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7 Biggest Hair Care Mistakes You Can Best Avoid To Keep Your Hair Healthy And Strong

by Fashionlady
Biggest Hair Care Mistakes

Biggest Hair Care Mistakes

We have our good hair days and bad hair days, and the ugliest of hair days too. Grrrr and Arghh! Now let’s stop ranting and whining about it, because to be honest, the fault is in us and not in our stars. Talking about having the best long tresses possible, we wouldn’t have it, not until the biggest hair care mistakes are done away with. These are the biggest hair care mistakes, which sabotage our hair care efforts and then we wonder why we don’t have such lovely hair!

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Worst Hair Mistakes

Here are seven of the commonest and worst hair mistakes we make- let’s not do them again!

Do You Sleep With Your Damp Hair?

We know of women sleeping with their hair damp or wet, some even right out of the shower and in a couple of seconds, especially in summers. Are you one of them? Stop doing that! This is because there is a lot of tangle and frizz to deal with in wet hair, and when you sleep, the face and head tends to move on the pillow. The morning after shows how the wet hair breaks and falls on the pillow case, or you may have a troublesome time the next morning combing your hair- tangles on the double. Imagine the friction caused and how your hair would deal with it- it would die sooner than later, so no more sleeping with your hair wet.

Worst Hair Mistakes

How Often Do You Shampoo Your Hair?

Once a week, twice a week, everyday or thrice a month- yes there are some of us who don’t bother shampooing at alternate intervals. Okay now to be honest here, we don’t need to clean our hair daily. If you do so, you would be stripping the hair of its natural oils, which makes the hair dry and brittle over time. Should you need to cleanse the hair more than thrice a week, we would suggest following our regime on reverse shampooing, twice a week and dry shampooing thrice a week.

Hair Mistakes To Avoid

Patience Is The Key

When you have knots and tangles, you need to be patient with that type of hair. If your hair is wet, you shouldn’t touch the comb to the tresses then, in fact wait till the hair is dry (80%) at least, or else whatever treatment and conditioning you did for the hair, would go down in vain. And in addition to that, the hair strands are the weakest when it is wet. Be patient and allow your hair to dry out naturally.

Hair Problems And Solutions

How Hot Is Too Hot

Dryers and curlers, straightening rods too, emanate heat. If you are using any of these tools for hair styling, you have got to understand the heat levels, and the effect it can have on your hair. The higher the heat, the more the damage to your hair- a serious crime you could be committing. Styling tools needn’t be on the highest range, even the medium settings and a little more time invested can work like magic.

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How to curl hair

If You Hear The Sizzle, Stop!

How many times have you used a hair styling tool on your hair and heard a sizzle or whoooshy sound? Sounds familiar- this means your hair was literally frying and that is because the alcohol content in the styling product came in contact with the heat- reasons why your hair could turn brittle and break off pretty soon.

Hair Care Mistakes


Partition And Sections

Important to know when styling your hair, so that too much hair doesn’t accumulate in the brush. You need to work with your hair into sections. This is one of the worst hair mistakes made, and which we really don’t realize about until too late. Each section or partition shouldn’t be more than half an inch to an inch, to manage and work with.

Biggest Hair Care Problems

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