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Top 30 Exercises And Yoga Poses To Get Glowing Skin Naturally

by Fashionlady
Yoga Poses for Face

Are you going to a doctor and asking them how to make your face glow? How can one get beautiful skin and natural glow on face? Well, this doesn’t require a whole lot of cosmetics and vitamins. Instead a few simple exercises and a dose of yoga can do the trick more effectively. There are many ways to make that happen. But external factors such as dust, harsh weather, pollution, UV rays can ruin our hopes and wreck havoc on our skin.

Exercises for Face

Don’t worry, we are here to help. There are time-tested solutions to these everyday fears – Read on.

Being regular with the said remedies below can show significant changes in no time.

Let’s find out more.

How It Works:
Just ‘powder’ and ‘cream’ are not a fool-proof way of getting the glow on your face. Sometimes, hormonal changes and poor metabolism are also causes for bad skin. So, you need to make some lifestyle changes (not some, but major) in order to claim glowing skin. It means having proper food (no junk, please) and workouts which can keep things under control and make you a healthy person, inside and outside both.

Wanna keep your skin glowing, youthful and healthy at all times? There can be nothing better and promising than Yoga for glowing skin. In fact, yoga gets you multiple poses, breathing techniques and hand gestures so that you can use it to your advantage, when it comes to matters of glowing skin.

  • The natural skin glow is possible as Yoga helps flush out toxins from the body, and helps the internal purification system to work more efficiently.
  • Yoga for glowing skin is so soothing that it relaxes the mind and body and reduces stress majorly. Stress as you know makes your skin look dull, tired and worn out. Yoga comes in as a relief by rejuvenating and revitalizing the skin and making it blemish-free by cutting down on stress levels.
  • Impure blood and allergies can be the root cause of pimples, acne, boils and infections. Yoga plays a major role in maintaining proper blood circulation and flushing out toxins from the blood.
  • Lack of sleep? It can spoil your skin, thereby making it lose its natural shine and luster. Count on yoga for glowing skin, which would also aid in restful sleep.
  • Yoga also helps in tightening and firming up of the skin, getting you a natural lift, thereby reducing wrinkles and fine lines.

List of 16 Exercises for Glowing Skin

Here are some ‘fun’ facial exercises and skin glow tips for you. You will love doing them.

1. Fish Lips

Directions: This exercise for glowing skin works on your cheeks, as well as part of your jaw.

  • You need to close your lips, then suck your cheeks (purse your lips actually) so as to make a ‘fish face’.
  • Now try to smile (might be a bit tough doing it, but is achievable) with the outer corners of your lips as you hold your position.
  • After holding for 10 seconds, relax and repeat.

Yoga for Face, Top 6 Exercises and Yoga Poses to Get Glowing Skin Naturally

2. Kiss Face

Directions: Be the ‘kiss’ miss (in facial exercise).

  • In doing this, you need to copy the gesture or lip movement of a flying kiss with a poker straight face.
  • This facial exercise for glowing skin strengthens the muscles around the mouth, and prevents sagging.
  • Do it 4 to 5 times a day.

Face Exercises, FashionLady

3. The Whistler

Directions: In the garb of mastering the art of whistling, this exercise contours the facial muscles.

  • Mold your lips to make an ‘O’, smile as much as you can and you will be done with this facial workout in just 30 sec.
  • It works!

4. Crushing An Index Finger With Lips

Directions: Start this exercise by putting an index finger between your lips.

  • Now pull out the finger out of your lips while tightening the finger with the two lips.
  • Do it in such a way until you feel a pain.
  • It’s like crushing a pencil between your lips (that much effort you have to make).
  • Do it 2-3 times a day.

5. Suck An Index Finger With Lips

Directions: Want to tighten and tone the muscles in and around your lips? This facial exercise helps you get that.

  • Just place your pointer finger in your mouth and suck on it (as hard as you can).
  • When done so, you will feel your cheek and lip muscles contracting.
  • Hold for 5 seconds, then gently relax your mouth and take out your finger.
  • Repeat this 10 times.

6. Face Massaging Exercise

Directions: When you massage your face, expect glow to come naturally. This is the beauty of going in for a facial.

  • Stroke your face with hand movements, but gently.
  • Also make use of your index fingers in firming up the skin around the eyes and the forehead.
  • Don’t just stop at this. Simultaneously, try pulling your eyebrows in upward direction using your index finger.
  • Repeat this exercise for face glow 10 times a day whenever you are sitting idle.

Face Massaging Exercise, Skin Glow Tips

7. Lips Massaging

Directions: This exercise is meant to firm up your lips and get a healthy skin around the lips.

  • Keep opening and closing your eyes frequently.
  • Take a short gap.
  • Then repeat the process 5 times.


11. Look Up And Down

Directions: Get yourself seated first.

  • Close your eyes.
  • Keeping your eyes closed, just look up and down for 10 to 12 seconds.
  • Then take a short gap.
  • And then repeat the process for minimum 5 times.

12. Move The Eyes

Directions: Take a seat or get on a bed and sit up. Any position would do.

  • Open your eyes and look ahead.
  • Now move your eyes up and down (while keeping your head straight).
  • Practice this eye movement 10 times.
  • Then look at left-right and do it 10 times.

13. Eyebrows Exercise

Directions: Put your index fingers above your eyebrows.

  • Pull the fingers in downward position as you slowly lift your eyebrows.
  • Do it for 5 sec at a frequency of 3-4 times a day, every day.

Eyebrows Exercise

14. Lift The Eyebrows

Directions: Get an eyebrow lift in the comfort of home without spending a fortune.

  • Just lift or raise your eyebrows as high as you can.
  • Hold them for 5 seconds.

15. Frown Your Brows

Directions: Start this facial exercise by fetching your eyebrows over your eyes.

  • Pull both the eyebrows towards one another.
  • In the next step – lift the eyebrows as far as you can and then open your eyes widely.
  • Take a relaxation break.
  • Then repeat it 5 times.

16. The “V” Exercise

Directions: Facing drooping eyelids, eye bags and puffiness, and crow’s feet. Do the ‘V’. And what’s that? A facial exercise for your skin-ageing problems.

  • Press both middle fingers at the inner corner of the eyebrows.
  • Then using the index fingers, put pressure on the eyebrows’ outer corners.
  • Now turn to the ceiling, and raise the lower eyelids upwards (in order to make a strong squint).
  • Then relax.
  • Repeat this 6 times.

Best Face Exercises

After the facial exercises, it’s time to know the Yoga poses that equally contribute in making your face glow.

15 Yoga Poses to Get Naturally Beautiful Skin

The Power of Fifteen! Presenting 15 Yoga Poses to get you glowing skin.

1. Shirshasana (headstand)

Description: The word “Shirsha” means head and “asana” means pose. Hence, shirshasana! It is meant to increase blood circulation in brain and improve brain function and memory. Very beneficial for those suffering from headache, and liver problems.


2. Padmasana

Description: Also called ‘lotus pose’, this particular yoga for face glow technique not only helps you calm down through deeper mediation, it also brings steadiness to your mind and results in glowing skin.

  • In order to do it, you just have to sit on the floor, in a cross-legged position (with knees touching the floor and straight spine)
  • Make your hands rest on the knees with palm facing upward.


3. Adho Mukha Svanasana

Description: This ‘downward facing dog pose’ strengthens abdominal muscles, improves on digestion and blood circulation and tones the hands and feet.

Adho Mukha Svanasana

4. Dhanurasana

Description: Also called the ‘Bow Pose’, Dhanurasana has been named after the shape the body takes while performing the role of a bow. ‘Dhanu’ means bow, while ‘Asana’ stands for pose or posture. It strengthens the muscles of the back and abdomen, opens up the shoulders, chest and neck, brings relief from menstruation and helps people fight renal (kidneys) disorders.


5. Tadasana or Mountain Pose

Description: The word “Mountain” says it all. It means you not only stand tall on your feet in doing this yoga technique, it also enhances your breathing – gets you “deep breathing” which also plays a vital role for healthy skin.


6. Bharadvaja’s Twist

Description: As goes the name, it’s a ‘Twist’ position in yoga. It improves digestion, helps in good toxin excretion from the body. And greatly improves the Rasa (tissue) which is visible as healthy glowing skin.

Bharadvaja's twist

7. Utkatasana

Description: Called the ‘Chair Pose’, the Utkatasana is a powerful pose which strengthens your vertebral column, thigh, ankle, and calf. It’s like sitting in an imaginary chair.

A word of caution – if you are down with chronic knee pain, have sprained your ankle, or suffer from arthritis, or any knee problem, then avoid this pose.


8. Sarvangasana (Shoulder Stand)

Description: As goes the name, the ‘shoulder stand’ asana is beneficial for the entire body. It also improves texture of the skin by boosting blood circulation towards your face.

Lie on your back; raise your legs and torso in the air so that your body rests on your shoulders. Make use of your hands to keep your hips up. Now close your eyes and breathe deeply in this position for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Then slowly come back to the starting position.


9. Halasana (Plow Pose)

Description: Want better digestion and glowing and healthy skin? ‘Plow Pose’ helps you achieve that. Mind you, this yoga for face glow pose is good for hip and lower back pain and relieves strain on the lower back. In order to do it, lie on your back and bring your legs and torso (hip region) behind your head. Stay in this pose for 10 seconds and return back to the original position.


10. Uttanasana

Description: Forward-bend please! Well, Uttanasana is a forward-bend pose. It ensures faster blood flow into your face. Thereby, getting oxygen and other helpful nutrients which help fight the harmful ‘free’ radicals. It is also one of the best exercises to reduce tummy fat.


11. Shavasana

Description: This is the ‘Corpse Pose’. You just have to lie down on the floor flat, keep your eyes closed, with legs parted. And relax! The purpose of this yoga is to relax your entire body and let go of any stress or tension. It will bring down your stress levels and get you beautiful skin.


12. Matsyasana or Fish Pose

Description: If “double chin” is troubling you, then the fish pose is your go-to exercise. It gives a good stretch to the face and throat, improves the thyroid, and pituitary glands functions and also brings the hormones to normalcy.

  • You just have to lie on the floor (stretch your body to the maximum) and get your hands under your hips.
  • Now lift your body off the floor in an arched form.


13. Trikonasana (Triangle Pose)

Description: Not only is this the best yoga to get glowing skin, it also supplies more oxygen to the skin so that it feels refreshed and rejuvenated. Helps maintain ideal equilibrium of the body and mind. And slims down arms, legs and thighs.


14. Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose)

Description: Hey don’t feel scared on the mention of the cobra pose. You just have to try out this relaxing yoga asana. Reduces stress, tension, stress, fatigue by opening up the chest. It also supplies more of oxygen to the skin cells. This helps the body flush out the toxins from the system.


15. Pavanamuktasana (Wind Relieving Pose)

Directions: The beauty of this yoga pose is that it improves digestion and helps in relieving bloated abs. It also brings relief from constipation, thereby curing acne and pimples and getting you youthful and clear skin.


Pranayama and Meditation to Get Glowing Skin

1. Surya Namaskar

In doing this asana, you get to remove the toxin from the body and this is what brings about a natural glow to your skin.


  1. Begin by standing on the edge of a mat and place both feet together. This will help you balance the weight of your body on both the feet.
  2. Expand your chest now and calmly relax your shoulders
  3. Breathe in and lift both your arms from the sides.
  4. As you exhale, bring the palms together in front of your chest as if you are praying
  5. Breathe in and lift your arms up and go backwards with them
  6.  Your biceps should be close to your ears and stretch the whole body upwards- heels to the finger tips
  7. Breathe out and bend forward with your spine erect and from the waist
  8.  Exhale while bringing down the hands to the floor beside both your feet
  9. Breathe in and push back the right leg as far as you can
  10. Bring the right knee towards the floor and gently look upwards
  11. Breathe in and take your left leg back as much as you can
  12. Bring the left leg backwards and the body should now be in a straight line
  13. Gently get both the knees down towards the floor and exhale
  14. Now take your hips backwards and slide a little forward
  15. This will help you rest your chest and your chin on the surface of the floor
  16.  Exhale
  17. Raise your posterior a little
  18. Slide forward and raise up your chest and neck into the air above, resembling the hood of a cobra pose
  19. While looking up, breathe out and lift your hips and the tail bone, but the chest needs to be downwards forming an inverted V shape
  20. Breathe inwards and bright the right foot forward between both hands and the left knee to the floor
  21. Press the hips downwards and look upwards
  22. Breathe out and bring the left foot forward, with both palms on the floor.
  23. Breathe in and roll the spine upwards and let the hands go up while you bend backwards a bit.
  24. Push the hips outward and then exhale
  25. Straighten the body and bring arms down
  26. Relax

Surya Namaskar

2. Kapalbhati

In ancient ayurvedic science, the term Kapal means the brain and the term bhati means to shine. This means it is mind over matter and the mind controls the shine or the brightness or the glow of the face. When you practice kapalbhati, the skull region is cleaned out and the toxins are removed. This brings about a very natural glow to the skin and a shine to your face. The chakras around the face are well-aligned and thus you get glowing skin too.


  1. Sit in a pose which is meditative for you
  2. Both your hands should be placed on each thigh
  3. Breathe out the air from within using full force in a gentle way
  4. Use full concentration on the breathing while doing so
  5. Allow the stomach to expand and contract
  6. Practice this for five minutes at first
  7. Repeat five times


3. Narishodan

In doing this asana, you get to have a natural glow to your skin because the toxins are flushed out from the body. This asana also helps align the chakras in the body and regulates the excretory system and the digestive system too. This is what is known as internal purification and helps cleanse the whole system of the waste and toxins, which if left unchecked can cause skin issues. This asana also is useful to beat stress and to relax the mind as well. In doing so, the dullness of the skin would be gone, and your skin would be revitalized and rejuvenated too.


  1. Sit in the ardha padmasana
  2. Place the left on your knee
  3. Let your thumb and the index finger touch the other three fingers stretched
  4. Place the index and the middle finger on the zone between both eyebrows
  5. Breathe deep from one nostril and block the other
  6. The inactive nostril should be closed by the ring finger and your thumb
  7. Repeat seven times


4. Bhastrika

Deep forceful breathing helps with flushing out the toxins from every inch of the internal system. The digestive system and the pulmonary system especially are given the most benefits, since stale air is flushed out along with the toxins and fresh air is brought into the system.


  1. Sit in the vajrasana post
  2. Clench both your fists
  3. Forcefully breathe in and breathe out for five minutes at a stretch
  4. Repeat five times


5. Anulom Vilom

In doing this asana, you get to have a natural glow to your skin because the toxins are flushed out from the body. This asana also helps align the chakras in the body and regulates the excretory system and the digestive system too. This is what is known as internal purification and helps cleanse the whole system of the waste and toxins, which if left unchecked can cause skin issues. This asana also is useful to beat stress and to relax the mind as well. In doing so, the dullness of the skin would be gone, and your skin would be revitalized and rejuvenated too.


  1. Sit in the padmasana pose
  2. Breathe in through one nostril and block the other
  3. Open the blocked nostril and breathe out through it while keeping the formed blocked
  4. Repeat ten times

Anulom Vilom

6. Varun Mudra

With the asana mentioned, the water levels in the body are balanced. This helps promote the functioning of the salivary glands and also body fluids within. In short, your skin would be hydrated and moisturized at all times, which can bring a glow to the face sans the tiredness and the dullness you often see.


  1. Sit in a meditative pose
  2. Allow the little finger and the thumbs to slightly touch one another
  3. Hold out the other three fingers gently
  4. Meditate and deep breathe in this pose for as long as you can
  5. Repeat five times

Varun Mudra

We hope you find a lot of benefits in using these simple yoga poses and postures or exercises for attaining a natural glow on your face. Now let us take a look at some natural tips on keeping the glow on your skin.

Natural Tips to Keep Your Skin Glowing

Stay Hydrated

One should drink enough water every day to have overall good health and well-being. The water reaches every organ and tissue in the body, replenishes it and hydrates every cell of the skin too. Moreover, drinking eight glasses of water at least every day will help flush the toxins in the body. When the internals is cleansed, the skin will shine and glow too.

Consume More Of Fresh Foods

Fresh foods are a must to have since they do not have chemicals in them and are not processed. Good nutrition is the key to building good skin, say experts. Natural ingredients found in fresh leafy greens and fruits and veggies speed up exfoliation and also protect the skin from the harsh rays of the sun- the UV rays.

Take Rest

You need to have proper sleep at night and for eight hours undisturbed if you want your skin to stay with a healthy shine and glow. When you sleep at night, the cells are in repair mode. If you don’t sleep, the cells aren’t able to react and rejuvenate, which is why you get dark circles and dull tired-looking skin. Improper sleep doesn’t allow the internal systems to work properly too, and this could lead to toxin accumulation. Toxins can cause eruption on the skin and bring down the glow of the skin too.

Reduce Stress

Daily stress in this rat race lives can play a lot of havoc on the skin and release cortisol which is a stress hormone in the body too. One needs to eat right and drink enough water every day, and to relax as well to bring down stress levels in the body.

Use Natural Products

If you want to use makeup and lotions or creams, look for natural products to help you with the same. There are no weird side effects to be wary about when using natural products. Most chemically produced skincare products have parabens in them so that the shell life of the product is extended. Parabens can alter the working of the endocrine system, and there are severe side effects that can happen.

We hope this mini-guide on how to get glowing skin using yoga exercises and why to use natural products comes in handy.

Read the wonder effects of Yoga? Practise them too.

Few words of caution.


Well, caution is the key when it comes to expecting positive results from facial exercises. Here are some tips –

  • Use only light pressure on your face, not much
  • Do not stretch your skin too far with your fingers
  • Keep looking in the mirror to see what your skin looks like (it will make sure no further wrinkles happen)


To get better results and better-looking skin, it is imperative you get a facial massage done every day.

  • You can do the massage yourself (or get it done) after you do your facial exercises. Or get it done right before you go to sleep at night.
  • Also, get yourself a scalp massage (good old champi). This will ease out the tension a lot and also improve the appearance of your scalp and hair.
  • Be careful while doing your exercises. Do not work your muscles too hard. See to it that you don’t end up with pain or headache after you do your exercises.
  • Give the facial exercise minimum 2 weeks period to assess and find out whether it is producing results (and what kind).
  • Drink water to detoxify the system. It helps keep your skin healthy and clean.
  • Eat Fresh (not in packaged or boxed form) in the form of fresh fruits, veggies and whole grains
  • Sleep for 6 to 7 hours a day. This will help in rejuvenating your daily wear and tear.
  • It is best to avoid skin products, cosmetics, creams, that have chemicals in it. Instead, use Ayurvedic products and choose natural remedies.
  • Cut down on stress. When you smile a lot it adds more years to your face and keeps your mind stress-free too. The happiness that comes on your face is the best make-up for your face.

Now you see the importance of facial exercises for glowing skin. Think for a minute – why do you sweat out for your body? Same way, if you have to get the smoother facial expression, there is no better way to take facial exercises that can make your face younger for years to come.

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Olivia July 18, 2017 - 2:37 pm

Do we have to follow all of these exercises and yoga poses to get glowing skin?

Deepika Dewan July 25, 2017 - 12:12 pm

It would be a good practice to follow the exercises and yoga poses on a daily basis for health benefits. Glowing skin is a result of it, although these practices take a while to show results.

Lily July 26, 2017 - 3:23 pm

Is there any possibility to get wrinkles after practicing the face yogas?

Deepika Dewan July 28, 2017 - 2:26 pm

No. Doing the right facial movements can instead prevent the unwanted facial wrinkles.

Sharon May 28, 2019 - 1:10 am

Thanks to doing the mouth exercises, fish and kiss when I was younger, I have smokers lines above and below my lips. I never smoked. I wouldn’t do those exercises. The lines don’t show up until later in life, but I have them now for good.


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