How To Remove Turmeric Stain From Clothes, Dishes, Skin, And More


Cooking with turmeric can be a great addition for most of us, but the aftermath can get pretty messy. This can be the case especially when you discover stubborn stains that refuse to wipe off. Since this yellow spice is used extensively in Indian cuisine, it can be impossible to totally get rid of turmeric stains over kitchen countertops, your skin, and even your pristine carpet. It can be an utter disaster to see your linens, dishes, kitchen counters, and hands, all stained with turmeric.

How To Remove Turmeric Stain

Making use of fresh or dried ground turmeric particularly can easily stain your surroundings even more.

But lucky for you, there are quite some remedies and tricks to remove turmeric stains in no time. Repeat few of these processes to remove stains completely.

Remove Turmeric Stain

Ways To Remove Turmeric Stains:

We have explained below how to remove turmeric stains by categorically dividing between dishes, clothes, countertops, carpet, and nails. Take a look:

1. Dishes:

Turmeric contains a rich bright yellow color. But it leaves behind yellow stains on dishes and can get extremely difficult to remove. Making use of liquid chlorine bleach is one way to remove turmeric stains from plastic, glass, or glazed ceramics. Try these remedies to remove stubborn yellow stains.


  • Clean your dishes within two days of getting the stains.
  • Place your turmeric-stained dishes in the kitchen skin.
  • Make a solution of ½ cup liquid bleach to one gallon water.
  • Allow plastic dishes to soak in the bleach solution for 30 minutes.
  • Rinse plastic dishes under warm water to wash away bleach solution.
  • Give a final rinse with soap and water.
  • Repeat steps if necessary.


  1. Use stronger bleach for stubborn stains.
  1. Bleach can be replaced with white vinegar too. Allow the solution to soak in the dish overnight. Rinse off with soap and water. This can remove traces of yellow stains from food processor, blender, or juicer too.
Remove Turmeric Stain From Dishes

2. Countertops:

The aftermath of cooking can get pretty messy, especially when there are leftover stubborn stains that refuse to clear off. Turmeric, for example, is a common spice used in the kitchen but it can leave behind stains. There are simple methods of using common ingredients to remove turmeric stains easily from your kitchen countertops. Take a look:


  • Baking soda is an effective method to remove turmeric stains. You can dilute baking soda in little amount of water to form a thick paste. Apply the paste on stained area. Leave it on for few minutes. Wipe the area clean using clean cloth.
  • Vinegar and lemon are basic ingredients used in the kitchen and can greatly help to remove turmeric stains. Dilute vinegar or lemon juice in water. Apply the solution on stained area. Allow the stain to soak up the solution for some time. Wipe the stain using a clean cloth or a scrubber after few minutes.
  • Liquid detergents are another effective stain removing solution, including turmeric stain. Mix a drop of liquid detergent in a cup of water. Apply this solution on the stained area. Leave it on for few minutes. Take a sponge or scrubber to wipe the area clean.
  • Multi-purpose cleansers- also help to fight off stubborn grimy stains. These cleaners can fight off all kinds of stains from different surface. First, you need to determine the material of the countertops. Depending on it, select between a mild to strong bleaching agent.


  1. Bar Keeper’s Friend works effectively on white Corian Worktops, granite, and quartz.
  1. Making use of a simple soap solution can also work effectively for immediate stain removal.
Remove Turmeric Stain From Countertops

3. Clothes:

If you have ever wondered how can I remove turmeric stains from clothes, then you should know that it is not difficult at all, if attended on time. It can further depend on the type of fabric, age of stain, and amount of turmeric. If the stains are older, then it is more difficult to remove them. Even though it is tough to remove turmeric stains from clothes, there are several ways to do this. Commonly, a detergent or a lemon is used for turmeric stain removal. Besides all of these, there are few other ways to remove turmeric stains from clothes. Take a look:


  • Use dry detergent for turmeric stain removal. It can be used on both colored and white clothes. Rub dry detergent powder or bar over turmeric stained clothes. Once the detergent soaks in, rinse the clothes, and dry it out.
  • Another method is a mixture of soap and water. This solution can be used along stained fabric in cool water and soap. Dry out the clothes in the sun and wash off normally with other clothes.
  • The stained area should be washed with a mixture of bleach and water. Soak the stained clothes in the solution. Then soak the clothes in another mixture of water and baking soda overnight. Following these steps can help in removing stains from clothes.
  • Vinegar is another remedy used to remove turmeric stains from clothes. For using this solution, rinse stained area with water, and pour liquid soap over it. Soak for few minutes. Rinse the stain and apply vinegar to remove the turmeric stains.
  • Remove turmeric stains by rubbing lemon over it. Dry the clothes in the sun till the stains fades out. Then, wash the clothes as normal. Follow all of these steps in order to remove the stains from fabric.
  • Glycerin products are used to remove turmeric stains from clothes. Flatten out the fabric and rub glycerin over the stained area. Allow to set for one hour. Wash off as normal.
  • If you have turmeric stains on your white clothes, then you can rub the stained portions with hydrogen peroxide. Wash off well.


  1. If the stains are older, then completely removing these stains using home remedies alone might be difficult. In this case, you should try professional dry cleaning.
  1. Try talcum powder or all-purpose flour for removing fresh stains (this tip will not work on dry stains).
  1. Remove turmeric stains from clothes using dry detergent. Simply, rub the stain using a dry detergent bar. Allow it to penetrate through the stain. Rinse off using water. Allow it to dry.
  1. If none of these remedies work, then you can consider to tie-dye clothes in a bright color for hiding the stains.
Removing Turmeric Stains From Clothes

4. Fingernails and Hands:

The bright-colored turmeric is used for several beauty treatments, especially by brides. It is used in both powdered and raw form, and provides natural glow to the skin, fights acne, lightens pigmentation, and heals wounds. But, this compound can also leave behind stubborn yellow turmeric stains that end up on fingernails and hands. These stains can make your hands look soiled. But you can avoid all these problems by trying few of these home remedies:


  • Try a sugar scrub to remove stubborn turmeric stains from hands. The sugar acts as natural exfoliant to gently scrub away dead skin cells and remove turmeric stain altogether. This remedy is gentle for the skin, too. Add one tsp of sugar in a bowl and one tsp of water. Mix it well. Rub the stained area using the wet sugar solutions in circular motions until the stain gets removed. Add sugar if needed. Rinse off with water as normal. Repeat steps if needed.
  • You can apply coconut or castor oil to remove yellow turmeric stains on your nails and hands. The coconut oil contains fatty acids which nourishes skin. Soak a cotton ball in cotton or castor oil. Dab the cotton ball over the stain. Give a little rub to remove stains. Repeat, if needed.
  • Using shaving cream over turmeric stains helps because it works as a bleaching agent. Cover the stained area completely with the shaving foam or cream. Make use of a cotton ball to wipe the stain off. Repeat twice or thrice a week to get results. Wash your skin using soap and water. Follow up with a good moisturizer to keep skin soft.
  • Baking soda is another effective remedy for removing turmeric stains from hands and nails. This ingredient works as a mild abrasive and bleaching agent, to gently scrub off stain and lighten skin. Make an equal paste of baking soda and water. Soak your hands in warm water for two to three minutes. Pat dry. Apply the baking soda mixture onto stained hands and nails. Scrub the stain using a nail brush. Continue to scrub until the stain lightens up. Wash the paste off using water. Give final rinse with soap and water to completely remove all traces of turmeric stain.
  • Milk is another remedy to cleanse off turmeric stains from skin. It contains lactic acid that helps exfoliate skin and remove dead cells. For this, make use of either cow milk or coconut milk. Soak a cotton ball in milk. Squeeze over stains to wash off the stain. For stubborn stains, rub over cotton ball to work on skin. Rinse off using water.
  • Baking soda and lemon is another remedy to fight off stain. Baking soda acts as abrasive agent, while lemon acts as a bleaching agent. Its acidic nature can prevent stains. This remedy can effectively help to remove turmeric stains from nails. For this, take one tsp of baking soda, one tsp of lemon juice, and terry cloth. Mix one tsp of lemon juice to one tsp of baking soda. Mix well to form a smooth paste. Apply the paste onto hands and nails. Make use of the terry cloth to rub the stain. Repeat until the stain gets transferred to the cloth. Rinse off your hands and nails. Pat dry and apply regular moisturizer.
  • Try hydrogen peroxide as it is a strong bleaching agent as disinfectant. It is greatly helpful for removing turmeric nails, from skin and nails. Take about 3% hydrogen peroxide for this remedy. Mix 3% of hydrogen peroxide to two tsp of water. Mix well. Soak a cotton ball into the solution. Wipe the yellow stains from fingers and nails.
  • Apple cider vinegar can effectively remove yellow turmeric stains from hands and nails. Its acidic nature can cut off the stains. Add one tsp of apple cider vinegar and one tsp of water to a small bowl. Mix it well. Soak a cotton ball into the solution. Rub the cotton ball over nails and hands. Additionally, prepare a nail soak of apple cider vinegar and water in equal amounts. Soak hands and nails in 10-15 minutes. Rinse off with water.



  1. Spray commercial carpet spray over last of the stain. Allow it to soak for five minutes. Dab with a soft cloth. This should remove the stain.
Remove Turmeric Stain From Carpet

If all else fails…..

  1. Think of patch designed clothes; basically patch up pieces of clothes in several patterns or colors. This can work in all cases. For example, if you stain your favorite garment, this can be a great solution. Just add a patch design you love to make a statement as well as hide your stain, too.
  1. Printing a new design onto the stained shirt can be a great idea, too. You can create desired designs to hide the stain.
  1. Cut off the stained area of clothing like jeans, skirts, and pants. For example, create shorts out of denims, or cropped top out of t-shirts.

Do try out these simple remedies to remove turmeric stains and check out the results for yourself!


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