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Head Feels Heavy: Causes and Remedies

by Fashionlady
Head Feels Heavy

Head Feels Heavy

Every now and then, most of us complain of the feeling of heaviness in the head.

It’s not like a headache, but you will feel that there’s a tight band wrapped around your head and you will find it difficult to lift your head up.

So what is this head pain and why is it caused?

This article will delve into this topic and at the same time also help you with some home remedies that will get rid of the pain in an easy and efficient manner for you.


Some of the most common causes of a heavy head are these:

  1. Anxiety and Tension: When you are anxious or nervous, you may start getting these triggered headaches that make your head feel heavy. This is the most common occurrence and most people will feel it immediately after they start taking tension
  1. Fatigue: Extreme tiredness and exhaustion will prevent you from getting sleep or concentrating at the task in hand. As a result most of your work will not be done and you will start feeling heavy in the head
  1. Migraines: Though not that common, migraine attacks are also a common reason why you might get heavy feeling in and around your head. Most migraines can be treated with medication and should be addressed immediately
  1. Vertigo: Vertigo is caused when there is a disorder in the vestibular system and you feel dizzy when you go to a certain height. Vertigo will also make your head feel very heavy
  1. Menopause: Women who are in their middle ages will start getting symptoms of menopause and one such symptom is the feeling of a heavy head. Most women also get heavy flashes which result in tension and headache and as a result end up causing a heavy head.
  1. Thyroid Problems: In today’s world, most of us are unaware of the fact that we may be having an overactive or underactive thyroid. As a result, headaches are caused and most people do not get the underlying problem checked and hence keep suffering from these heavy head feelings
  1. Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA): Though not very common, people who are victims of OSA will mostly feel that their head is very heavy and there are pains in their neck area too

These common causes are easily treatable and before you go to a doctor, you could use some of the remedies listed below:

How to Treat a Feeling of Heavy Head

1. Salt Water

Things you need: A glass of warm water, Himalayan crystal salt, lemon juice (1tsp)

How to do: Mix all the three ingredients together and slowly gulp down the water

How it works: The salt and lemon juice combination helps to ease out any kinks in the system and promotes a feeling of calmness. As a result, you should feel your headache ease in five minutes or so.

How frequent to use: As soon as you feel a headache coming up, whip up this combination and drink it. One glass should be enough

2. Warm Compress

Things you need: An electric warm compress or you can even have a hot towel (depending on the availability)

How to do: Use the warm compress over your eyes and neck and jaw muscles for relaxation

How it works: The warm compress will dilate the blood vessels and ease them out- thus relieving you from the heavy head feeling

How frequent to use: If you are constantly feeling that your head is heavy, using it once before you sleep should make you feel better

Ways to Treat a Feeling of Heavy Head

3. Tea Tree Oil

Things you need: Tea tree oil that is easily available in any pharmacy or beauty stores

How to do: Take a few drops of tea tree oil and rub it gently on your temple

How to do: For headaches that are triggered by tension or anxiety, using rubbing alcohol on your temples can help ease the headache

How it works: The cooling sensation will help with the headache and prevent any more sudden triggers

How frequent to use: Repeating after every 2 hours till your headache subsides

Rubbing Alcohol for Headach

5. Aloe Vera

Things you need: Aloe vera juice (You can extract it yourself, if you have a plant or you can buy the juice from the market)

How to do: Drink aloe vera juice daily in the morning to prevent the heavy feeling in your head

How it works: Aloe vera juice is very rich in three substances – salicylic acid, acemannan and glucomannan. All these three are powerful painkillers, anti-inflammatories and help in relaxing sore and tight muscles

How frequent to use: You could drink the juice every morning if you are frequently troubled by heavy heads

6. Turmeric

Things you need: Turmeric (Raw) – that can be chewed or mixed with a little bit of honey

How to do: Every morning just chew a little bit of raw turmeric to start your day with. You could also add a little bit of honey because the raw turmeric is often bitter

How it works: Turmeric’s main ingredient – curcuminoids is a very good anti-inflammatory agent and can help reduce headaches

How frequent to use: Make it a habit to chew some raw turmeric every morning for best results. Beside preventing headaches, it is also a great health booster and improves your body’s immunity

7. Calendula

Things you need: Calendula flower extract – that may be available in the form of oil or cream

How to do: Rub the oil on your forehead or the affected area

How it works: Calendula oil can easily help in curing inflammation and anxiety. Overall, it induces a sense of calmness

How frequent to use: Use the oil whenever you feel that there is a headache coming your way

Calendula for Head Heavy

8. Indian Lilac

Things you need: Indian lilac is also known as neem or margosa and its leaves can help reduce headache. Alternatively, there is also neem oil available and that can help alleviate a headache

How to do: Rub neem oil on your temple for quick relief

How it works: Neem oil is a potent anti-inflammatory agent and it also eases tension

How frequent to use: You can use it every night before sleeping to induce calmness. It also helps you sleep better

9. White Vinegar

Things you need: White vinegar is also known as apple cider vinegar and is easily available in any grocery store

How to do: Mix one ¼ cup of white vinegar with 2 cups of warm water and inhale the steam from it

How it works: The mixture of white vinegar and water when used for steaming can clear out sinus infections and at the same time relieve you from headaches

How frequent to use: Whenever you feel like a headache is near, inhale the steam before going off to sleep

10. Coconut Oil

Things you need: Coconut oil and essential oil (any one you fancy)

How to do: Mix equal parts of coconut oil and essential oil and rub it on your neck, shoulders and back

How it works: Coconut oil mixed with essential oils gives you immense relaxation and can help get rid of the tension and headache associated with tension

How frequent to use: You can use the coconut oil and essential oil mixture whenever you feel there is some kind of tension in your body

11. Lavender Oil

Things you need: Coconut oil and lavender oil mixed together

How to do: Take this mixture and rub it on your temples, neck, back and brain stem for instant relief

How it works: The mixture not only relaxes you but also helps in getting a good night’s sleep

How frequent to use: You can use the mixture before going to bed at night or before a nap

Lavender Oil Benefits

12. Garlic Oil

Things you need: Garlic oil (you can buy it from the grocery store, or can even extract it from garlic pods)

How to do: Find out the problem area and gently rub the oil there

How it works: Garlic contains essential oils that are anti-inflammatory and hence help to reduce the feeling of a heavy head

How frequent to use: This is a very pungent but potent oil, you could use it once every three days for relief from the heavy head feeling


13. Hydrogen Peroxide

Things you need: Food –grade hydrogen peroxide solution

How to do: Take the food-grade hydrogen peroxide and mix it in warm water. Now inhale the fumes

How it works: Hydrogen peroxide fumes are good at clearing sinuses and congestion that might lead to painful head

How frequent to use: Use sparingly and if the headache is unbearable

14. Baking Soda

Things you need: One teaspoon of baking soda and a glass of drinking water

How to do: Mix the baking soda in a glass of drinking water and gulp it down. Your headache intensity immediately decreases

How it works: Sodium bicarbonate is an antacid and many a time you may get that heavy feeling on your head due to gas. Baking soda will help with that acidity and hence reduce your headache

How frequent to use: For quick and instant relief, this is an easy bet

Best Ways to Treat a Feeling of Heavy Head

15. Manuka honey

Things you need: One teaspoon of manuka honey (available in most grocery stores)

How to do: Mix manuka honey with water and gulp this down

How it works: Manuka honey helps with congestion and hence helps to reduce headache

How frequent to use: Introduce manuka honey as a daily thing in your diet to see a world of difference. It helps with your metabolism too

16. Epsom salt

Things you need: Epsom salt mixed with one bowl of warm water

How to do: Soak your feet in the bath of warm water with Epsom salt mixed in it. This will help to relieve your sore muscles and also prevent any cramps.

How it works: Epsom salt baths are very effective in curing headaches, especially those that are related to migraine

How frequent to use: Whenever you feel tired and sore, you should use an Epsom salt bath to relieve yourself and also calm your nerves

Prevention & Precautions

You might get a heavy feeling in your head anytime, so what are the precautions that you should take to prevent such a situation?

Read on to know more:

  1. Migraines are the most common reason why you might get such headaches. Try and prevent items that trigger your migraine or food that may lead to migraines
  1. Stress, depression and anxiety also cause a heavy feeling in your head and hence may lead to more and more heaviness. Try visualization techniques that help you feel lighter and calmer
  1. Close your eyes a little to feel calm. Sometimes sitting on the computer for a long duration or staring at your phone screen for a long time may also result in strains and hence trigger blinding headaches or mild headaches
  1. Get all the sleep you need: Sleep is a very important requirement and the more you sleep, the better rested you are. For an adult, it is necessary to get at least 8-10 hours of sleep every night to prevent headaches or migraines
  1. Add more fiber in your diet: Fibrous food increase can improve our digestive function and also help to make us healthier. Include more green vegetables in your diet to prevent acidity and also constipation – two things that might trigger heaviness in the head.

When to see your doctor

Though a lot of people may experience a heaviness in their heads, it should not be something that you ignore, mostly because it may indicate some illness that should be given immediate attention to. You should see a doctor when:

  • You have nausea, vomiting and an upset stomach due to the heaviness
  • You have previously had a neck or head injury
  • There are other strange symptoms not related to your head or neck
  • You are experiencing heart palpitations and other pains

Keep these symptoms in mind and if your heaviness in the head doesn’t subside in a day, you should be actively seeking out medical attention.

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