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Laughter Yoga: Giggle Your Way To Health!

by Fashionlady
Laughter Yoga For Health

Laughter Yoga

They say you can laugh your way to health and one way to do it is to include laughter yoga in your daily life. Most of us are so embroiled in our lives that we hardly find time to laugh, smile and revel on all the beauties in life. All we do is get our work done, sleep and eat. Incorporating laughter yoga in your life can have a highly positive change and you will slowly realize how easy and relaxing this amazing form of yoga is.

In this article we will talk about what is laughter yoga and its benefits as well as how to do laughter yoga.

what is laughter yoga

Laughter yoga also known as Hasyayoga is a practice that originated in India and now has spread all over the world. It is nothing but prolonged voluntary laughter, something that you wouldn’t be doing on a daily basis.

Laughter yoga is based on a very simple principle – when you voluntarily laugh, it will provide the same physiological and psychological benefits as it would in a spontaneous laughter. You will see that mostly people will be performing laughter yoga in groups and there will be eye contact and playfulness between all the participants. What starts as a forced laughter will soon turn into something real and contagious. Group laughter yoga exercises always make it easier to perform them.

In India, in most parks you will see that laughter yoga is practiced in the early mornings and mostly by older people. But in 2002, it became a full-fledged exercise when an exercise routine was developed by Indian physician Madan Kataria. He has written all about laughter yoga and the exercises involved as well as the various benefits in his book ‘Laugh for No Reason’.

What Is Laughter Yoga

Here’s How To Do Laughter Yoga

When you are alone: Though it is always better to practice laughter yoga in groups, you can also make use of this amazing exercise on your own and in the privacy of your home – Start by clapping your hands and start chanting ‘ha, ha, ha’. Move around the room and keep chanting and smiling as well as laughing. Very soon you will catch the tempo and laughter yoga will be on in full form!

Laughter Yoga with a group or a partner: Like we said before, it is much easier to practice laughter yoga with a group because laughs and smiles are contagious. Once the tempo starts, you will see that everyone in the group will start smiling silly. Make eye contact with your partner and laugh as heartily as you can. Remember, the laugh should come from within- your diaphragm. This will ensure that your lungs are getting proper exercise.

Laughter Yoga Exercises


Benefits of Laughter Yoga:

Now that you know that laughter yoga is such an easy exercise, here are the various benefits of doing laughter yoga:

  • Laughter yoga is a form of stress relief. When you are practicing laughter yoga regularly, you will see that your tensions and anxieties are reduced and your built up emotions can come out easily.
  • This form of yoga is also excellent for your immune system. It will not only boost your blood circulation but also make your immune system stronger and help you fight against diseases.
  • Laughing hard also releases endorphins or the feel good hormones. Practicing laughter yoga early in the morning will let out a burst of endorphins and boost your morale. It’s a great and happy way to start your day.
  • Laughing hard also improves the health of your lymphatic system and helps to flush out toxins from your body.

See, isn’t this a cheap and effective as well as easy way to get better health? Try laughter yoga and see a world of difference in your life!

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