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If You Are Waking Up To Pee At Night, This Is What It Means

by Fashionlady
What Causes Nighttime Urination

Waking Up to Pee at Night

A good night sleep is what everyone looks forward to at the end of the day. Although, it could easily be disrupted by having the constant urge to urinate at night, creating a havoc in our sleep cycles, leading to virtual insomnia.

Usually, the amount of urine that the body produces reduces at night, hence frequent urination at night is not common. So, if you are constantly waking up to go pee at night, you may be suffering from something. But what is it?

What Causes Nighttime Urination?

  • The most common and harmless reason could be aging. As a person ages, their body’s ability to produce the Antidiuretic hormone lessens, therefore forgoing the ability to retain fluids for a longer time. Even the bladder muscles become weaker with time, and this doesn’t let the bladder hold the urine in for too long.
  • Urinary tract infections could play a major role in being the cause of wanting to pee frequently at night. A bacterial infection causes vaginal itching as well as the constant urination urge, so any infection that affects the vagina could be a potent cause. It doesn’t stop here if you have prostate cancer, as this disease is likely to make you pee several times during the day/night.
  • You drink a whole lot of fluids before bed and expect not to pee? That’s kind of impossible. Drinking excessive fluids before bedtime could make you use the washroom several times at night. Especially if these drinks are alcoholic or caffeinated ones.
  • Pregnancy. A well-known cause that could make your bladder feel full frequently. Vice versa, if you are feeling the frequent need to use the washroom to pee, it could be a sign of pregnancy. The excessive pressure on the urinary tract causes this problem and it is normal during pregnancy.
  • Certain antibiotics or medications affect the bladder and increase the urination frequency by a lot more. If you are on a medication dose, peeing every now and then is the outcomes of the medication.


As frustrating as waking up every few hours at night can be, trying to figure out the cause of it could be just equally frustrating too. So, visit the physician and let him diagnose it the right way for you. Waking up more than twice at night to pee definitely is a sign of something.

Figure it out and stay healthy!

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