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Don’t Do These Things When You Are Expecting! A Useful List To Avoid When Pregnant

by Fashionlady
List To Avoid When Pregnant

List To Avoid When Pregnant

While the whole household celebrates the news of your pregnancy, it is time for you to be extra careful and cautious, especially if this is your first baby.

What Not To Do When Pregnant

Get in touch with your family doctor or a pre-natal care specialist to know what you can and cannot do, because their words would take precedence over the list to avoid when pregnant, on what we have penned down here.

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1. No Hair Coloring And Dyeing When You Are Expecting

The first trimester is when you have to be very cautious, and using chemicals for the hair color is not advisable. This is because over time the chemicals can penetrate into the body and can play truant with the sense of smell. If you do want to highlight your hair, do so by all means and your parlor lady will help you with that. This is because highlights are from the mid-section to the tip of the hair and not touching the scalp- ombre shades would be best to use as well.

No hair coloring when pregnant

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2. Can I Get a Pedicure?

Your feet are swollen and this is a time when you would be tempted to have pedicures done too. It is advisable to check with your doctor if pedicures are allowed while you are expecting. There are reflexology points in the ankle that shouldn’t be touched- they lead to abnormal contractions and pre-term labor pangs. Nail polish used shouldn’t have DBP and toluene in them or formalhyede too- if unsure of which nail polish to use, let the nails be dealt with by a nail expert. This is an important aspect on the list to avoid when pregnant, because the chemicals can seep into the blood stream from your nail polish!

No pedicure when pregnant

Source: burkewilliamsspa.com

3. What About Saunas, Tanning Beds And Hot Baths?

Doctors advise against it when you are pregnant since the excessive heat around the torso region overheats the uterus zone and can be fatal for the fetus.

Avoid tanning beds when pregnant

Source: youtan.ca

4. What About Hitting The Gym Or Aerobics Class?

Only if the studio has trainers that know how to help pregnant women with pregnancy apt exercises – no harsh weight lifting and aerobics- only then should you exercise. Harsh exercises lead to fetal hypoxia, which means the baby doesn’t get enough oxygen to feed on and the brain cells are restricted of oxy cells leading to brain damage. VERY IMPORTANT to pay attention on the list to avoid when pregnant!

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No harsh weight lifting while pregnancy

Source: todayswissnews.com

5. Home Massages

For sure your loving hubby would want to give you a back massage and MIL would call in the mid-wife too. Unless you are sure of the reflexology points to touch upon, we would advise the help of trained professionals. You don’t want to trigger uterine points that lead to preterm labour, now do you? When you care so much about what not to eat when pregnant or what not to drink when pregnant and follow the list of foods to avoid eating while pregnant, why would you allow someone untrained to massage you?

Back massage for pregnant woman

Source: prenatalmassageaz.com


6. What About Sleep?

You need to have enough of sleep each day, especially at night. This isn’t a time for you to play superwoman- ask MIL to help and your hubby too. Keep a helper around the house to help you with daily chores. We aren’t asking you to laze around, which isn’t good for the mother to be and the baby to come, but work within limits. Lack of sleep means you would suffer from baby blues and your body wouldn’t be up and running when you have delivery and labor pangs ahead.

Pregnant women sleeping

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8. What Not To Eat When Pregnant – Comfort Foods Should Be Kept Away

For sure you would wake up in the middle of the night or crave for pickles and sweets or junk food now and then, but it would be best if you learn how to control those habits. Too much sugar and carbs in the body isn’t good for you and the baby. Learn more about the dangerous foods for pregnant women that lead to gestational diabetes caused during pregnancy- we don’t want that happening to you.

What Not To Eat When Pregnant

Source: toddle.sg

Get in touch with a specialist to know which foods to avoid in pregnancy and which fruits to avoid while pregnant as well. Stay calm and happy, and avoid what we told you not to have.

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