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Unveiling The Names Of Vitamins For Long Hair Growth- Bookmark These Right Away!

by Fashionlady
Vitamins For Long Hair Growth

Vitamins For Long Hair Growth

No matter what you tried, your hair still doesn’t seem to budge an inch and grow longer. What you need are vitamins for long hair growth, and here we are ready to share with you some of the easiest vitamins for long hair growth names that can really help.

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Essential Vitamins for Hair Growth

Sometimes you have to check within to know what’s wrong on the outside, and these essential vitamins for long hair growth, have to be in your daily diet for results to show! Read on!

Vitamin A

Cell growth is helped a lot when vitamin A is included in the diet. This also helps with sebum production too, in the scalp and doesn’t allow the scalp to dry out as well. Vitamin A can be found in many veggies and fruits, and the most popular choice would be carrots.

Essential Vitamins For Hair Growth

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If you would like your hair to grow, and in good density that too, you would need biotin! Biotin helps produce more hair for sure, and you can consume biotin found in oats, brown rice and lentils.

Healthy Hair Vitamins

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Vitamin C

Vitamin C helps produce plenty of collagen for the scalp and the hair, and makes the tresses strong by improving its texture and strengthening the locks over time. Citrus fruits and dark fruits such as kiwis, oranges and limes have plenty of essential vitamins for hair growth, vitamin C especially.

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Vitamin C

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Vitamin D

If you want the hair follicles to be strong and would like to reduce the rate at which your hair falls, you would need Vitamin D. Hair follicle growth happens and the loss of hair can be combated too, and you can consume vitamin D in the form of milk and dairy produce. If you spend at least ten minutes in the sun, early hours of the morning produces enough of vitamin D for your hair as well.

Vitamin D

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Vitamin E

You can stop and reduce the loss of hair by keeping your scalp nourished and very healthy. Use vitamin E tablets to add to your shampooing rituals by rubbing your hair with it, or you can consume nuts and leafy green veggies, soybeans and beans too.

Vitamin E Food

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Healthy hair needs plenty of circulation on the scalp, which is why we must think of using healthy hair vitamins for the same. Niacin helps with circulation in many ways, and leads to hair growth too. food items such as peanuts and fish help with niacin production and provisions, and also pork and chicken as well can do a fabulous job in feeding the hair follicles with niacin.

Niacin Food

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Using Vitamins For A Hair Spa

  1. A cup of carrots (juiced and pasted)
  2. Apply the juice or the paste from tip to root and massage the same into the scalp for ten minutes
  3. Leave the hair mask on for half an hour
  4. Wash off under cold water and tie a turban around the head to lock the moisture in
  5. Pat dry

Do this thrice a week and watch how your hair turns silky and gorgeous, and stays for long on your head. This is what the Russian women do to keep their long hair intact! We shall tell you more ways to make your hair hrow longer sometime later!

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Carrot Paste For Hair

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We hope you find this list of vitamins that help make the hair grow out long and strong, handy. We advise further to first speak with your doctor and then choose the vitamins you need for your hair care. If there are underlying health issues that need to be managed first, because of which hair fall and stunted hair growth happens, these vitamins would help a lot- only after your doctor gives you the clean chit to go ahead with the same.

Ways To Make Your Hair Grow Longer

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Stay gorgeous and beautiful always!

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