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A One – On – One With The Winners Of Panache – IIT Madras, Saarang!

by Fashionlady
Saarang 2016

Saarang 2016 Panache winner

Our recent trip to Chennai for Saarang 2016 was filled with fun and some crazy memories. The Fashion Show, Panache was a great success that displayed amazing clothes by FBB. The students did complete justice to the ramp and made it big.

When Team Fashionlady met one of the winners, Syed Sufiyan, for a one – on – one interview, this is what he had to say:

Panache winner Syed Sufiyan

FashionLady: How was your experience participating in the Event?

Syed Sufiyan: It was just amazing!

FL: How does Fashion influence you on a daily basis?

Syed Sufiyan: Well, fashion plays a major role in my day to day life and it influences me a lot. I love looking stylish.

FL: How often do you read Fashion Blogs?

Syed Sufiyan: I go through them daily…. I have made it as a part of my routine to check top fashion blogs and articles related to style statement.

FL: How has FL impacted your perspective towards Fashion?

Syed Sufiyan: Hmm…. A lot, because FL is one of the best Indian fashion blogs and one can get to know all about fashion, beauty and lifestyle here.

FL: How do you feel being associated with FL?

Syed Sufiyan: I am feeling very honored that FL is actively interested to publish my article and I am too happy for it and also excited.

FL: What is the difference between Fashion today and Fashion in the 60’s?

Syed Sufiyan: Fashion today in this generation is like more towards style, trends and international labels but at the same time fashion in the 60’s stands out very classy, retro and traditional.


FL: If you had to design something for yourself to wear at a Red Carpet, what would you make and why?

FL: Who is your Fashion Icon and why?

Syed Sufiyan: Shah Rukh Khan is my all-time favorite fashion icon because the way he carries out his style statement is just too hot and simple and also his fashion sense is an absolute OMG! No one else can do that, especially when he wears black. He is the only one to make it to look royal and sexy.

FL: What would you want to change in the fashion industry?

Syed Sufiyan: Hmm, I want to change the simple and regular kind of denims and bring out something very new and unique in terms of fabrics.

Now this was a great review to get from the winners. We will get back with more such interviews. Stay tuned for more.

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