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What Is Pregnancy Glow And How Is It Caused

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What Is Pregnancy Glow

We are all pretty familiar with the phrase — now here is what it really means. We’re talking about the magnificent “Pregnancy Glow” – the best compliment a pregnant woman hears and loves it.

Pregnancy Glow Tips

It’s no hidden fact that a pregnant woman’s body undergoes major changes due to a surge in hormones. It’s not just the morning sickness and swollen ankles. There are many pregnancy perks too that a pregnant woman looks forward to – from glowing, radiant skin to thicker, shiny hair and even fuller, luscious lips. While some may consider the pregnancy glow a myth, health experts do have medical explanation for the same and insist that glowing skin during pregnancy is very much real.

Read on to know what is pregnancy glow, what are the causes of it, at what week does the pregnancy glow start and other such details.

What Is Pregnancy Glow:

Pregnancy glow is nothing but an incredible phase in a pregnant woman’s life, when her facial skin turns flawless. Her face tends to look bright and healthy in general.

A pregnant woman’s face is very radiant owing to an improved blood circulation in the entire body including the facial skin, as a result of which a rosy tint appears on the face.
Also, since there is an increase in skin cell turnover, newer and plumper cells are formed on the surface of the skin. The new skin cells along with the rosy tint on the face is what is known as the pregnancy glow. The expecting mother also experiences healthy hair, fuller lips and brighter eyes.

What Causes The Glow In Pregnancy?

Most of you might wonder, is glowing skin an early sign of pregnancy! Well, there are one to too many physiological changes that takes place in a pregnant woman’s body, one of which is the pregnancy glow. If you are curious to know what causes glowing skin during pregnancy, read the following reasons below.

1. Increase Of Hormones:

The increase in hormones like Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCD) and progesterone that are released in the body are responsible for excess oil production from the sebum glands. As a result, a shiny face is noticed in a pregnant woman.

2. Increase In Blood Volume:

The blood production in a pregnant woman is increased by 50%. This increase in blood volume and its constant circulation, results in a flushed and fuller face.


3. Stretching Of The Skin:

Apart from the excess blood flow and hormonal changes, skin stretching is also responsible for evening out wrinkles and a smoother, glowing skin during pregnancy.

4. Sweating:

The body temperature of a pregnant woman is usually higher than normal because of the increase in blood volume and body weight. As a result a pregnant woman tends to sweat a lot. Now, sweat clears out the impurities often stuck in the skin pores, resulting in a much brighter and radiant face.

5. Moisture:

There’s a lot of moisture retained in a pregnant woman’s skin, thereby resulting in a smooth and well moisturized facial skin.

6. Happy State Of Mind:

Pregnant women are generally very cheerful and overjoyed, which reflects on the face. Hence the glow.

Good news to those suffering from skin conditions like psoriasis or eczema, may notice an improvement because the fluctuation in pregnancy hormones.

When Does Pregnancy Glow Start?

The pregnancy glow usually starts to appear in the beginning of the second trimester, as the sudden increase of hormones that took place in the first trimester would now slowly be settling down in the second stage.

But, did you know, not all pregnant women glow. Yes, you read that right. Pregnancy isn’t very rosy for everyone.

Due to the increase in oil production, some women are prone to developing acne and blemishes on the face.

  1. Stay hydrated: Drinking fluids is the best way to get glowing skin during pregnancy. Water, in any form will will keep your skin supple and well moisturized, and promote a healthy pregnancy.
  1. Wash your face at least twice a day: While the oil production can make you face look shiny, it can also cause acne during pregnancy.
  1. Get proper rest: We cannot stress enough on the fact as to how important sleep is for a pregnant women. If you want the glow on your face to last long, get adequate rest. Sleeping for at least 8 hours every night will ensure a fresh and radiant skin.
  1. Use an SPF every single day: Whether you are indoor or out in the sun. Sun exposure is the main cause of hyperpigmentation during pregnancy. Hence, avoid the sun as much as possible.
  1. Exercise: During pregnancy can be the key to maintaining your pregnancy glow. If you’re into yoga, even better. Pregnancy yoga is a sure shot way to achieve and maintain the glow.
  1. Avoid smoking and alcoholic drinks: Even too much caffeine as these will only rob your skin off moisture and the glow.

So, these 6 tips are quite basic yet very important if you want your pregnancy glow to last throughout the 9 months and more. And in case you are wondering what to do if pregnancy glow doesn’t come naturally, then 3 things to keep in mind – a rich diet, face oil massage and adequate rest should do the magic.

All you pregnant mothers-to-be, as they say, all good things must come to an end, so will the glow on your face. Enjoy the glow while it last. Once the baby is born, the pregnancy hormones start to decrease, thus resulting in the reversal of a lot of these pregnancy perks.You can kiss your glowing skin and fuller lips goodbye, you will tend to have mild to sever hairfall, and your breasts will not be the same anymore. You will being to notice these postpartum changes within four to six weeks of birth. However, all these changes will be negligible compared to the new life you have to take care of.


All content mentioned in the article is created purely for informational purposes only. It is not a replacement for any kind of professional medical advice. Please seek your doctor’s guidance regarding your health or a medical condition.

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