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Indulge In Heavy Bag Workout To Get In Shape

by Fashionlady
Heavy Bag Workout for women

Heavy Bag Workout

The mainstay of Boxing and even MMA circles; the heavy bag is something that completes a gym and is definitely a tremendous piece of equipment. Proving itself as an awesome medium to get powerfully fit, numerous heavy bag workout plans are devised by gym instructors today. Each plan aims to fulfill your specific demands as well as let you have a fun-filled and de-stressing workout session. Let’s understand some aspects of this full-body anaerobic workout and why should you wrap your hands and get them into gloves for a beginner heavy bag workout!

Heavy Bag Workout For Beginners

You need not gun for the ring or cage to choose punching bag workout! Consisting of drills to be executed in timed rounds, punching bag exercises can be an exhilarating alternative to your traditional and set workout regime. Even if you are considering doing it at home, all you require is a punching bag, some bandages and a solid pair of gloves. Before getting into it, you must never forget to warm up your body properly through some running, jogging or warm-up exercises. During warm-up, mobility exercises must mandatorily be included so that your joints remain limber and healthy and you are able to extract the full range of motion with ease. Each of the heavy bag workout routine at this level should not last more than two minutes to avoid unnecessary injury or pain. Gradually one can increase the duration and the rounds to get a full body workout. Ideally, each round serves one purpose. For instance, one round can be heavy bag cardio workout while the other can be specific punching bag exercises for abs and the third can be punching bag cardio workout! Before anything else, ensure you learn the boxing basics properly.

Punching Bag Workout Benefits

If you thought boxing was just for men, you have another thought coming! Today, we have specially designed punching bag workouts for women that give you that dream body, sculpted muscles along with stamina and power. It dramatically improves your speed and reflexes. Let’s list down some of its awesome benefits.

1. a total body workout which keeps you super-fit

While we may not like it but exercising is much more than sweating on the treadmill and hoping for the miracle! For an overall fitness, all the muscles in your body need to work out with a steady heart rate. Boxing with its aerobic and anaerobic exercises do that to perfection. A bang-on combination of strength and cardio, it makes you super-fit by increasing your endurance power, ability to withstand fatigue as well as increased metabolism and muscle mass.

A Total Body Workout Which Keeps You Super-Fit

2. punching bag workout for weight loss

Being highly intensive in nature, heavy bag workout burns some real high calories. An hour of even a light session of kickboxing bag workout or other boxing workouts can burn anything from 350 to over 500 calories on the minimum side. Alternating between periods of maximum effort and active recovery, it keeps preparing the body for more intensive bouts and thereby burning more calories in less time. It not only taxes your core to the maximum but also gives your hip maximum rotation. Likewise, it gives your upper body a full workout. Owning to this, it burns the fat deposits from the belly, hips and all other parts of the body much faster. Compared to other forms of exercise, it will help you get in shape much faster.


Punching Bag Workout For Weight Loss

3. heavy bag workout builds grace

Most of your workout regimes tend to ignore the brain and body coordination and its fine tuning. The least priority of any gym goals, most of us forget that coordination is the key to a better performance and better stability. In contrast, the hand-eye coordination is of utmost importance in boxing. To properly punch the bag, you not only require a focused movement but also amazing recall, thereby challenging both your muscles as well as your body. Due to this, you develop a grace that is bound to be the envy of all!

Heavy Bag Workout Builds Grace

4. An awesome stress buster

Stress is something that we inevitably acquire at all times unawares. It can be a bad day at the office or a tiff with your boyfriend, mom, etc. The best way to release all this pent up energy is to punch away all the latent aggression on the punch bag! Relieving this unsaid tension will decrease the production of stress hormones like cortisol and boost the production of the feel good hormones, the endorphins. It would be no surprise if you feel on seventh heaven after a boxing session.

Punching Bag Workout

Finally a good session of boxing is too much fun! It is undoubtedly, the most exhilarating experience that would get your adrenaline flowing. So when are you booking your heavy bag workout session? Do share with us your experiences.

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