Heated Clothing Redefine Winter Fashion The Futuristic Way!


Do you find the thought of piling on layers of warm clothes extremely inconvenient and appalling? Have you heard about the concept of heated clothing that is revolutionizing the world of winter fashion? Are you excited already? Go ahead and check out this post!

Heated Clothing

What Is Heated Clothing?

According to Wikipedia, “Most heated clothing is designed for cold-weather sports and activities, such as motorcycle riding, downhill skiing, diving, winter biking, and snowmobiling, trekking and for outdoor workers such as construction workers and carpenters.”

These hi-tech electric clothing have tiny wires that are sewn into a layer of the fabric. These wires are generally made from a carbon fiber, in some cases, they also use a metal composite, which performs well when subjected to continuous heating and cooling cycles.

These wires are what we call the heating elements of these garments. These wires are connected to a battery, and when the battery is turned on, a low electrical current passes through the wires, causing them to heat up.

So we understand that this futuristic winter wear is a revolutionary alternative to bulky woolen garments. What we have also discovered is that this battery heated clothing is not going to be fashionably challenged like those drab sweaters and boring jackets but are very fashion forward.

Top Things You Should Know Before You Try Heated Clothing:

Though they are taking over the fashion scene, there are a few things that one must bear in mind before adding them to our winter wardrobe.

  1. Know the kind of temperature or climatic change you are about to experience.
  1. Know about your body’s resistance to extreme temperatures both cold and hot.
  1. Know about the brands available.
  1. Know about your physical and medical conditions and check if wearing a heated apparel will cause any side effects to your health.

How Heated Clothing Turned Into A Fashion Trend?

Here are some trendy ways to wear heated clothing:

1. Heated Jackets:

Heated jackets come in stylish colors and are structured to hug one at the right places. Those who are bikers and have to ride in extreme conditions will love to wear these during their tough journeys.

For upping your fashion quotient, pick one with a funky hoodie.

Heated Jackets

2. Heated Gloves:

Especially for bikers, as we mentioned above, heated gloves are a must. But you wouldn’t want to look boring while on your adventurous ride. Try something peppy like this one.

Heated Socks

How To Use Battery Heated Clothes?

Every piece of clothing comes with a manual. Do not miss to read the manual in detail to understand how to wear the gear.

Top Brands That Offer Heated Clothing For Women:

With the growing popularity of heated clothing, many brands have started offering more and more of such apparels. But the brands we suggest are –

  • Volt heated clothing
  • The Warming Store
  • Blaze Wear
  • Kelvin Ware
  • Gerbing

Precautions To Take While Wearing Heated Clothing:

Though it’s a super cozy way of keeping oneself warm and comfortable here are a few precautions we need to follow:

  1. Make sure that the temperature is right for your body.
  1. In case you are suffering from any ailment do consult your physician before buying a heated apparel for yourself.
  1. Next, we also suggest that you check the batteries that you use and make sure that they are not expired.

Disclaimer: Though we have tried to give you the best possible information, after an extensive web research, we strongly recommend that you do consult your physician before you start using these heated clothing options especially if you are suffering from any chronic health problem or are using prescription medication.

Hope you found this post on heated clothing, which is a revolutionary concept in the world of winter apparels, both interesting and informative.

Remember, there is something for every age group and in most cases, heated apparels are 100% safe for use. A perfect wear for travelers exploring cold places and even those who live in areas with minimum temperatures all-round the year. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and try them today!

Have you tried wearing heated clothing before? Which brands would you recommend? Share your experience and reviews with other readers in the comments box below. We would love to hear from you!


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