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Secretive Yet Epic Tips For Hair Growth Every PYT Should Know

by Fashionlady
Homemade Tips For Hair Growth Faster

Epic Tips For Hair Growth

Want to be the next Rapunzel? Want long and strong hair? Here’s a checklist with epic tips for hair growth, which really work. Read on!

1. Check The Labels

Why do we ask you to check the labeling on the hair care products? This is because, some ingredients are very carcinogenic and harmful for our hair. What you need to avoid are, SLS or sodium lauryl sulfate, which is an industrial detergent used as garage floor cleaners.

Tips For Healthy Hair For Womens

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2. Hot Oil Treatment

It is important to use coconut oil or olive oil as an active ingredient and get a hot oil hair massage done once a week. Check with our previous posts on various hot oil epic tips for hair growth.

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Tips For Healthy Hair

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3. Don’t Wash Your Hair Too Much

Washing your hair daily, even if it is oily types would lead to more suds and build-up in your hair and scalp, and would rip the scalp of the natural oils too. Twice a week is more than enough, because less is indeed more!

Healthy Hair Home Remedies

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4. Trim When You Need To

Every six weeks check your hair; if you notice split ends, go in for a trim. If you notice the hair is good, don’t trim it.

Natural Tips For Healthier Hair

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5. Deep Protein Conditioning

Check with our previous posts on deep scalp and hair conditioning, and use the protein recipes mentioned to try once a week. This adds strength and resiliency to the hair, and makes the hair grow longer- one of the best homemade tips for hair growth faster.


Home Care Tips For Healthy Hair

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6. Don’t Brush When Wet

We cannot emphasize enough on this one. Wet hair is the weakest to deal with, and the knots and tangles makes it worse- so DO NOT BRUSH YOUR HAIR WHEN IT IS WET.

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Tips For Hair Growth Faster

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7. Scalp Stimulation At Its Best

The power of a scalp massage is never to be underestimated; helps with circulation and brings plenty of nourishment to the hair follicles too. Once a day you could massage your hair when you are in the shower, with or without oil.

9. Pat Dry Your Hair

Air dry or pat dry your hair as much as possible, because machine blow drying can rip the natural oils off in no time and make your hair go brittle.

Home Remedies For Healthy Hair

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10. Your Diet Matters

Yes, what you eat is what you are. Plenty of nourishment to the hair follicles are a must, and that is why you need vitamins such as A, B, C, D and E from fruits and veggies, dairy produce and meat, to consume. Consult your doctor on the same and read our post on vitamins for hair growth too.

healthy hair tips for dry hair

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Other Tips That You Should Follow

We have spoken about the concept of dry shampoos, which is the NO POO method. Check online with our posts for the same, and don’t be grossed about it, because the method is one of the best ways to help your hair grow long and strong. Healthier locks for sure, the hair strands grow well and the moisture is locked into the hair when you follow dry shampooing. Dry shampoos are way better than commercial shampoos, so try to gradually replace them one day at a time. You can also use a tablespoon of baking soda and a cap of apple cider vinegar to dry shampoo your hair.

Hair Tips For Womens

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Switch from cotton pillow cases to silk when sleeping. This is because cotton can pull out more hair strands from your head than what silk would. So the next time you wake up to the locks on the pillow case, don’t whine. Cotton is the culprit and now that you know who to put behind the bars, do it. Silk pillow cases are luxe and chic as décor items in the bedroom too, and you would be happiest to know that silk doesn’t pull your strands as much as what cotton would do.

Healthy Hair Tips For Womens

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Hope you loved the tips for healthy hair, and if you have your own tips for healthy hair for women, write in please!

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