Super Easy Ways To Use Turmeric For Hair Care


Turmeric for Hair Growth

Turmeric is a herb with multiple antiseptic properties. Not only is it great in giving the Indian food its delicious color and glowing skin to women across the country, but the benefits of turmeric for hair care are multi-faceted as well. People have various notions against turmeric for hair, but here is an explanation that will prove that haldi is nothing but beneficial for your hair.

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haldi benefits for hair

Turmeric for Hair Growth and Hair care

People have various notions against turmeric for hair growth and hair care, but here is an explanation that will prove that haldi is nothing but beneficial for your hair.

1. Treating Dandruff  By Using Turmeric

Dandruff is basically an indicator of some kind of disorder in the formation of the layers of the epidermis. The cells of your scalp get renewed very quickly and the natural or applied oil present at the roots of hair or on the scalp forms a mass of cells which didn’t dry out gradually. This peculiar condition often leads to an unpleasant itching and flaking, which is also a source of public humiliation.

Turmeric has some rich antibacterial properties. The herb has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agents. Haldi, as called in India, has the ability to cleanse naturally the scalp thereby reducing dandruff, Also, as turmeric helps in

stimulating blood circulation throughout the scalp, dandruff formation through the dead skin is reduced.

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You can treat dandruff using haldi or turmeric. Crush a whole turmeric and dilute that in olive oil. Spread this paste all over your scalp and keep it for 30 minutes. Wash it off with any herbal shampoo or a mild shampoo with less chemical.

turmeric for hair loss

2. Turmeric Also Fights Hair Loss

A number of reasons including poor diet, heredity or disease, hormonal disorder, or stress can lead to hair loss. And despite the numerous hair loss prevention products available in the market, the high density of chemical used in the formulation makes the product them unsuitable for usage.

But you can stimulate hair growth and also prevent hair fall by including turmeric in your hair care regimen. This is how to use turmeric for hair loss. Take 4-5 tablespoons of turmeric powder and mix it well in a bowl of raw milk to make a semi-liquid solution. You may also add some honey to this solution to act as a conditioner. Cover your scalp with thus pack and massage gently. Then let it dry for half an hour and wash it off with your regular shampoo. Repeat twice a week. One can also use this mask of turmeric for hair growth. This is a great turmeric hair treatment recipe.


Hopefully, by now all your reservations if any, or doubts like will turmeric stop hair growth or will turmeric stop hair fall at all has been answered. Turmeric is a natural product and doesn’t have any toxic properties or side effects. Hence, one and all can use it to devour its goodness.