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Redesign Yourself With Dr.Seokjun Lee From Regen Gangnam’s Exemplary Plastic Surgery Services

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Body Contouring by Dr Seokjun Lee

Amongst the pressing matters of a woman’s life, one of the deeply rooted issues is the weight gain. In other words, a sense of obtaining the zero figure is widely reverberating, don’t you agree? From the longing to fit into a sexy outfit spotted on a mannequin, to the attempts to reach out to every possible solution, has, is and will be there for the ages to come.

Body Contouring by Dr Seokjun Lee

Even after finding a solution that meets our needs, like a tummy tuck or an arm tuck, we still contemplate hard on the risk factors involved. Catching a whiff of your insecurity regarding routing to such measures, we have brought to you a brief glimpse of one of the leading plastic surgery firm ‘Regen Gangnam’ and an insight into one of their world-class surgeon, ‘Dr.Seokjun Lee’.

Stay rooted and focused! This article could spin your world around!

Let’s begin with the basic understanding of what body contouring means from the standpoint of Regen Gangnam. Body contouring is the process that involves liposuction which removes fats from different layers; combined with a cosmetic surgery that facilitates firmness to the skin. Interesting huh? Now let us explore the procedures that Regen Gangnam takes great pride in-


Going under the knife is a major decision and requires one to know explicitly the process involved, don’t you agree? Abdominoplasty, in other words, also known as tummy tuck, is to tighten the saggy skin on the stomach which is rendered after a liposuction procedure. The process begins by drawing out a fine line around the saggy skin area which needs to be removed. It is then followed by incising the navel and remove the fats on the abdomen and waist. Lastly, the excess skin is cut out and the abdomen is sutured with extreme care and hygiene giving the client a firm waistline.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Do you happen to have saggy skin due to pregnancy, or extreme crash diets or a wrong liposuction procedure? Are you struggling to cover it all? Then leave your inhibitions behind and reach out to Regen Gangnam for game-changing services.

Abdominoplasty Before After

Mini Abdominoplasty:

Slightly similar to the abdominoplasty is the mini-abdominoplasty offered by Regen Gangnam. As the name itself suggests, it involves lesser hospitalization time and recovery time. It is strongly rooted to achieve a tighter lower abdomen skin. This process cuts out the lower saggy abdomen skin under the navel which cannot be accomplished by liposuction, giving the client a smooth body line. It is an excellent procedure, to begin with when you are unsure about diving deep into cosmetic surgeries.

Mini Abdominoplasty


Most of us long to wear sleeveless outfits, don’t we? While some of us opt for such styles with minimal hesitation despite the droopy underarm skin; most of us sway away from such choices. But that isn’t a solution, is it? Regen Gangnam offers a procedure called armplasty which focuses on removing droopy skin under the arms with a safe incision on the inner armpit area. The noteworthy point is that Regen Gangnam not just removes fat from the arm region but ensures fat removal from the shoulder area as well that gives the perfect tightening of the arm skin.

Armplasty Before After


Who isn’t familiar with the whole world of discussions on thigh gap? We all are! One of the fascinating features of body contouring is toning and firming the thighs. Get those charming, sensual thighs with Regen Gangnam’s thighplasty procedure. Regen Gangnam’s procedure involves removing fats accumulated in different layers evenly throughout the length of the thigh giving the inner thighs a smooth slim curve. Attain your dream slim thighs with Regen Gangnam’s thighplasty and flaunt those slender legs!

Thighplasty Before After

All About Dr.Seokjun Lee:

Now that we have explored the cosmetic procedures that leave us looking spectacular and feeling confident about ourselves, we would like to introduce to you one of their distinguished surgeons Dr.Seokjun Lee.

When we decide to place our insecurities or rather our hope and faith in an individual, we need to be certain of our choice, agreed? We wouldn’t encourage you to jump on the bandwagon without establishing your trust with the finest surgeons of Regen Gangnam, Dr.Seokjun Lee.

Dr Seokjun Lee

Regen Gangnam is headed by three doctors who used to be professors of Seoul National University Hospital and one among them is Dr.Seokjun Lee. Having attained his graduate degree from the Seoul National University and being not just an intern but also a plastic surgery specialist, plastic surgery advisor, and clinical advisor, Dr.Seokjun Lee climbed the ladder of excellence. With more than 15 years of professional experience, Dr. Lee specializes in breast surgery in addition to facial contouring, eyes, nose and anti-aging procedures. His skill set is remarkable and by rendering the patients a heartfelt treatment, he brightens up their lives.

Trained to deal with delicacy and having the ability to win through the challenging surgical procedures, he is a safe bet.

On a closing note, we would like to emphasize on a few key points of Regen Gangnam. From 2010 until present, Regen Gangnam has claimed the grand award in Medical Korean Customer Satisfaction Index. With specialist in every field, with 360-degree total care system, 1:1 personal anesthesia and with safety first system, Regen Gangnam seems promising and the right road to the better aesthetic vision of oneself. With advancing global medical technology in use, extensive research studies and with prime focus on individual’s needs and desires, Regen Gangnam aims to contribute for the improvement of Korea’s national brands and we applaud to their efforts.

Come one, come all, fight the inhibitions, and step up to yourself. Reach out to Regen Gangnam and Dr.Seokjun Lee to discuss your requisites and set out on the path of a beautiful YOU!

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