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Timeless And Traditional Skin Care Tips Since Grandmas Days Explained

by Fashionlady
traditional skin care

traditional skin care tips

Much before the chemically induced cosmetics came around, our grandma’s knew best how to keep their skin glowing and in good stead. Herbs and natural ingredients, direct from the kitchen were used for facials and as beauty aids. There is always a charm in reading the old books of beauty, of traditional skin care, which we the younger lot can learn a lot from. Since we really don’t know what goes into the making of conventional creams, lotions and potions, our skin gets damaged when certain products are used. Keeping in mind the climes, the day and age we live in and the number of skin issues that erupt on our face, we would like to share traditional skin care tips that really work. Some of us are holistic whilst others are too fast to wait at one place, but when it comes to traditional skin care, you don’t have to spend much time, money or energy pampering your skin.

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Traditional Skin Care Tips

Here are seven easy traditional skin care, traditional skin care tips to use.

When You Wake Up Early Each Morning

Make a paste of one tablespoon of oatmeal and a little water, and apply this mask on your face each morning as soon as you rise. Apply the paste on your neck too, and allow the face and neck zone to dry. Grab a bowl of homemade whey and rinse the face and the neck with live culture bacteria in it. While doing so, gently rub your cheeks in circular motions to remove the accumulated oils of the skin and dead cells. Rinse with cold water and pat dry, thereafter moisturize.

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Before You Sleep Tonight

A tablespoon of honey and a pinch of glycerin should be mixed and rubbed onto your face. Wait for ten minutes and then wipe it off with a clean cotton cloth piece. This helps wash away the impurities and bacteria, dirt and grime of the day and the makeup too.

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Womens traditional skin care tips

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Weekly Facials

There is a reason why grandma loved apples, and that was because the fruit gave her a rejuvenating facial each week. For this recipe you would need one large red apple (mashed and blended), a tablespoon of honey and a pinch of camphor powder. Blend all the ingredients well and for a thick paste. Apply the paste on your face, your neck and your forehead, and allow it to dry for half an hour. Thereafter, with cold milk wash off your face and pat dry after a rinse with cold rose water.


traditional skin care tips for womens

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Prevent Signs Of Ageing

A cup of barley should be placed in a cup of water overnight. The next morning, add a pinch of camphor to the strained barley water and wash your face with this or dab it on the skin thrice a day. Wrinkles would be shown the door and you can help prevent signs of ageing from happening too soon.

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To Bleach Your Skin

You don’t need chemicals to bleach your skin, not when a slice of lime and a slice of cucumber can be rubbed alternatively for the minutes on your skin each day. Try the recipe daily and watch the compliments you get in a week.

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Soft Smooth Hands

Rough and flaky hands are a turn off for many, which is why immersing your palms and hands in half a cup of glycerin, mixed with a cup of warm water is advised. This is one of the best hand-softening lotions DIY style to be used!

Best traditional skin care

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beauty secrets from olden days

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So here were some of the older day’s beauty tips and beauty secrets from olden days straight from the secret beauty diaries of grandma’s across the nation! If you still are wondering how they had lovely skin, we would ask you to practice the beauty secrets from olden days from now!

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