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Best Bridal Shower Gifts To Surprise The To-Be Brides

by Fashionlady

It is said, the bridal shower concept began with the father of a young Dutch girl, who refused to pay dowry for his daughter’s wedding when she agreed to marry a poor miller. This was when the whole village got together to get a lot of gifts for the couple to be, and to help them set up a new home. So that is supposedly where the concept of Bridal Shower Gift came from.

Best Bridal Shower Gifts

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Cut to the new age, couples these days, even before their weddings are announced, have already garnered what they need. They accumulate what they want way ahead in time, however, the tradition of holding a bridal shower still holds good ground. This is a lovely way for the bride to be to relax and unwind. She needs to take a break from all the hullabaloo and wedding planning.

However, there are Bridal Shower Gifts etiquette for you to follow. Before we show you ideas on what to gift the bride to be, let’s understand the concept of bridal showers and the gifting plans. Shall we?

bridal shower gifts for the bride

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Who Is The Host Of The Bridal Shower?

If you look into tradition, you would notice that the family of the bride was not allowed to play host to such parties. However, rules have changed. In this day and age, anyone can throw a bridal shower for the bride to be. The bridesmaids can do it, the mother of the bride can and these days, even the groom throws one for his would be wife. How sweet is that? This is a time when the bride talks about her wishes for the shower, and that is why, it is important to sit and discuss things with her.

Bridal shower gifts bride

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Who Do You Invite To The Shower?

Bridal showers need not be grand and wedding like, or even a preview of what the big day would be like. You do not have to invite everyone. This should not look like a party for gift grabbing sake, but a celebration with the nearest and the dearest ones around. What should ideally happen here is to leave it to the bride to decide her limited list of guests for the bridal shower.

Gifts bridal

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Should The Host Or The Hostess Get The Bride Something?

Even if as a family member or a friend, if one is hosting the event, Bridal Shower Gifts to give would be sort of an expectation. And you could even rope in the mother of the bride, and the bridesmaids too to share the expenses of the gift as well. Everyone could also get together and pitch in to buy her what she wants for the wedding.

Gifts for bridal

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Heard Of Jack And Jill Showers?

In most cases, you would have bridal showers meant for women and female guests alone. However, these days you would find many couple showers happening, and they are known as Jack and Jill showers. Such showers have cocktail parties and dinners strung along with the shower. Gifts would flow in and are given to both the bride and the groom too.

Bridal gifts

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Is There a Difference Between Bridal Shower Gifts and Wedding Gifts?

To be honest, there isnt any connection between the two. If you do gift the bride to be something on her bridal shower, you would be expected to give something at her wedding too. Wedding gifts are larger and with no said amount set in stone to spend, whereas bridal shower gifts are smaller and within a budget for the occasion.

If you are thinking about how much you should be spending, think about the relationship you share with the bride to be, and keep your finances in mind. Give from the heart is what we say!

Small bridal shower gifts

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When Does The Bride To Be Open Her Bridal Shower Gifts?

Once the ice breakers are done and over with and the games are being played, you can ask the bride to be to open her bridal shower gifts. She could also open it before the reception or after the reception too.

beautiful bridal shower gifts

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Now that we have given you a lowdown on everything you wanted to know about bridal showers and what is expected, let’s take a look at six important tips on how to pick the best bridal shower gifts for the bride to be.

You Have To Know What And How Much To Spend

Gift something within your means and that which you can afford for the bridal shower. You have to check with your finances and your personal relationship with the bride to be, which will help you decide how much to spend and what to gift the lady who is about to get married. We shall show you more ideas on what bridal shower gifts for the bride you can give.

Bridal shower gifts for the bride fashion

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Is It a Must To Have a Gift For The Bridal Shower And The Wedding Too?

In reality, those who attend the wedding shower and the wedding, get gifts for both the occasions. You can pick ideas from the bridal registry if you want, or you can purchase one yourself. If you are the maid of honor or the bridesmaid, it is important for you to take notes and understand what the bride to be needs, and also to manage the gifts at the bridal shower so you know who gave what to her.

A thank you note should be given out to every guest that attended the bridal shower, since it was meant for a few and not as large as the wedding.

Bridal shower gifts for the bride fashion trends

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What Are The Shopping Strategies To Use When Picking Bridal Shower Gifts?

When you get a bridal shower invitation, it would give you clues as to what kind of gifts you can get her. If this is a couple shower, check the couple’s needs at the moments – their registry would give you clues. You can even check online and look for gift registries which gives you clues as to what to give the couple to be.

If it is a bridal shower only, without the groom around, you can get things which are ultra feminine. Fashion accessories, lingerie, makeup, shoes etc are small but unique gifts to give her. You can even make personalized gifts and give it to her.

bridal shower kit

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You Cannot Go Wrong, Right!

Think about this again, for you too could go wrong. One must not confuse a bridal shower party with that of a bachelorette party. Be careful of what you plan to give her at the bridal shower. They need to be decent and with a clean sense of humor associated with it, should you want to play naughty. Anything raunchy should be out of the door for sure, and not meant for the bridal shower. The bride’s mom is around- think about that as a litmus test!

Bridal shower food gift

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Follow The Traditions If You Have To

There would be a lot of traditions and superstitious beliefs that would come along when pre-wedding rituals are held. It differs from one country to another, or one faith to another. We have to understand that some brides to be are too sensitive about them, and each of it should be respected. Hence, if there are any traditions and superstitious beliefs to follow, it should be honored- for the sake of the bride and her family.

Bridal shower gifts india

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What About The Packaging?

None of us would hand over bridal shower gifts in brown bags, now would we? Just like you feel honored and great receiving a gift which is neatly and wonderfully wrapped, the same would be when you give one to the bride to be. Know what colors are the bride’s favorite and wrap them accordingly with fine ribbons and flowers. Do not forget to include a card which tells her who the gift is from.

Bridal shower gifts in india

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So here was a lowdown on how to gift for bridal shower. We know that you are waiting to check out a list of ideas we have on bridal shower gifts, so check them out!

Here are some of the cutest yet affordable bridal shower gifts india has online:

  • Bridal Shower Gift – Bride Canvas Tote and Honeymoon Survival Kit (Bride and Groom Cup Holders, Honeymoon Decision Dice and Do Not Disturb Door Hanger)
Bridal shower gifts for Honeymoon

Source: amazon.com

  •  To Do Before I Do: Bride-to-Be Wedding Planner Checklist, Gift for the Bride, Bridal Shower Gift, Blank Checklist Journal for Wedding Plans
  • Electroprime Wedding Bridal Shower Gift Bride Night Crown Metal Bride To Be Tiara
Bridal Shower Gift Bride Night Crown

Source: amazon.com

  • Party Anthem “Bride and Groom” Sleep Eye Mask Set
Bridal Shower Gift Sleep Eye Mask Set

Source: amazon.com

  • Wedding Party Bride Groom Wedding Dress Wine Glass Set, Handmade Bride and Groom Champagne Flutes for Toasting, Wedding Gifts ,Bridal Shower Gifts, Wedding Favors, Couples Gifts, Wedding Decorations(Set of 2) Gift Pack (assorted design)
Bridal Shower Gift Wedding Dress Wine Glass Set

Source: amazon.com

  • Electroprime Night Bridal Shower “Bride To Be” Fluffy Black Lace Garter Gift
Bridal Shower Fluffy Black Lace Garter Gift

Source: amazon.com

  • Design Connection Customized Wall Clock For Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary & Party
  • Bridal Shower Guest Book: and Gift Recorder, With Space for Guests to Write Advice or Messages, Wedding Shower Guest Book
  • Hortense B. Hewitt Wedding Accessories Pink Bridal Party Tote Bag, Bridesmaid, 12 by 14-Inch
bag for Bridal Shower gift

Source: amazon.com

  • Kate Aspen Cosmetic Couture Quilted Monogrammed Make-Up Bag, Letter A
Make-Up Bag for Bridal Shower gift

Source: amazon.com

  • Kate Aspen “It’s a Shoe Thing!” High-Heel Shoe Keychain
High-Heel Shoe Keychain for Bridal Shower gift

Source: amazon.com

So here were a couple of unique but very affordable and cheap bridal shower gifts that you can gift your bestie at her party. If you have more ideas to share with us, do write in!

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