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Top 15 Fashion Habits That Are Bad For Your Health

by Fashionlady
Fashion Habits That Are Bad For Health

Fashion can be trendy, exciting, changing, and most importantly fun. But there are some fashion habits which can turn out to be damaging to your health and well-being.

Fashion Habits That Are Bad For Your Health

Meaning they cease to be fun anymore. In short, there are a few fashion habits that are bad for your health. Are you clueless? Go ahead and check out this post!

Top 15 Fashion Habits That May Be Injurious To Your Health:

Here are some popular fashion habits that may spell doom for your health. And what are they? Let’s find out.

1. Strutting In High Heels:

‘Killer’ Heels. Oh! Did I touch the wrong chord? Can’t help it, girls. It is true that those stilettos you love to strut in just to be on the fashion radar are the worst thing for your body alignment. The fact that they boost a woman’s confidence is a myth. Seriously!

Reality is like so – when you aim to walk on the balls of your feet, you tend to lean backward. Now, this puts a tremendous amount of stress on your spine and with time, it compresses your discs.

Years of “distorted” movement in the form of pain in the back and hips, and/or cramps in the toes and calves can lead to serious spinal injuries.

According to Pilates instructor Dr. Blessyl Buan, “They don’t call them ‘killer heels’ for nothing. High heels force your weight forward, hyperextend your knees and cause your lower back to arch more than it naturally should, causing increased pressure on your midfoot, knees, hips and low back.”

Be the sensible gal, and switch over to flats. They are cute-to-go as casual wear and daily wear, and will not hurt your spine and toes either!
If you can’t slip into low heels at work, take them along and put your sneakers or loafers on so that you can walk easily from one place to another or while you’re sitting at your desk.

Health problem with Strutting In High Heels

Source: womenshealthmag.com

2. Toting The ‘It’ Bag:

The bigger your bag, the more space you get to dump all things in it. When you are lugging around your big and fancy looking bag, it leads to uneven weight distribution, which can cause a muscular imbalance in the form of one shoulder being more developed than the other or alignment issues – like one shoulder sitting higher than the other. Yeah, it’s true and it happens!

The worst thing is:

Long and heavy bags can lead to pain in the neck, shoulder, and spinal zone as your torso struggles to deal with the uneven weight.

Bad fashion habits

Source: tribune.com

The solution:

For a few days in a week, give your body the break it deserves, by carrying a small and light bag that is free of extra and unimportant objects.

Go ahead and explore canvas tote bags, leather pouches, or tiny backpacks as stylish accessories.

3. Starving To Look Skinny:

‘Fashion skinny’ or size zero is a trend started by Kareena Kapoor. But starving to become a bag of bones is only going to be detrimental to your health in the long run. Restricting your food intake will slow down your metabolism and also take a toll on the nutritional levels of your body.

Starving To Look Skinny

Source: getfashionsummary.com

You should go to a dermatologist because he/she will have the mole tested to make sure it is not cancerous. Why pursue the bad fashion habit of doing mole removal yourself when you can get it done safely and painlessly.

Trying DIY Tricks For Mole Removal is bad for skin

Source: www.rd.com

5. Ordering Botox Self-Injections:

The new trend while opting for Botox treatment these days is to buy it online and inject-it-yourself. While it sounds like a good idea and tempting enough, it makes more sense to get it injected by a trained cosmetologist.

Ordering Botox Self-Injections bad for health

Source: raleighop.com

6. Using A Deodorant As A Face Primer:

We all know the job of a deodorant is to absorb the smelly sweat under our armpits. Can we use it on our face? NO way! It is not a smart beauty hack because it can lead to clogged pores and breakouts. In fact, the strong fragrances used in a deodorant to fight body odor can irritate and inflame the skin on your face.

7. Removing Blackheads With Glue:

Blackheads are those brown dots on your nose and face, which are nothing but clogged pores. Though there are plenty of OTC treatments and homemade packs to dislodge them, glue is NOT one of them. Remember, it can always get into your eye and cause major damage. Bad fashion habit, you see.

Removing Blackheads With Glue bad for good health

Source: glamour.com

8. Going For A Brazilian Hair Treatment:

Agreed, this is a popular hair straightening treatment that gives you smoother and sleeker hair. But the FDA warns about the potential risk of allergic reactions, asthma attacks caused by the high formaldehyde levels used in this hair straightening process.

You will be surprised to learn that even ‘formaldehyde-free’ blowouts have formaldehyde in it. Using hair conditioners and masks is a safer option.

9. Using Colored Pencils And Crayons For Makeup:

Pencils and crayons are good for arts and crafts projects and not as a substitute for makeup. They may contain higher levels of lead and so maybe UNSAFE to use as makeup. They may lead to skin allergies and eye infections.

Using Colored Pencils For Makeup is very bad for health

Source: makeup.wonderhowto.com

10. Bleaching Your Skin:

A bleach is meant to lighten the skin tone, but the dangerous chemicals in it can harm the skin. Licorice or bearberry extract are good natural alternatives to conventional bleaching chemicals like hydroquinone as they will not harm the skin.


11. Visiting Tanning Parlors:

Indoor tanning involves too many risks. The idea of sitting under sunlamps and using tanning beds implies exposing yourself to harmful ultraviolet rays just to get a bronzed look. This fashion habit can increase your risk of suffering from premature skin aging, burns, skin cancer, and eye damage. Are you still game for it?

12. Braiding And Weaving Your Hair Daily:

Braiding and weaving your hair tightly and regularly can cause permanent hair loss in African-American women, according to a 2011 study published in the Archives of Dermatology. Remember, some hairstyle fads can take a toll on your hairline.

Braiding And Weaving Your Hair

Source: herinterest.com

13. Inking Tattoos Regularly:

According to a study conducted in 2010, the number of tattoos you have on your body is directly linked to your increased risk of suffering from Hepatitis C. And more so, if the needle used to create your tattoo is contaminated with infected blood.

Tattoo-bearers are also prone to skin infections, rashes, redness, swelling, and pain.

Inking Tattoos Regularly bad for skin

Source: bestlifeonline.com

14. Donning Shapewear:

So much we do for a photo op- or to get into a pair of skinny jeans. Not realizing that when we are trying our heavens best to suck in our stomach by donning a shapewear, it robs our body of precious oxygen. This slows down our metabolism, affects our focus and performance, and denies our cells of life.

The best way of breathing is by doing ’belly breathing’ as it fills the lungs with oxygen.

Donning Shapewear are bad for metabolism

Source: Amazon.in

How to become a belly breather?

According to Will Torres, a health and fitness expert:

“Sit straight up in a chair and place both hands around your stomach. Relax your body and begin inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth. Try filling your belly like a balloon with air.  You should see your hands moving away from the body.  Put on a great song and try breathing this way for the length of one song.  Over time, work up to breathing this way for 2 to 3 songs. Be patient and enjoy the buzz.”

If you are holding your stomach IN or making all efforts to keep the buttons on your jeans or pants from popping, it makes less room for the lungs to fill with air. This makes most people become ‘chest breathers’, and is one of the reasons why people face shoulder and neck tension.

The next thing that follows is a headache, stomach discomfort, anxiety, depression, and a whole lot of health issues. Also, prolonged use of shapewear can adversely affect the blood circulation in our body.

15. Having A YOLO Mentality:

It’s all right to follow fads because we have only one life. But living life the YOLO (You Only Live Once) way can cause tons of impulsive reactions and result in extremely destructive behaviors – such as getting into unhealthy eating habits or splurging on a beyond-budget designer bag. Enjoy life but not at the cost of something that harms and hurts your body, mind, and pocket in the long run.

So go ahead and make your street style fantasies a reality, but don’t get addicted to a high-risk lifestyle.

Now, that you know the fashion habits that are bad for your health, hope you will make amends and change them. Practice good living, and shun lazy habits to be healthy and beautiful. Please share your take on this list in the comments box below. We would love to hear from you!

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