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7 Best Nutrients For Skin Care That Works Miracles When Eaten Or Used Topically

by Fashionlady
Best Nutrients For Skin

Nutrients For Skin Health

One of the best ways to improve circulation and to boot collagen or to bring more life to your skin would be to go all organic. This is why today we would like to speak more about the best nutrients for skin, which when consumed or use topically can make the dull skin shine bright. Today let’s take a look at our kitchens, a place where these secret ingredients rest and pick them out one at a time to use the best nutrients for skin.

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7 Best Nutrients For Health Of Skin

Here’s a list that you should pin to the larder or the fridge on the best nutrients for skin easily available at home.

1. Rajma / Kidney Beans

If you love rajma or kidney beans, your skin would be happiest. This is because kidney beans have plenty of protein in them which helps rejuvenate and repair skin cells. Skin cells quite often face the wrath of free radicals and the harmful UV rays of the sun. Kidney beans when digested into the system helps with its protein to break down and form amino acids. This helps in turn build and repair cells, and to form more collagen for the skin too.

what nutrients are needed for healthy skin

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2. Tomatoes

Garnish your salads with tomatoes, because they are lycopene rich and can help prevent the skin from sunburns too. You could eat them raw or use the paste of tomatoes to remove tans and sunburns from the skin as well, when rubbed against the skin and kept for ten minutes before a shower- your choice. Apart from the lycopene factor, tomatoes have plenty of high-carotenoids in them, which helps protect the skin from free radicals.

Nutrients For Skin Care

Source: tomatodirt.com

3. Egg Whites

Egg whites are an abundant source of proteins that helps protect and repair skin cells, especially for women in their 30s and above. Our skin suffers from free radical damages now and then, which is why it needs plenty of protein and nourishment. Egg whites have biotin too, which is an essential source of vitamins that keeps the skin supple and soft, against from the dryness factor.

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Best nutrients for skin health

Source: food52.com

4. Green Tea

When tired, a cup of green tea with lime can help soothe the senses. But the same when used as a bathing agent to replenish the skin with, would be great to use. Green tea has Polyphenols that help fight the onslaught of free radicals and protects the skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun too.


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5. Walnuts

An abundant source of Omega 3 Fatty acids and a must-have for those who lead a vegetarian or a vegan lifestyle, walnuts would be the best way to make your skin glow. Just one walnut a day, consumed or used as a paste can help make the skin smooth and young in a jiffy!

Nutrition for Healthy Skin

Source: servingjoy.com

6. Avocado

Another nutrient that you need for your hair, skin and nails would be from avocados. The oils in avocado can help hydrate the skin and that is why the puree of the fruit is used as a face mask in most cultures. What the skin gets in abundance using an avocado is the abundance of vitamin E.

Best Foods for Good Skin

Source: foodfactsindex.com

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