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Emilia Clarke Height

Personal Details

NameEmilia Isabelle Euphemia Rose Clarke alias Emily Clarkson
Birthday DateOctober 23, 1986 [celebrity_age_calc data=”1986-10-23″]
Birth PlaceLondon, United Kingdom
Sun SignScorpio
Eye ColorGreen
Hair ColorDark Brown
ReligionAnglican / Episcopalian
EducationGraduated from Drama Centre London in 2009
Marital StatusUnmarried

Family Details

FatherMr. Clarke, a theater sound engineer
MotherJennifer ‘Jenny’ Clarke, an enterpreneur
SiblingsA younger brother, Jason Clarke who is currently studying politics

Emilia Clarke Without Makeup

This beauty has stunned her fans even when she has gone makeup-free at various instances. Although it is rare to see actresses without the much needed glam, Emilia Clarke makes exceptions and shows her natural looks at most instances. She recently posted a makeup-free picture of herself on Facebook, and received an over-whelming response of compliments.

emilia clarke no makeup

Body Status

BuildPetite and curvaceous
Height5 feet 2 inches or 157cm
Weight52 kg or 115 lbs
Waist Size26 inches
Hip Size34 inches
Shoe Size6 U.S size
Dress Size6 U.S size or 36 EU size
Body Measurement34-26-34

Favorite Things & Hobbies

Let’s peak into the personal tastes of this mesmerizing actress:

Food“Pick’n’Mix” Candy and tea
SportHorse riding, Tennis, skiing, sailing, rowing, ice skating and swimming
BrandSimone Rocha and Chanel; Tom Ford’s lipstick, Dolce & Gabbana Secret Eyes makeup; Bottega Veneta bag, Le Labo Santal 33 perfume, Levo’s jeans, Armani and D&G.
ActorArnold Schwarzenegger
FilmTV Series ‘Girls’ and ‘Friends’; Triassic Attack as Savannah and the comedy movie Clueless(1995), Voice from the Stone


Emilia Clarke Weight Loss

The mind boggling and captivating svelte bikini body of Emilia Clarke in the ‘Terminator Genisys’ had left many dazed and absolutely captivated! She contributes it to her intensive workouts and a very strict and restrictive diet. Let’s understand a bit of the hard work Emily put in, to become camera ready for the role.

Emilia Clarke Weight Loss

Workout plan

Emilia undertook a very intensive warrior like workout plan to get herself ready to do justice to her role in the movie. Generally, such workouts are only done by the men. Her workout regime has plenty of tough workouts like kickboxing, weight training, gun shooting, stunt training and various other exercises to get that fantabulous figure. She calls it the most physical thing she has ever done. Even today, she continued to do it. Let’s glimpse through a sample workout plan chalked out for her which has 3 days of weight training and 2 days of cardio or kickboxing.

1. Day 1: Chest and Triceps

After a 10 minute warm-up on the treadmill, jogging, elliptical or bike, the workout regime started which had 4×10 bench press; 3×10 triceps pushdown; 3×20 push-ups and then 3×15 dips. After that came the mini circuit constituting of a minute of shadow boxing or heavy bag boxing, 50 air squats, 40 knee-ups, 30 lunges and 20 burpees.

2. Day 2: Activity Options

Here, she had a choice of kickboxing, cardio or making it an activity day. She could choose one or do all three. The duration of the exercise was for an hour. Yoga could also be incorporated here easily.

3. Day 3: Back and Biceps

Here 10 minutes of cardio was done as a warm-up. Then the workout session expanded to 4×10 dead-lift; 3×10 bicep curl step ups; 3×10 cable rows and 3×10 wide grip pull ups. The following mini-circuit has 3 rounds of 20 kettle-bell dead-lifts, 20 mountain climbers and 20 jump squats.

4. Day 4: Activity Options

This day was again exactly like day two.

5. Day 5: Legs & Shoulders

After 10 minutes of cardio warm-up session, the work regime had 4×10 back squats; 4×10 military presses; 3×10 leg press and 3×10 Arnold press. The mini-circuit then had 9 minutes of Tabatha followed by exercises of step ups, chin-ups and jumping lunges.

Diet plan

The diet plan given to Emily was very strict and restrictive in nature. As per her, she was completely denied all her favorite foods and even that food that were tasty to eat. She was just allowed a cup of tea without sugar and cream. If she wanted, she could simply smell her favorite food items. Some of the food items that were completely banned to her were sugar, wheat, caffeine, dairy products etc. Every morsel that she ate was planned out. Due to the intense restrictive nature, her diet is neither easy to follow not to remain loyal to.

Emilia Clarke Diet

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