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Camping Beauty Tips For Looking Gorgeous

by Fashionlady
how to look good while camping

If you’re an outdoorsy person and like to stay close to nature, then camping is what interests you the most. You could be living in a humble tent, or a log cabin- in any case, you have to look good. For fashionistas here and the many out there, we share with you a couple of camping beauty tips to adhere to.

Camping beauty tips

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Here Are The Beauty Tips For Camping:

For Skin:

Camping is a lot of fun. It all depends on the circumstance or the place where you plan to camp, where you may or may not get running water or have sinks or showers places. So yes, the first rule is to ensure that you carry a cleansing lotion with you along with a lot of wet wipes. You never know where the need may arise.

The second rule to the camping beauty tips would be to carry a toner. Always and always do that, because it takes away the remaining residue that a cleanser leaves behind. And if you have skin which is dry, choose one that has witch hazel in it. This will help spruce up your skin and would make you feel fresh always. And for those that have oily to combination skin types, it would be best to use a cleansing lotion which has cucumber in it.

Talking about moisturizers for your skin, always and always think about your skin’s hydration and it should be SPF protected too. You must choose a formula that is apt for your skin type, and one that would not clog your pores or provide less nourishment to the skin. You must reapply incidentally every time you are out in the sun, which means, reapplication is a must.

Camping beauty tips for skin

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A facial spritz is a must-have and a part of the many camping beauty tips, which we talk about. This is also an amazing way to get fresh when there is no access of running water anywhere close.

Talking about how to look good while camping, you need to realise that even though you are out there in the wild, to look good is a must. So carry your beauty routines with you, such as lip balms and mascaras, and if you really want full face makeup items along, carry them too. That’s if you can afford to carry them out there, and not have too much to load onto yourself.

We must mention the importance of carrying makeup removing wipes because once again we are not too sure if you have enough running water around for a good wash. Makeup removing wipes help not only remove your makeup but also oil and dirt. They are great as agents to clean your face when there is no water around.

Talking about no water around, carry baby wipes. Baby wipes help freshen other parts of the body, especially when you know there is no avenue for you to indulge in an amazing shower. They also help remove dirt and soot from the hands, and hence carrying a large pack of it which is enough for the camping out, would be apt.

Do carry BB cream, which evens out the skin and also moisturizes it. BB creams are perfect and lightweight, and hence are good for no-makeup looks.

We spoke at length about how to care for your skin and what to carry for it and gave you camping makeup and camping beauty hacks too, so now we shall talk about camping hair ideas.

For Hair:

They say you should curl up your hair before you head out to camp. This is a hack that most girls with straight hairdo, so that their hair does not turn too flat amidst the camping scene. Your hair will have more bounce and volume, and you would also look super hot camping out with your pals.

Always carry dry shampoo, and make sure you have two bottles at least. This is important because while you are out there and camping, you would not get the pleasures of showering as you would when at home. The roots get greasy and that is why it is important to clean your hair with some dry shampoo. Using dry shampoo is not tough, you just have to spray some onto your hair and then wait for a couple of minutes. Then wipe it or brush the shampoo out, and its done.

Camping hair ideas

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Pigtails and topknots or a simple bun would be the best to wear if you feel your hair is getting in the way and is getting too flat out there. You can even tie your hair into a ponytail to look nice and sassy while camping out with pals. Make sure the style you choose is not too high maintenance, because you would not have the time to maintain the look over and over again.

Hats and scarves to cover the hair and the head are a must-have while you camp out with friends. If you have a bad hair moment, they will come in handy. Even a bandana would be nice to wear, or a straw cowboy hat, which are essentials to carry for every camping trip you ever will go to.

So here we gave you camping beauty tips and camping hair ideas that you should follow and use. Now, let us take a look at what clothes would be best to make you look hot and chic while you camp out there, with your friends.

Camping Clothing ideas

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Flip flops are important to carry along with the hiking boots. You can slide into them at a moments notice the moment you leave your tent. You should carry a pair which is comfortable and cute, durable and easy to clean since they can get dirty.

So here were all the tips that we could think of and the camping beauty essentials. Now you know how to look hot while camping. But we would like to hear from you what you thought about this post, and what are the beauty camping tips you follow in your own life.

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