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Safe Yoga Pull-ups Made Easy For Women

by Fashionlady
Safe Yoga Pull Ups Made Easy for Women

Safe Yoga Pull Ups Made Easy for Women
One of the most effective exercises to lose weight and firm the upper body with a flat belly is pull-ups. Not only men, but even women benefit out of this physical training. Gone are the days of strenuous workouts, now safe yoga pull-ups for women offer an easy way to get back in shape and give a whole new image to the old you.

Pull-ups is usually an upper-body training that helps shape the abs, the trunk and the abdominal region, while toning up the forearms, hands and shoulders. Pull-ups is one of the most commonly practiced free-hand exercises by the enthusiastic fitness freaks.

Just like for men, there are several benefits of pull-ups for women as well, except that a man’s body has more muscles and stronger upper body than that of a woman. Under proper training, even women can get a tone and firm upper body.

Beginners usually feel difficulty in doing more than a few pull-ups. This is because their arms are weak. Usually women prefer cardio workouts and walking to lose weight, and avoid weightlifting. While weightlifting is a personal preference, pull-up should be included in theiryour daily health regime, as it not only tones the upper half of the body but also strengthens it.

Yoga Pull Ups

While normal pull-ups can be distressing at times, yoga pull-ups are always a safer option for women, as they are completely harmless and there is no fear of getting cramps.

Today, whole world has accepted India’s most ancient form of holistic living i.e. yoga. People from overseas have started adopting this Indian physical exercise and are getting hugely benefited from workouts like Pranayama, Surya Namaskar and other exercises.

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Here are some safe yoga pull-ups for women. You can practice the following yoga postures which can help you in doing your pull-ups quite easily.

1. Downward-facing Dog Pose (Adho Mukho Svanasana)

The Downward-facing Dog style pull-up tones up the arms and shoulders. This yoga posture also tones the muscles and rejuvenates the body.

Downward Facing Dog Pose

2. Upward Plank Pose (Poorvottanasana)

The Upward plank pose provides strength to the wrists, arms, shoulders, back and spine. It also stretches the abdominal organs and helps relieve you of any discomfort you might have doing pull-ups.


Upward Plank pose

3. Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana)

The Cobra pose gives flexibility to the shoulders and also tones up the abdomen. This safe yoga pull-up also strengthens the back. Besides, it also improves the flexibility of the upper and lower back.

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Cobra pose

4. Cat Stretch (Marjariasana)

This kind of yoga pull-up gives strength to the wrist and shoulders, and makes your pull-ups easy. It also tones the abdomen and relaxes the mind.

pull ups for beginners

Source: alkavadlo.com

Beginners should first start with 5-10 pull-ups in the first week; they can then increase it to 2 sets in the second week and eventually can increase further depending on their strength.

Just as there is a saying – “Rome was not built in a day”, in the same way, you’ll have to keep practising in order to master the exercise. Besides practicing it consistently, you should also do the above mentioned yoga postures that aids in doing pull-ups.

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Hope this elaborate post on safe yoga pull-ups for women helps you with your work out regime!

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