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They Say ‘Rice Makes You Fat’, But This One Simple Trick Can Fix That

by Fashionlady
Rice Makes You Fats

Rice Makes you Fat

RICE! Gets a million hearts beaming with happiness and taste buds drooling. Can be combined with the yummiest of curries and gives the feeling of a fulfilling meal. One cannot imagine ending a meal without a plate of white rice, right?! We Asians can mostly relate, I’m sure.

But ‘Rice makes you fat’ gets a million hearts want to quit it too. Fitness regimes have taken over our lives that nothing matters except a body that is stare worthy. So you finally give up the thought of rice in a meal.

But what if being fit and not fat is possible, even by eating rice? Are you gleaming with happiness already? Okay won’t keep you waiting for too long. See how rice fixes your major problem of becoming fat.

A student from Sri Lanka, Sudhair James along with his mentor came up with a research that allows rice to be cooked with 50% less calories and what’s even better is that, this rice has a number of benefits too.

What Is The Trick?

It’s a simple modification of the normal procedure to cook rice. What to do is that, before adding the raw rice to the boiling water, a percentage of coconut oil needs to be added. The quantity of coconut oil to be added depends on the quantity of rice. Be sure that the coconut oil percentage is about 3% of the weight of the rice. Then, the raw rice is added and it is cooked as per usual norms. After the rice is ready to be taken into a bowl, refrigerate the rice for about 12 hours.

Rice Bowl

Source: ecowatch.com

That’s it! Your healthy rice is ready! Be fit.

A slight modification from your usual rice recipe is all that’s done. As simple as it can get!


How Does It Work?

So the addition of oil during the boiling process and letting it cool down soon after while in the refrigerator helps the reduction of almost 12% of calories in an instant.

The mentor quoted that, “If you can reduce the digestible starch in something like steamed rice, you can reduce the calories. The impact could be huge.”

Before concluding the rice theory, the process was carried out on 38 different varieties of rice, all proving to show that the addition of coconut oil brings down calories due to the cooling thereafter.

We are aware of something that could keep us happy while gyming too, isn’t it? Obesity is a major concern that attracts such researches for healthy alternatives to daily foods. Rice Theory is a game breaker, and we love the simplicity of it.

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