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Gynecological Problems Women Face And The Solution

by Fashionlady
Gynecological Problems and Solutions

For years women have been facing a lot of gynecological problems at different stages of their life. From adolescence to older age, every woman will undergo some or the other gynae complications once in their lifetime. This is why most of the best gynecological doctors in Bangalore advise women of all age group to undergo gynecological health checkup once in a year or even once in 6 months. As we know, prevention is better than cure. Hence the mandate here is to understand your body better in terms of the changes it undergoes, the needs and wants of your body and getting to know the reason behind even the slightest of pain or discomfort. Being like this will put us in the driver seat rather than the other way round.

Gynecological Problems and Solutions

Most of us have this common misconception that gynecologist should be visited only in case of any complication or prolonged illness. The study shows that 83% of the women who regularly undergo medical check-up are happier, healthier and have life expectancy higher than the average. As women have started to come out of the 4 walls and are playing an important role in shaping the future growth and development of a family and the country, women should also understand that health is better than wealth. Working women undergo a lot of stress at the workplace and this reflects on their lifestyle choices which further leads to bad health. Since the advent of advanced medicines to cure and operate gynecological complications in women, the number of cases reporting complication or threat to life has significantly reduced.

On the other hand, there’s an increase in the number of deaths due to breast cancer and cervical cancer among women. The general problem here is the lack of awareness of these diseases among rural women. Even in a developed city like Gurgaon, if you ask some of the gynecological experts in Gurgaon, they would tell you that only a handful of women attend awareness webinars and do constant screening for cervical and breast cancer. The chances of cure for any type of cancer is higher when found in the initial stages rather than the latter. It is not tricky to take care of your health as there are clinics and hospitals for every kilometer. But it is always important to choose the right kind of hospital which can provide you with the right care and cure.

Women are always and will continue to be the gem of a nation. It is great to see the Indian society has created an environment for healthy living of a woman. Right from a concession at to maternity leaves, the policies are friendly. Let us take an oath to preserve and cherish the gems of our nation.

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