How to Choose a Perfume That Matches Your Personality


How to Choose a Perfume
A sense of smell does not just help you identify the things around you. It goes beyond being associated with a particular substance or thing to triggering memories long past. Have you ever had a smell bring back a fond memory from your childhood? Maybe the smell of freshly baked cookies reminds you of your mother, or the smell of roses takes you back to those days you spent helping your grandfather tend to his rose garden. We associate smells with memories and incidents and lock them up in an archive in our mind. And when we encounter that smell again, the memory comes rushing back, making us nostalgic.

So choosing a perfume is not a simple matter of picking a fragrance that you like. There are a lot of nuances involved as certain fragrances have been long associated with certain personality types. And with the endless options available these days, you can afford to be extremely picky and choose a perfume that does you justice and reflects your personality.

Decode your Personality

The first thing to do is to decode your persona and find out what kind of a person you are. How would you describe yourself? Are you an outdoorsy person who likes to go trekking, or would you describe yourself as a connoisseur of the arts? Your intrinsic values have a huge impact on the kind of fragrances you are drawn to.

Floral Perfumes

Floral fragrances are best for people whose feminine side dominates their personality. People who like floral scents tend to have very traditional tastes and preferences. They look for the floral undertones in every perfume and are impressed by the subtle femininity that floral fragrances bring with them.

If you come under this type, try the Code Pour Femme by Armani or Calvin Klein Beauty.

Floral Perfumes

Fruity Perfumes

The citrusy notes of fruity perfumes have been known to uplift moods and keep a person energetic. So it is no wonder that fitness enthusiasts gravitate towards fruity perfumes that make them feel awake and ready to take on the world.

The Lancôme Trésor in Love perfume is perfect as it smells of peaches and pears. It is a fruity perfume lover’s delight. Alternatively, if you prefer a more citrusy fragrance, go for Dolce & Gabbana’s Light Blue perfume. It has a strong citrusy smell with woody base notes.

Fruity Perfumes

Woodsy Perfumes

If you are a complex person with depth to your personality, then chances are that you love the scent of sandalwood and cedar. Woodsy perfumes are for people who are not afraid to experiment and who do not cringe at the idea of being different and unique. Brooding, intense personalities fancy woodsy perfumes as opposed to fruity or floral perfumes.


Try Givenchy Play For Her Intense, which starts off with fruity top notes and subtly shifts to woodsy sandalwood after a while.

Woodsy Perfumes

Clean and Fresh

Outdoorsy people with a fuss-free straightforward attitude prefer perfumes that are clean and fresh. They like perfumes with a lilt of sea breeze, perfumes that remind them of water and the ocean. They do not spend too much time on their appearance and clothing. They are practical, with a zest for live that is enviable.

Summer by L’Eau d’Issey hits the right notes with its fresh sea breeze scent.

If you are planning to gift someone a perfume, it is always a good idea to know what their personality type is and what kind of fragrances they usually wear. You do not want to get them a perfume that you think smells wonderful, but ends up clashing with their personality. A perfume is a thoughtful gift, so put in some thought and effort into finding the right one for the recipient.

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