Jasmine Tea Benefits That Will Make You Fall In Love


Jasmine Tea Benefits

With the word jasmine ringing in your ears, you could well imagine the smell of jasmine flowers. What if this fragrance extends to a cup of tea?

I am talking about jasmine tea, the famous scented tea of China. There are loads of jasmine tea benefits which most of us might not be aware of. There are also numerous queries which could come up – what is jasmine tea, does jasmine tea have caffeine or is jasmine tea caffeinated, benefits of jasmine tea, health benefits of jasmine tea, benefits of drinking jasmine tea, what is jasmine tea good for, is jasmine tea a green tea, jasmine tea during pregnancy, jasmine tea benefits weight loss, jasmine tea side effects, etc.

To start with, jasmine is a flowering plant which is found in tropical region. When it is mixed with green leaves, it becomes a sort of magical elixir. Jasmine tea is green tea which has added jasmine flowers in it.

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Let us find out more about jasmine tea benefits and see how they can find a place for themselves on our dining table and lounge.

Top 8 Benefits of Jasmine Tea

Jasmine Tea Benefits Weight Loss
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1. Fights Bacteria

The health benefits of jasmine tea can be fully determined with the fact that it not only helps fight bad bacteria but also helps our body to form good bacteria which aids in better digestion.

is Jasmine Tea Caffeinated
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2. Weight Loss

Jasmine tea has catechins which have fat burning properties, thus aiding in weight loss. How does it happen? Since jasmine tea in the system increases metabolic rate, it helps you to burn your fat faster. In fact, a recent study reveals that jasmine green tea drinkers tend to lose weight faster than those who don’t drink it regularly. The fact that jasmine tea benefits weight loss would be a good piece of news for the fitness conscious ladies.

Jasmine Tea During Pregnancy
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3. Aromatherapy

Jasmine as a tea is gifted with medicinal properties. This makes it apt and effective for aromatherapy.

Benefits of Drinking Jasmine Tea
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4. Anti-ageing

As you know, free radicals can mess around with your skin on two counts – healing and revitalisation.

This is another reason to remember what is jasmine tea good for. Since it is high in antioxidants, it combats the free radicals formed in the body, thereby lowering the chances of ageing and even cancer.

is Jasmine Tea a Green Tea
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5. Circulation Booster

The jasmine tea benefits are such that apart from other things, it boosts circulation. And so, it can help prevent medical conditions from attacking you, such as blocked arteries, thrombosis, brain damage and blood clots.

6. Heart Health

Since it is known to reduce the formation of bad cholesterol and bad fats within the body, jasmine tea is extremely good for your heart.

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7. Stress Relief

If you go back to the history pages, benefits of drinking jasmine tea extend to offering stress relief to being anti-depressant. This is proof of its therapeutic properties.

8. Prevention Of Cold

Jasmine tea has anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties which help prevent both the cold and flu. When the sick consume jasmine tea, it can speed up their recovery. Some even believe that doing gargles with jasmine tea can not only shoo away illness but also facilitate in early recovery from such ailments.

Secondly, jasmine tea has green tea as its base. That is why the resulting flavour of jasmine tea is a bit sweet and highly fragrant.

How To Make Jasmine Tea

Here is a nice and brief way to see how jasmine tea stands out in taste and appreciation.

I hope that the next time you drink tea with friends and family, you will give the humble jasmine tea a thought and try. Enjoy sipping and reaping the jasmine tea benefits.


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