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How To Make Distilled Water At Home In Six Super Easy Steps

by Fashionlady
How To Make Distilled Water For Good Health

How To Make Distilled Water

The health of your family depends on a multitude of factors and the water you consume ranks very high among the health influencers. As a mother, I am sure you are always on the lookout for new and advanced ways to purify your drinking water even more. The need becomes all the more desperate when you have recently welcomed a roly poly baby to your family. Boiling water, filtering it or the numerous water purifiers in the market – if you are done trying all of them, and yet to be satisfied and assured about the safety of the drinking water in your home, here is a super easy and quick way to make distilled water at home.

Now first let’s understand what is distilled water to even begin with. Distilled water is water that has gone through the process of being boiled to take its gaseous state. The steam is then made to condense and becomes water when it cools down. This is distilled water, which is 100 percent free of any impurity, germs, bacteria, or salts.


Distilled water has many unique uses, with one among them being its usage in stream iron and car batteries. It prevents the iron from getting all clogged up inside from salts and other minerals. Apart from this distilled water also has many industrial and medical uses. Some people prefer using distilled water to make their clear ice cubes. Imbibing distilled water means there are zero harmful particles going inside the mouth.
Isn’t that interesting?

How To Make Distilled Water At Home

Here’s how to make distilled water in the comfort of your kitchen even without a home water distiller:

Things you would need

  • A large stainless-steel container with a stainless-steel lid that can carry 3 to 5 gallon or 11.4 to 19 liter water
  • Tap water
  • Baking rack
  • Heat resistant glass bowl
  • Ice

How to make distilled water For Health

How to make distilled water step by step

  1. Stream will be formed when the water will come to a boil. This steam will hit the chilled lid on the top of the pot and be cooled down to come back to its water form again. Some of this steam turned into water will get collected in the glass bowl inside. This is distilled water.
  1. Now turn the pot’s lid upside down and put it on the top of the pot. Fill up the inverted pot cover with loads of ice.
  1. Place the baking rack at the bottom of the stainless-steel container. Fill the container half way with regular tap water.
  1. Put the glass bowl inside the pot in a way that it floats on the water surface. This glass bowl must be placed in such a way that it doesn’t touch the bottom of the pot.
  1. It’s time to boil the water, continue boiling for about 45 minutes. The ice on a top would eventually melt but to keep the temperature in check, keep replacing the ice as and when necessary.
  1. Turn off the heater or gas and remove the lid from the container. Carefully remove the glass bowl; don’t forget to wear heat resistant gloves or microwave gloves as the bowl will be very hot.

Let this distilled water cool down in the bowl. You can now store it in bottles. The distilled water is ready for drinking. Now tell us if you dreamt this process to be this easy?
Drinking distilled water is a healthy option for every member of the family and not only for small children. Now that you know how to distill water at home you can afford it to all of your beloved family members.

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