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Famous 5 Pakistani Fashion Designers We Want In India Soon!

by Fashionlady
Pakistani Fashion Designers

Pakistani Fashion Designers

From across the border, Pakistani fashion designers are breaking all stereotypes in small ways, which is a big thing to do, and making waves with the bridal scene. High edgy cuts, lower necklines, slits on the thighs and more, you haven’t seen anything if you haven’t followed these very talented five Pakistani fashion designers on the social media accounts.

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Pakistani Bridal Designers

Source: theworldofhsy.com

Pakistani Bridal Designers

Do not worry if you haven’t found them all as of now, we are here to show you what magical bridal dresses these five Pakistani bridal designers, came up with in 2015. Take a look and let’s hope they soon come into Indian waters to make a mark too!

Bunto Kazmi

Bunto Kazmi is a name that resonates with timeless creations and masterpieces, especially with bridal wear in Pakistan.

Best Pakistani Designers

Source: pinterest.com

Bunto knows how to amalgamate chic royalty with eloquence, which is why her designs are magnificent and a dream or a desire for most brides-to-be, to have.

Bunto Kazmi Wedding Dresses

Source: trendymods.com

Bunto is an epitome of all things regal in bridal touches, with intricate detailing done to her work and meticulous designs flaunted as well. Bunto Kazmi is known for her love of textures, and she works them through and through on every bridal silhouette she conjures.

Bunto Kazmi Bridal Dresses

Source: trendymods.com

If you have to place one word to her artsy touches in bridal haute couture, the word would be AURA- one that is majestic and creative at the same time. It thus comes as no surprise when you ask around for the best Pakistani bridal designers, Bunto’s name comes as top three!

Bunto Kazmi Designer Dresses

Source: trendymods.com

Nomi Ansari

Nomi Ansari is a designer based out of Pakistan and for the very adventurous brides-to-be, that are ready to flaunt their sassy styles on D-Day without exaggeration.

Most Popular Pakistani Designers

Source: fashioncentral.pk

Nomi Ansari believes in making women powerful while taking their vows, and hence would create or curate masterpieces for the brides so that their D-Day look comes nothing short of a fairytale ensemble.

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Pakistani Designers Collection

Source: blogspot.com

Nomi Ansari Bridal Collection

Source: designersoutfits.com

Asifa and Nabeel

Duo designers, Asifa and Nabeel are a famous team and known as ‘bridal wear experts’ across the nation of Pakistan.

Asifa and Nabeel Summer Bridal Collection

Source: friendsmania.net

A tag as such given to them for many good reasons- they juxtapose regal touches with finesse, bring detailed attention to every gown, and they know how to play with mix and match styles too.

Pakistani Designer Asifa and Nabeel Collection

Source: fashup.pk

Asifa and Nabeel are the epitome of royalty on every bridal garment they create, and which makes for an eye catching number too.

Asifa and Nabeel Bridal Collection

Source: blogspot.com

The fabrics used are of high quality for a luxe touch, and the embellishments on each couture is one of a kind. This is what makes Asifa and Nabeel one of the most sought after designer duo team in the nation.

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Asifa and Nabeel 2015 Collection

Source: bridalcoutureweek.pk

Saira Rizwan

From 2007, the year when designer Saira Rizwan came into being and went on to become a big name in 2011, fashion weeks have been her platform.

Pakistani Designer Saira Rizwan Collection

Source: latestsummerfashion.com

Almost every bridal season awaits the creation of Saira Rizwan, and her amazing artsy touches are talked about all year round thereafter.

Saira Rizwan Bridal Wear

Source: pinterest.com

Playing with the traditional bridal scene with a contemporary touch is what Saira Rizwan believes in.

Saira Rizwan Bridal Collection

Source: karachista.com

In addition to that, Saira Rizwan also works on very chic yet regal and luxe numbers to make brides feel like queens on their D-Day; making her as most wanted and most popular pakistani designers.

Saira Rizwan Bridal Dresses

Source: fashionmazia.com


HSY or Hassan Sheheryar Yasin

The very talented and handsome Hassan Sheheryar Yasin, HSY, choreographs his own shows for his own bridal creations.

HSY Bridal Collection

Source: bridalcoutureweek.pk

With many accolades to his name and making a large mark on the brides in Pakistan, Hassan Sheheryar Yasin has his exclusive line at your service ever since he launched in 2000.

Pakistani Designer Hassan Sheheryar Yasin Dresses

Source: maststyles.com

Also placed in the top 6 South Asian brands, Hassan Sheheryar Yasin also dapples with bridal jewelry and hence the HSY brand to say so!

Hassan Sheheryar Yasin Bridal Wear

Source: maststyles.com

Do let us know which of the five caught your fancy with their collections, and which of the Pakistani designers collections should come to Indian soil too!

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