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DIY Macrame Bag: The No Sew Bag You Will Love Carrying

by Fashionlady
DIY Macrame Bag

Let’s suppose you are to go to the farmers’ market. Or need a pool bag or an airy tote bag to stock up your summer essentials. Are you still going to be conservative in picking your bag or will you like to try out something exciting or adventurous? Macrame bag is a no-sew bag, easy to toss over your shoulder that goes around attracting eyeballs.

DIY Macrame Bag

The macrame bag designs are fun to make and on trend right now. What are the things you need to make a macramé bag? Read on.

How To Make Macrame Bag?

For macrame bag DIY, here are the things you need:

  • String
  • Scissors
  • 2 Gold Jump Ring
  • Needle and thread

The Making of the Handles:

  • Cut the cotton strap into 18-inch long. This makes one strap.
  • Now fold the string in half.
  • Knot the string on the hoop using the folded end.
  • Make four knots.
  • Using the knot on the right, take the inner string and then loop it around the outer string.
  • Now tighten the knot.
  • Repeat the previous knot using the next string this time. Now one side of the knot is done
  • Make use of the same knotting method in knotting the other side of the straps. But you need to reverse the direction this time.
  • Now both sides are done.
  • Repeat it 5 times for both sides.
  • Utilising the same knotting method, connect the two strands by extending the knots.
  • The extending row is ready.
  • Make extending rows thrice.
  • Change the direction as well as the knot from left to right for the next 3 rows.
  • Repeat the side knots again. Once you are though doing it you have finished half the strap!
  • Repeat this pattern for the other strap and hoop.
  • In order to finish off the knotwork, repeat the same knot again.
  • At this time, snip off one of the strands in the knot.
  • Now continue tying a new knot using the next strand. The finished end will look solid.
  • To attach the straps, line up the ends and sew them together using needle and thread.


The Making of the Main Part of the Bag:

  • In making of the body of the rope bag, cut 10 pieces of string that are 4 times the desired length of your bag.
  • Using the folded end like before, knot it onto the gold hoop.
  • With the help of box knots, make the body of the rope bag. By taking two strings on the side, loop it around the two middle strands.
  • Do a repeat pattern of the knot and pull the knot tight.
  • Repeat the knot-making on the rest of the strands.
  • Remember to keep the same distance between the knots and the hoops e.g. it can be 3” down from the hoop.
  • Repeat doing box knots for the second row, using the strings one strand over this time.
  • Knot 3 rows of box knots on both the sides. Then knot the sides of the bag by using two strands from either side.
  • Keep doing the box knots until you get the required size of the bag.
  • If you do not want any tassel ends, snip off the ends of the strings. Then dab a bit of glue into the knots to secure them fast.
  • Flip the bag out.
How To Make Macrame Bag

Source: helloglow.co

Things to remember:

One roll of macramé rope and few strapping yards should be able to make 5 or 6 bags. Since they are 100% cotton, the macrame bag are washable and should last forever.

Here is the Macrame Hippie Bag:

Macrame Hippie Bag

Source: macramepurse.com

The Macrame Rope Bag:

Macrame Rope Bag

Source: quietenthusiast.com

The Macrame Purse:

Macrame Purse

Source: mahagowri.blogspot.com

The Macrame Bag Patterns:

Macrame Bag Patterns

Source: niromastudio.com

Hope you enjoyed reading this post on macrame bag. Tell us your views on the same.

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