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What To Eat For Healthy Hair – 10 Foods, Eat Them Or Apply Them As A Hair Pack!

by Fashionlady
Foods for Healthy Hair growing

what to eat for healthy hair

If you’ve been wondering what does the old adage “You are what you eat” means, don’t restrict your thought process to the body alone. The diet you follow or don’t, does have an affect not only on our bodies, but on our skin and hair too. This is why our moms would be telling us always to eat our greens and have plenty of dairy produce too- makes sense right?

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Foods For Healthy Hair

Here are ten foods for healthy hair that are easy to procure by Indian standards, which would help with longer and stronger, shinier and sexy hair. We all love healthy hair, so let’s start eating healthy for the same as well.

1. Palak Saag

Palak saag has plenty of vitamins in it (A and C) and also has a lot of iron in it as well. If there is a deficiency of any in the body, it would show on your hair. Lack of iron in the body leads to tremendous hair fall, and lack of hair conditioning too- iron provides conditioning services for the hair from within. Palak saag also has omega 3 fatty acids, minerals such as potassium and magnesium and calcium too- helps with lustrous hair and scalp maintenance too.

Foods to Eat for good hair

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2. Carrots

Gajar ka halwa or maybe shredded carrots for salad bites, have them in abundance. We know carrots have plenty of vitamin A in it, which is not only good for your eyes but for your hair growth too. The presence of beta carotene in carrots can help with vitamin A conversion in the body- any deficiency of the vitamin can lead to itchy, sensitive and dry scalp and thinning hair issues.

Best Foods for Healthy Hair

Source: agric.wa.gov.au

3. Avocado

Essential fatty acids in avocado are the highest and closest to the skin cell fatty acids we have, which is why we recommend avocados as a part of your diet. You can eat the fruit or topically use it as a hair mask too, which would help in collagen building.

Feed Your Hair

Source: foodfactsindex.com

4. Almonds

Let’ go nuts with hair care and chew on a cup of almonds each day as a snacking option between meal times. This is because almonds have very high biotin content in them, and would help with the growth of longer and very stronger hair.

Home Remedies For Healthy Hair Growth

Source: fitnesskites.com

5. Yellow Peppers

The amount of vitamin C in yellow peppers is five and a half times more than what you would find in tangerines. This is why we would want you to spice up your salad bowl a little more and allow the antioxidants from yellow peppers to flow into the body; in turn helping your hair grow long and strong.


Natural Remedies For Healthy Hair Growth

Source: bonnieplants.com

6. Eggs

Need more protein, omega 3 fatty acids and biotin in the body? Have an egg (any form) as a supplement to aid and nourish hair care. Egg whites especially can be used as a hair mask, but if you want to ward off that smell, having an egg is advised. One per day is more than enough.

Best Foods for Healthy Hair Growth

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7. Coconut

Cook in coconut oil or chew on the kernel, we leave that choice to you. Coconut has vitamin E, healthy fats, vitamin K and plenty of nutrients in it that help boost hair growth.

foods for healthy hair

Source: agronigeria.com.ng

9. Pineapple

Don’t we just love the tangy taste of pineapples, raw, cooked or baked? If the answer is a YES, we would then want the body to have more enzyme bromelain and vitamin C to come in through pineapples. You could have it as a juice too, and bring into the body all the amino acids and vitamin C it needs. Pineapples also help with collagen creation!

Foods and Natural Remedies For Healthy Hair Growth

Source: greenblender.com

10. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are powerhouses of vitamin A and beta carotene. The two when consumed can help promote healthy hair growth and a cleaner healthier scalp too.

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Foods That Will Make Your Hair Grow Faster

Source: guiltfreefoodguide.com

Here were the ten foods that you can easily grab hold of and consume! Need more help, do write in!

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