would help promote hair growth and bring back the strength to your weak hair follicles too. But remember, there could be underlying issues as to why you are suffering from hair loss, which is why you should first get it checked by your trichologist, since the yoga for hair loss poses mentioned here work only for the initial stages of hair loss.

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Yoga Asanas For Hair Growth

The yoga asanas for hair growth mentioned here are best to help with blood circulation in your scalp. These are asanas so simple to use, which can be done anytime during the day or just before you sleep at night. Nourish your scalp from root to tip of the hair too, and watch the changes happen over a time frame, and you wouldn’t shudder to comb your hair again!

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Adho Mukha Savasana

For this pose, you would need to emulate the stance of a dog but in a downward motion. This is a pose that helps the scalp with amazing blood circulation around the forehead and the crown. It also helps provide relief to those who constantly suffer from not only hairfall issues, but from common colds and sinuses too.

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One of the easiest ways to remove tiredness and fatigue from the body, which are culprits that provoke hairfall would be the Utthanasana. This is a pose that helps with menstrual cycles too and would keep the digestion system in place as well.

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The diamond pose or the Vajrasana can be done right after a meal, sans the worry of side-effects. This is a pose that works wonders for those who want to lose weight, UTI issues and bloating, which if ignored can lead to tension and anxiety, resulting in hairfall too!

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The digestive system is a place of positive energy, which with toxins and wastes turns into a negative dumping ground. You need to purify this place and get the toxins done away with, which helps relieve stomach issues and constipation too. This is one of the best and the easiest yoga for hair fall control practices recommended by experts.


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Kapalbhati Pranayam

Your brain cells need a lot of iron and oxygen to perform well, and so does your nervous system too. This only happens right when the toxins from the body are shown the door, or when the body is fit and free from unhealthy fat and waste. Try the pose for a week and watch the difference.

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Bhastrika Pranayam

If you feel to full but haven’t eaten much, too acidic but don’t know why, chances are that there are issues with your nervous system. This is something that shouldn’t be ignored, and one reason why stress builds up leading to hairfall and skin issues too. try the yoga for hair asana mentioned under the supervision of a guru, and watch how your hair bounces back to life.

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What You Need To Know

If you have been admiring the Bollywood divas for their lovely waves and curls, long sleek straight shiny hair and more, remember they have many hands and products behind them all for maintenance. Just because they have endorsed a brand or two for hair care, it doesn’t mean that the same would work for you.

We have also spoken about the best ten ayurvedic shampoos that help do away with the reasons for hairfall, such as dandruff, build-ups, tension, dirt and grime, but check your general health too- prevention is always better than cure!

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In addition to that and for a very healthy hair growth to achieve, you should try and cut down on alcohol intake, smoking, stress levels, your calorie intake and more. Meditation also helps in a large way to bring the perils of hair loss down, and brings plenty of health benefits to your system too. Physically and mentally if you are in good shape, your hair and skin would resonate the same.

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We hope these few exercise for hair growth or yoga asanas come in handy and soon. Please do consult an expert yoga guru for the same and then go ahead with it!


  1. Thank you for the post . I have been practicing yoga for hair growth and it has not only helped in hair growth, but also in keeping me healthy and happy.


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