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Hotness Redefined Through Jacqueline Fernandez Magazine Cover

by Fashionlady
Jacqueline Fernandez Magazine Cover

Jacqueline Fernandez Magazine Cover

You cannot KICK her? Neither can your MURDER her. Whenever she is performing on stage or acting in films, her shows nearly go HOUSEFULL. And that is the same feeling you get when you hold Jacqueline Fernandez magazine cover in your hand.

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Labeled as one of the most promising actresses of recent times, Jacqueline Fernandez has earned the recognition of being a sensuous star. And that’s a tag which comes naturally to her given her pink lips and well-defined curves.

Jacqueline Fernandez Height

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Jacqueline Fernandez Best Magazine Covers Page

Now let’s browse through the magazine covers page featuring the fashionista of Bollywood Jacqueline Fernandez who looks top notch in her skinny costumes raising the hotness meter high.

India Today Spice September 2015

Talk Jacqueline Fernandez height or Jacqueline Fernandez weight, she stuns audience in her tall lissome figure in India Today fashion special issue of Sept 2015.

Jacqueline Fernandez in short looks marvellously hot in this red velvet dress and black pointy heels.

Magazine Covers Page

Source: pinkvilla.com

Verve September 2015

Take the bridal issue of Verve Sept 2015 featuring Jacqueline Fernandez magazine cover and you will get carried away by the embellished dress of couture designer Sabyasachi.

Teamed up with green embroidered sharara pants and duppatta by Anand Kabra, this ethnic look of Jacqueline Fernandez defeats the very concept of Jacqueline Fernandez age.

Jacqueline Fernandez

Source: wordpress.com

Vogue July 2015

On the lines of Zuhair Murad Pre Fall 2015, the sizzling Jacqueline Fernandez photoshoot for magazine Vogue looks every bit unstoppable when it comes to raising the adrenaline levels high.

Hope you have got an idea of Jacqueline Fernandez height. Doesn’t she remind you of the mermaid given her hot bod and sharp features?

Jacqueline Fernandez on Vogue

Source: bollywoodslice.com

Harper’s Bazaar April 2015

Hotness in full bloom – that could be the best definition of Jacqueline Fernandez photoshoot for magazine Harper’s Bazaar.

This magazine covers page is closely on Valentino Spring 2015 collection which celebrates all things that are floral and spring.

Given that summer of 2016 is just a few months away, this outfit worn by Jacqueline Fernandez could be a reference point for many fashion wannabes.

Jacqueline Fernandez Age

Source: indicine.com

Harper’s Bazaar Bride July 2014

Mama Mia! What a gypsy like feel Jacqueline Fernandez gives on the magazine covers page of Harper’s Bazaar Bride in July 2014 edition dressed in Manish Arora.

She is giving a perfect impression of a girl on the highway dressed to kill in carefree abandon.

Jacqueline Fernandez Photoshoot For Magazine

Source: celebshotphotos.net

Verve April 2014

Dressed in a colorblocked Shivan & Narresh, Spring 2014 maxi, doesn’t this Jacqueline Fernandez picture remind you of candy floss in your youth days?

Yeah, Jackie looks every bit a sunshine girl going by her cover image description.

Jacqueline Fernandez on Verve Magazine

Source: blogspot.com

Hi! Blitz February 2013

Celebrating Valentine fever could never have been so perfect and stylish, with Jacqueline Fernandez posing for Feb 2013 magazine covers page.

In line with Shantanu and Nikhil Couture 2012, the ornate bodice worn by Jacqueline Fernandez could be the perfect way to playing cupid.

Jacqueline Fernandez on Hi Magazine

Source: pinkvilla.com


Elle September 2012

It’s interesting to see Jacqueline Fernandez on the magazine covers page of Elle Sept 2012 issue showing us how to wear the key pieces.

Jacqueline Fernandez on Elle

Source: pinkvilla.com

Verve March 2012

Dressed to kill in a Hemant & Nandita top with an orange skirt, there is every bit of playfulness in this magazine covers page featuring Jacqueline Fernandez.

Jacqueline Fernandez on Verve

Source: muskurahat.pk

Grazia February 2012

What’s the connection between Goa Shipyard and Jacqueline Fernandez? It is where she was photo-clicked dressed from head to toe in Louis Vuitton.

Yes, Jackie looks truly phenomenal in Grazia magazine covers page. And look at Jacqueline Fernandez height. Slim and tall by all measure!

Jacqueline on Grazia

Source: pinterest.com

Vogue India, Jun 2010

Meet the water babe Jacqueline Fernandez looking super hot in this white Versace gown on the cover of Vogue India.

Jacqueline on Vogue

Source: pinterest.com

Now tell us the Jacqueline Fernandez magazine cover that you found hot and sensational.

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