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Yoga Asanas: Easy yet Important Yoga Poses for Pregnant Women

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Yoga Asanas for Pregnant Women

Yoga Poses for Pregnant Women

Women who swear by it know its health benefits. Yoga, an ancient form of exercise, since ancient times has contributed towards the well-being of the individuals.
During pregnancy, most women complain about fatigue, cramps and mood swings. Yoga techniques when correctly practiced can ease these problems and sure a comfortable pregnancy and easy labor.
Yoga for women during pregnancy requires slight change from the yoga asanas women have been practicing. The main aim of practicing yoga poses during pregnancy is to ease the complications experienced and bring the child with minimum hassles in this world. Yoga during pregnancy should only be practiced under an expert guru as the yoga asanas differ with every trimester.

Important Yoga Aasnas for Women during Pregnancy

Butterfly yoga asana or Baddha Konasana

Butterfly yoga aasna helps in increasing mobility of the hip joints. It also helps in regulating the intestine and bowel movement. Some women experience fatigue while standing and walking. Badhakonasana helps in curing it. When done until the end of pregnancy, this aasna ensures smooth delivery.

How should you do it?

While sitting erect, outstretch your legs on the yoga mat (picture below). Bend knees (as in the picture) and bring your feet closer to you. Slowly move your legs up and down, imitating the movements of a butterfly.

Butterfly yoga asana or Baddha Konasana

Source: youtube.com


Benefits of Shravasana includes in calming you down and reliving stress. One of the advantages of yoga asanas are that it helps in curing fatigue and the problem of high blood pressure, as in this case.

How should you do it?

Pregnant women must do savasana in a side lying position. Doing this yoga asana while lying straight on your back is not recommended for you. Lie on the floor with your feet stretched in front of you. Keep a pillow behind you so that it’s beneath your head and on the left side for added comfort.

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Slowly turn to the left hand side. Keep you left leg over your right leg and place it on the pillow beneath your legs. Close your eyes and focus on relaxing with each breath out. This helps in relaxing muscles in your body. Shavasana is normally done at the end of Yogasana.

Pregnant Women yoga poses

Source: yogadestiny.com



Benefits of Vakrasana or The Twisted pose ensures your spine, hands and neck are exercised.

How should you do it?

Take a deep breath, and raise your arms such that it is at shoulder level while your palms are facing down. Now, twist your torso to the right side while moving your hands and head in the same direction. Twist only your upper body while practicing Vakrasana. Repeat the same yoga exercise for the other side

Pregnant Women doing yoga

Source: interconnectedlives.com


Benefits of meditation during pregnancy are many. It helps in relaxing, rejuvenating and calming mind.

Choose a well ventilated area away for noise and disturbance to meditate. Begin by meditating for 10-15 minutes every day and gently increase its duration. Avoid meditating right after you have had a heavy meal. You many follow it up with a session of Yog Nidra. When you start the meditation, your mind may wander but you will be able to focus with practice and concentration.

Pregnant Women doing yoga asanas

Source: northernbeachesacupuncture.com

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Some of our yummy mummys from Bollywood too practiced Yoga too while they were expecting. Sultry actress Shilpa Shetty owes her perfect body to this ancient art. So much so that Shilpa Shetty launched her yoga cd too. Yoga has done wonders to her by her own admission, and she lost her post baby flab in a record time.

So all you expecting mothers out there give yoga asanas a try, for you know it has amazing benefits for you and your baby. But do consult an expert Yoga instructor before you begin.

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