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Top 5 Fringe Bags for the Boho Look that Add Luxury

by Fashionlady
Fringe Bags

Fringe Bags
Did you know the Bohemian fashion has been around for over 200 years? This particular style has been the kinky flipside of the accepted fashion ever since its inception. If you are also among the Gypsy admirers then you must be always inquisitive about the Bohemian fashion elements. In this post I offer you top 5 fringe bags for boho look that would instantly provoke you to pick one or two for your wardrobe.

Winter has already arrived and with it came a new cropped up fashion accessory – the boho fringe bag which has already dominated the fashion world by now. This year, the Milan’s Spring 2015 Fashion Week was taken over by the Bohemian elements right from free-flowing maxi dresses by Robrto Cavalli and Native American prints paired with fringed suede bags and boots by Veronica Etro to D&G’s first ever jeans show on the runway have proclaimed a recurring theme from 70’s.

The boho fringe was also one of a major showpiece on the runway, inspiring the fashion gurus to bring back this Bohemian fashion element into the mainstream fashion book. In this edition, I have managed to gather top 5 fringe bags for the boho look from world’s high end fashion brands. Stay inspired!

1. Gucci Nouveau Fringe Suede Shoulder Bag

Fringe has returned with a boom and instantly became an integral part of the Gypsy fashion. Just like other big brands, Gucci got this trend right in their bags so as to speak. This fabulous fringed bag comes with dramatic proportions with two enlarged tufts and tinted bamboo beads that add balanced amount of detailing to this classy minimalistic design.

Gucci Nouveau Fringe Suede Shoulder Bag

Source: purseblog.com

2. Valentino Gryphon-Handle Fringe Clutch

Here is another classic creation screaming both style and vigor and one of the fastest emerging prominent street style accessories.

This Valentino clutch is made up of calfskin leather that is adorned with tonal fringes. Besides, this Italian bag is flanked by a golden gryphon finger-handled charm and not to mention with their logo.

Valentino Gryphon Handle Fringe Clutch

Source: purseblog.com

3. Stella McCartney Falabella Fringe Small Tote Bag

Nothing could rock your party ensemble than this small tote bag in silver by Stella McCartney. An instant head-turner, this chain trimmed iconic shoulder bag is an enticing choice for the women on the go. Just arm your shoulder with this fashion guard and see how you are under the spotlight.


Stella McCartney Falabella Fringe Small Tote Bag

Source: barneys.com

4. Tod’s Sella Fringe Leather Satchel

This dynamic equestrian-inspired satchel by Tod is not only Bohemian but also sophisticated enough to pull it off at any business meeting. Made up of lush Italian leather, this satchel can be paired with formal suit and also with a maxi dress.

Tods Sella Fringe Leather Satchel

Source: purseblog.com

5. ONE by Ophelia Moon Banjara Weekender Bag

Last but not the least here is an ultimate bag that comes with all kinds of appropriate elements that define the Bohemian fashion. Inspired from Indian craftsmanship, this is a fabulous weekender bag for women on the go.

one by ophelia moon banjara weekender bag

Source: thestore.com

So those were the top 5 fringe bags for the boho look that can add luxury to your style statement as well!

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