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Super Healthy Tips To Become Fat Naturally!

by Fashionlady
Healthy Tips To Become Fat Naturally

Healthy Tips To Become Fat Naturally

We bet you hadn’t expected an article like this, right? While most of us are trying to lose weight desperately, there is a certain faction of the society that is also trying to gain weight! Yes, believe it or not, there are people right now who are Googling ‘How to become Fat’. Now there might be a lot of reasons why they may feel this way –

They are underweight: Just like being overweight or obese can adversely affect your health, being underweight too comes with its fair share of problems. You may have difficulty focusing at work, you may feel lethargic all the time and in extreme cases, you might even feel dizzy and faint. Under-weight people may feel that they need natural weight gain tips

So what really is the definition of underweight? Being underweight is when you have a body mass index (BMI) that is below 18.5. In fact, doctors will say that this is estimated to be less than the body mass needed to sustain optimal health. Hence, you will see a variety of problems crop up.

You are at a higher risk of suffering from infections, there may be infertility issues and you might even have fractures very frequently. In short, you are not enjoying a healthy life by being a bag of bones.

Fat Food

But a lot of people try to solve this issue by eating a lot of junk food and this is the exact opposite of what you should do to gain weight healthily. Not only are these food items extremely unhealthy, but they will also add to your physiological woes. These processed foods are detrimental to your health and can choke up your arteries and lead to a host of other diseases. Sure they will make you gain weight in a very short while but they are not the best way to gain fat naturally. In this article, we will tell you the right diet you should follow to get your optimal weight without damaging or clogging up your arteries. Read on to know more!

Tips To Gain Weight Naturally!

Want to pile on the pounds but the right way? Go ahead and explore our list:

1. Add The Goodness Of Fats And Oils:

We cannot stress on this more, but in order to gain weight safely, you should include a lot of good fats, oils, and fibers in each of the meals you have. A shortcut would definitely be having those calorie bombs from KFC and McDonald’s but in the long run, they are going to do more damage than good and you are going to regret it!

Instead, focus on having a breakfast that includes unrolled oats, nuts like almonds and chia seeds. This will not only keep you full for longer but will also help you get your recommended dose of good fats.
Similarly, for lunch, avoid processed foods like burgers and subways- instead focus on foods such as salmon, avocados, and salads with the right amount of protein. Dinner can be plenty of veggies for you to get your fibers. Switch to ghee (clarified butter) instead of butter to give you a good dose of healthy fats.

Goodness Of Fats And Oils

2. Take A High-Protein Diet:

Proteins are important sources of food for you because they are the building blocks of life. Not only will they help you repair the damages caused by the wear and tear of your body, but they will also help you gain weight if taken in the right amount. Make sure you get enough chicken, fish, meat, eggs, almonds, and milk. You should have at least .8-1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight. Another important thing to keep in mind when you are learning how to become fat is not to overdo anything. Protein powders and all are good, especially when you want to bulk up, but remember, it is recommended for people who are exercising vigorously in the gym. If you are not doing those heavy-duty exercises, refrain from eating protein powders and instead focus on getting your dose of protein naturally from food.

Eat Protein

3. Say Yes To Carbs:

Pasta, white rice, bread are all your friends when you want to gain weight. Potatoes and sweet potatoes, oatmeal, everything will help you gain weight, but in a healthy way. You should have a lot of carbs, but again the most important thing is to understand not to overdo it. Anything in excess is not good for your body.
A simple way to remember whether the food you are having will help you gain weight or not is to increase your calorie intake to double (and more than what you are losing if you are exercising). Keep a track of what you are eating and make a conscious effort to eat more than what you were having earlier. If needed you can even have a journal to enter your food or you can download apps like Calorie Counter and MyFitnessPal. All of these will help you keep a track of how many calories you are consuming and whether this will help you gain weight or not.


Top 4 Must-Have Foods To Become Fat:

Here are some good food items you should include in your diet:


1. Avocado:

Considered as a superfood, avocado is essential for bulking up and also getting the right dosage of good fats. Make sure you have avocados but not too much. Use them in limited quantities in your sandwiches and subs.

3. Chocolates:

The sinful chocolates are usually high in saturated fat and sugar that will help you gain weight. But again, make sure that you eat them in moderation as they can help you pile on calories very quickly. You can have one small piece of chocolate every day to get the best out of it.


Source: revuezzle.com

4. Greek Yogurt:

Sweetened Greek yogurt is not only tempting but it packs approximately 16 grams of sugar that is half of the recommended grams of sugar per day. To gain weight naturally you can have the sweetened and flavored yogurts frequently.


Things To Remember:

  • Lifting weights will help you bulk up while you are increasing your calorie intake. You should skip the cardio, but stick to lifting weights that you are comfortable with while working out at the gym. Go to the gym and lift weight at least 2-4 times per week. When you are a beginner, lift weights that are not so heavy, but as you get used to it, you can try and lift heavier ones, slowly. Never try and lift heavy dumbbells in the absence of a trainer because you may end up hurting yourself. Consult your instructor for progressing with the weights.

Lifting weights

  • An average adult needs about 6-8 hours of sleep every night and if you are going to the gym, you will need at least 9-11 hours of sleep for the optimal recovery and replenishment. If you are not getting enough sleep, you will not only be lethargic, but you will steadily lose weight in an unhealthy way. So make sure you follow a good sleep regime and a healthy diet to increase weight proportionately.


A Word Of Caution:

Do consult a dietitian before making any major changes in your diet. Do not follow the above tips without consulting your doctor.

That wraps up our sermon on becoming fat albeit naturally. Hope you found the article informative.

Did you struggle with weight gain? Tell us how you overcame it. Share any dietary tips you have tried to gain weight healthily with other readers here.

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