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Gujarati Mehndi Designs Are Intricate And Irresistible!

by Fashionlady
Gujarati Mehndi Designs

Gujarat is a land of artists and craftsmen, so it is only obvious that the state will have something amazing to offer when it comes to mehendi designs. Now we knew we would buy a ton of Kutch embroidered salwar and Kurtis from a trip to the state, but discovering some gorgeous Gujarati mehndi designs was a huge bonus.

Gujarati Mehndi

One more stunning than the next, these designs will keep mehndi lover mesmerized for days. If you don’t own a book full of Gujarati Mehndi collection you need to check out this post right away!

Gorgeous Gujarati Mehndi Designs That Are A Must-Try:

What is a joy if not shared with the ones we love. And you guys know how much we love you, so what are the odds that we wouldn’t share these designs with you? None!

1. Go For The Magnificent Peacock In Gujarati Henna Designs:

Peacocks are an indispensable part of the rural Gujarati lives, the rest of the country fancies a mere sight of this bird, but Gujaratis live with the national bird of India and hence the bird with its striking feathers are an intrinsic part of Gujarati mehndi designs also.

Peacock Mehndi designs

Source: wedandbeyond.com

This is another way of adorning the hands with the peacock design but on the inner side of it. The peacock in this pattern seems to be looking over its head, very proud and regal indeed. By keeping the rest of the palm empty, the artist has allowed the bird to remain the focal attraction.

peacock mehndi latest designs

Source: pinterest.com/vasanthichebrolu/mehndi

In this one, the peacock has been painted on the inner sides of the arms, and its royal feathers have been extended generously on both sides. The design of the twin peacocks is not very dense and still covers a major part of the hands.

Peacock Mehndi

Source: hergamut.in

2.  Add Romance To Your Henna Designs:

Another mehndi design which is very popular in Gujarat and Rajasthan alike is the bridegroom portrait on bridal hands. This is painted mostly during weddings and first festivals after marriage like Teej and Diwali on the hands of a newly-married bride. You can paint a dulha on one arm while putting the dulhan on the other.

Bridal Mehndi Designs

Source: wedmegood.com

Or try a different theme in each hand. Like in this case, the dulhan seems to be waiting for her groom on the left hand, and the right-hand showcases the story of the couple finally being united.

Couple Mehndi Designs

Source: apkpure.com

While the above designs had the couple painted on the arms, here the Mehndi design is centered on the palm area. There is a bride and a groom on either palm and they are surrounded by dense intricacies. The pattern has been further embellished by sparkles of different colors.

Wedding Mehndi Designs

Source: mehndimakeup.com

3. Flirt With Floral Gujarati Mehndi Designs:

Floral patterns are also a popular motif used in Gujarati mehndi designs and one of the prettiest ones without a doubt. Here is a beautiful way of adding the flowers to the back of your hand while adorning them with henna.

Floral Gujarati Mehndi

Source: weddingpace.com

Floral Mehndi Designs

Source: crayon

4.  Drool Over Mango Gujarati Mehndi Designs:

The mango motif has a special place in Indian artistry, especially when it comes to garments and decorations – the art of Mehndi is not untouched by the influence of the mango design. Here is an example of using the mango pattern as central to the theme with ‘bel’ pattern on the fingers.

Mango Gujarati Mehndi Designs

Source: happyshappy.com

To get more coverage using the mango motif, try a design like this. It uses the national fruit for inspiration but includes leaves and other artsy detailing also. But despite having such intricate detailing, it leaves enough breathable clear space. So those who don’t want a super crowded mehndi pattern can pick something like this.

Mango Mehndi Designs

Source: webneel.com

Of all the mango patterns we have, this one is a clear favorite. Lovely mango pattern right at the center of the palm with a super fine detailing inside. The rest of the palm is absolutely empty to allow the mango motif to steal the show. The embellishment on the fingers and wrist are done tastefully without stealing the thunder of the central mango design.

Mango Mehndi

Source: oyetimes.com

5. Experiment With Geometric Mehndi Designs:

These ones are pretty new in the game but gorgeous nonetheless. The mehndi artists in Gujarat have incorporated basic geometric shapes like rectangles, squares, triangles and even straight lines into their designs and parlayed them into a different level of craft as shown below.

Geometric Mehndi Designs

Source: beautyhealthtips.in

Who could have guessed that a rhombus could be transformed into such a pretty mehndi design? In fact, a closer look would reveal that it is basically one rhombus inside another, which in turn is inside another. To give it an earthy feel, a few dots are added with henna.

Geometric Mehndi for Fashion

Source: beautyhealthtips.in

We are awestruck by the deftness with which this complete design has been created. Almost similar designs, one centered around a rhombus and another one around a circle, both surrounded by a beautiful monochromatic pattern much inspired by that of a chessboard. While most of the design is “filled in”, the intricacy of the mehndi drawn on the fingers is a pleasant contrast.

Geometric Mehndi design trends

Source: indiarush.com

6. Dabble With Divine Gujarati Mehndi Designs:

Gods and Goddess have a special place in our culture and there is no aspect of our lives where their blessed presence is not required. The Gujarati mehndi designs have gone a step further as they add holy figures and symbols to our palms.

Divine Gujarati Mehndi Designs

Source: angrybirdsriogame.info

For Holi, Janmashtami or dandiya, pick a Radhe-Krishna Mehndi pattern like the one below. With Krishna adorning one hand and his beloved on the other, this design doesn’t call for any extra embellishment. Hence, to keep it minimalist, the artist has adorned it only with tiny flowers on the otherwise neat palms.

God Mehndi Designs

Source: www.scoop.it

And here is a unique specimen of Gujarati mehndi collection, dedicated to Lord Ganesha. The artist has borrowed the concept of floral patterns and incorporated the figure of Lord Ganesha beautifully. You too can try a similar one with a holy figure or symbol of your choice.

Lord Mehndi designs

Source: stylishandtrendy.com

7. Say Yes To Diagonal Gujarati Mehndi Designs:

Diagonal designs are popular across the length and breadth of India for reasons like the ease in making, simplicity and suitability for all occasions. But the Gujaratis have some of the most beautiful designs than what you have ever seen. How delicate is this floral pattern running across a tender hand?

Diagonal Gujarati Mehndi Designs

Source: topbeautytip.com

When you want to take the same diagonal floral pattern a few notches up, extend it to the arms. You may make it fancier, but don’t go totally overboard by adorning the finger with similar designs also.

Diagonal Mehndi Designs

Source: mehmehndi.com

It’s not that you can wear the diagonal Mehndi design on the back of your hand only. You can adorn your palms with these minimalist designs also, much like the beautiful specimen here. We totally love how they have incorporated the tik-tak-toe board in the henna design.

Gujarati Mehndi Designs For Fashion

Source: tipsclear.com

8. Give In To The Charisma Of Chakra Designs:

Chakra motif, much like the mango one takes the center stage in the henna pattern. Some try it on the back of the hand while keeping the front too busy.

Chakra Mehndi Designs

Source: sheideas.com

This is a classic example of wearing the chakra, the suryachakra to be specific, in the form of mehndi. The neat design has the sun as its main attraction while the rest of the hand is adorned with intricate detailing.

Chakra Mehndi

Source: tatufoto.com

Here is another variation of the chakra motif. The chakra is painted in a way that it creates the illusion of having multiple layers of flowers. The fingers have also been adorned with designs that go along well.

Latest Chakra Mehndi

Source: apkpure.com

9. Make Others Jealous With These Jaal Gujarati Mehndi Designs:

The jaal designs have gathered immense popularity these days and Gujarati mehndi designs have adopted the pattern in quite an amazing way. Here is an example of wearing the jaal on the back of the hand in a Gujarati style. The empty fingers in the middle create an illusion of a crescent moon.

Jaal Gujarati Mehndi Designs

Source: artisticaim.com

Here is a jaal design with an interesting variation in its very weaving. The minute spring like run is the reason this henna pattern takes our breath away. A perfect wear for a special occasion like an engagement.

Latest jaal Mehndi design

Source: inkme.tattoo

You can also wear the jaal design on both sides of your hand, with a little variation. Gujarati girls have aced the style. Just look at how pretty these hands are looking.

jaal Mehndi design for Fashion

Source: appgrooves.com

10. Swoon Over The 1. Full Hand Gujarati Mehndi Designs:

Mostly worn during the weddings, the full hand Gujarati designs look amazing on a bride’s hands. In a full hand mehendi, they incorporate almost all the above patterns in a seamless fashion and the result is spectacular. Like the design below has a jaal pattern, lotus, and mango pattern.

Full Hand Gujarati Mehndi Designs

Source: wedlockindia.com

This full hand mehndi has adopted the mango motif as its primary theme. But it’s quite a marvel how the mehndi artist has managed to draw a couple of peacock faces out of these mango motifs.

Full Hand Gujarati Mehndi For Fashion

Source: trendyoutlook.com

In its truest form, an intricately drawn full hand Gujarati mehendi design would look like this one below. The henna pattern has a stunning peacock at the center. To surround it, the artist has provided a jaal, blended well with the ambi motifs and delicate flowers.

Gujarati Mehndi For woman

Source: .wedandbeyond.com

Now, you know Gujarati mehndi designs are all about an artist’s imagination of the beauty of nature and his attempt at recreating it on your hands using henna. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and try them today! You may find a mehndi artist from Gujarat easily at a mall near you.

Don’t forget to tell us your favorite Gujarati mehndi design from the above list in the comments box below. We would love to hear from you!

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