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Now Here Is Why You Should Pick Up the Gorgeous Kerala Saree Blouse Designs

by Fashionlady
Kerala Saree Blouse Designs

Call it simple and plain Jane types, but you cannot deny the fact that the Kerala saree and the blouse that comes along with it, can make heads turn. Now that we are talking about the sarees so famous from Kerala, let’s focus on the blouse piece. This time, we shall give due regards to the Kerala saree blouse designs.

Kerala Saree Blouse Designs

Take a look at the simplicity and loveliness of the Kerala saree blouse designs, learn how to style them up in fashionable ways, and also take a look at which celebrity wore the Kerala saree blouse designs, with utmost oomph, to seek inspiration from as well. Here goes!

First, let’s check what we have to about the blouses from Kerala:

When we mention the Kerala set saree blouse designs, we think of the purest of cotton and something not too gaudy. This is a statement worn by the women of Kerala or the Malayali women in the state, isn’t it? You were right in thinking so. Who would not fall in love with the rich golden borders of the saree and the blouse, the white shades so pure, and one waits for Onam to wear them. But, since the festivities are here, we are going to rejoice further by bringing to you various styles of wearing the Kerala saree blouse neck designs with sarees of your choice. Check how our Bollywood celebs wore them!

Kerala Saree Blouse Back Neck Designs

We saw how Sonam Kapoor, danced and jigged at her bestie’s wedding down south. She wore the traditional Kerala saree and blouse set, in all its purity and her status only made it grander than what it already was. So here’s for the plain Jane’s that do not believe in flaunting things too gaudy; minimalism for you!

Blouse Back Neck Designs

If you love the high neck Kerala saree blouse back neck designs, then you should look at how Bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernandez wore it as a major event in the recent past. She stunned the carpets by allowing minimalism flow over her personality, with a sleeveless embossed golden blouse, worn over the tissue Kerala saree in white with a gold border.

Kerala Set Saree Blouse Designs

Gorgeous Deepika Padukone wore the Kerala saree with a twist from the 80s. The Kerala saree blouse back neck designs seen here were reminiscent of the fashion days of the early eighties, where their cuts were defined and sharp, boat necks were in vogue and the embroidery matched the highlighted border of the sarees back then. Great going Deepika!


Kerala Set Saree Blouse Designs
A cropped blouse with half sleeves and embossed with golden motifs over creamish white tones matches the gorgeous Kerala saree as seen on the Bollywood diva here. Calls for a very elegant yet simple and plain look, but what steals the show are the earrings and the way it gels well into the embossed golden white Kerala traditional saree blouse designs too.

Kerala Saree Blouse Neck Designs

Actress Amala Paul wears here Kerala saree with a gorgeous Bengali twist to the blouse. Notice the sleeves of the blouse, decked up in rims of gold that compliment the tone of the border of the Kerala saree. This is how it makes a majestic appeal, yet a very elegant and an eye-catching one.

Kerala Traditional Saree Blouse Designs

Hello to Sunny Leone for showing us how a high neck golden blouse design can make the Kerala saree well-draped a majestic affair. What we like is the drape of the saree at the waist and the way the high neck golden blouse embellishes the torso of the wearer.

Kerala Saree Blouse Neck Designs

For a very formal gathering, and if you really want to be a little more conservative and yet very elegantly haute, here is a way to have a cropped golden blouse worn with a gorgeous Kerala saree. Check for more Kerala saree brocade blouse designs and try this style. Minimal accessories needed thereafter.

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