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10 Signs And Symptoms Of Twin Pregnancy

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Signs And Symptoms Of Twin Pregnancy

Signs And Symptoms Of Twin Pregnancy

A question that frequently pops up on every going-to-be mother is “Is it a boy? A girl? Or twins?”. While twins were a rarity before, it no more is. The anxiety to know if you are going to have twins is sure a stressful thought. Although some means of examination to determine the sex of the baby have been named illegal, there are plenty of signs and symptoms that could give you a clue about twins.

Let’s see what are the signs and symptoms that could easily help you predict the upcoming birth of two gorgeous babies:

Symptoms of A Twin Pregnancy:

  1. The feeling of nausea starts off at the early stages of pregnancy. This nauseatic feeling is so intense that the mother finds it hard to do anything or even eat anything except bland foods. Only bland foods become easy digestible decreasing the appetite to a low.
  2. The feeling of urination is much more magnified when it’s a twin pregnancy. It’s common to want to urinate more than normal during pregnancy, but having twins is said to double this feeling where you run to the washroom every few minutes.
  1. Breast Tenderness. Breasts get extremely sensitive, doubling up during pregnancy. It gets so uncomfortable when you even touch your breasts, it goes to the point where wearing a bra might be a difficult task itself. The need to find less painful alternative options becomes the main goal then.
  2. Uterine cramping can happen which does not involve any blood loss. The muscles in the uterus cramp up doubling the pain. This happens because when it’s a twin pregnancy, the uterus expands much more than usual which cause excessive cramping.

Uterine Cramping For Pregnancy

  1. When the doctor says, a premature delivery has to be done, this could be a sign of twins. As twins normally have a premature birth than the decided date.
  2. Mood swings are a common pregnancy symptom. But when it’s a twin pregnancy, these mood swings can go to extreme levels. Moods change within seconds, at one second you could be feeling happy, the next second, your mood might be the extreme pole apart.

Mood Swings For Pregnancy

  1. While a normal single baby pregnancy, you can feel the baby moving in the last few months of the pregnancy period. Whereas a twin pregnancy guarantees the slight movement of babies in the early stages itself.
  2.  The stomach bump of a twin pregnancy at a four months stage is much bigger than the usual pregnancy. What it is at a 7-month stage for a single baby pregnancy is what you will experience at 4 months itself when carrying twins.

Twin Pregnancy

  1. If you’ve had a family history of twins, it might run in the family. The probability of giving birth to twins is doubled when it runs in family history.
  2.  Early Weight Gain. In twin pregnancies, the weight that is put on is slightly higher than the mothers of singletons. The hunger pangs are more and hence more weight the mothers of twins witness.

So are you in the process of matching every symptom to yourself? Be sure to match it right and be faster than the medical world at decisions. Congratulations to all you mothers!

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