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Top 8 Hair Color Removers In India

by Fashionlady
Hair Color Removers

Hair Color Removers In India

Have you ever faced a situation when you wanted your hair to be in a particular color, but instead you ended up with a hue utterly unimaginable? Well, most of us might have gone through that, and trust us, it’s not a pretty sight. So what do you do when the burgundy shade you wanted, turned your hair into this nasty shade of pink instead? Well for starters, you should have left this job to the experts! But never mind, you can’t cry over spilled hair color now, can you?

So the best way to deal with a shoddy hair coloring job is, of course, to get rid of it! In this article, we will name some of the top hair color removers in India and also help you with some natural hair color remover ideas in case you aren’t too keen on adding more chemicals to your mane. Read on to know more!

Top 8 Hair Color Removers In India

Here’s our list of the best-selling hair color removers available in the country to give a happy ending to your mane mania tales:

1. L’Oreal Hair Colorists Secret:

Touted by beauticians as the number one product that can remove hair color in a jiffy, this one is most preferred because it doesn’t leave your hair in a lackluster form. It can help you get rid of a bad hair job whether it’s done by the salon or a botched up experiment at home.

However, like most hair color removers, it does not promise to bring back your hair to its former glory, but however, it will remove the bad hair color and make your hair ready for the next coloring job. You will now need to make an informed decision about what color you would really want for your hair!

2. JoBaz Hair Color Remover:

JoBaz Hair color works hard to remove all the synthetic dye from your hair and washes off the traces of the color disaster completely. Like L’Oreal color remover, this one too does not bring back your hair to the original shade (it’s almost similar but not the same) and readies your hair for the next coloring job. There are two versions of the hair color remover available – Normal Strength and Max Strength. As you would have guessed from the name, the normal one is not too strong and removes quite a lot of the hair color, but if you want to remove it completely (plus it will be a little harsh on your hair), you can use the one that says Max Strength.

JoBaz Hair Color Remover

Source: jo-baz.com

3. Goldwell System

If you are looking for a mild solution to remove your hair color gently, this is going to be the best product for you. Goldwell system is known to remove oxidative or other types of color pigments from your hair in a very mild manner. Dermatologists suggest this hair color remover for a lot of people with a sensitive scalp because of its mild composition. It does not lighten the natural hair color at all and is great for people with light colored hair.

Goldwell System

Source: friseurbedarf24.de

4. Color Oops

Considered as one of the best hair color removers available on the market shelves, Color Oops is known to remove the hair color in the best possible way. The hair color remover is quite gentle but does the work perfectly. Unlike other inferior quality hair color removers available in the market, this one does not dry your hair nor does it make it brittle. Experts rate this hair remover 7.7 on the scale of 10 and vouch for the efficiency of this hair color remover. It is available in select salons only, so it might be a little difficult to procure it, but you can order it from an online marketplace for a faster delivery.

Color Oops

Source: farleyco.ca

5. Color B4

This is another great product that can help get rid of an unwanted hair color. This is especially recommended for people who have colored their hair in a darker shade. The product is good to remove these dark shades as it directly affects the hair color pigment and strips it off from the hair. After two or three washes you would be able to see a world of a difference in your hair color shade.

The biggest plus point about color B4 is the fact that it is ammonia and bleach free. This makes it gentle enough to be used on hair and does not remove the natural oils of the hair. It is a great and super-effective quick fix option as it can be used to remove the hair color in just 20 minutes.

Color B4 Hair Color Remover

Source: news47.info

6. My Hairdresser

If healthy and shiny hair is what you are looking for after a botched up dye job and subsequent color removal, then My Hairdresser is just for you. This product too does not contain ammonia and bleach and can make your hair look shiny even after the harsh procedure of removing hair color from your hair. It works well on all shades, but it might be a little expensive. Also, it is not easily available in the market but you can easily order it online.


My Hairdresser

Source: bigcommerce.com

Matrix Color Erase

Source: afrohairboutique.com

3 Natural Hair Color Removers:

If piling on more chemicals on your hair is not the solution you seek, here are some natural solutions to remove your hair color in a less harsh manner:

1. Dandruff Shampoo And Baking Soda

We won’t exactly call this natural because technically you are using a shampoo, but when you combine both these two together in equal proportions, you get a bleaching agent that can help you get rid of this hair color.

After you have mixed both bleaching agent and dandruff shampoo together, apply this mixture and let it sit on your hair for about five minutes. Gently rinse off this water to see the results. You can use this combination several times to see a difference in your hair color.

However, this is only effective when your hair color is fairly new. Months old hair color may not be affected much by this mixture.

2. Dishwashing Agent and Shampoo

Another combination that can help fade your hair color is the mixture of dishwashing agent and a gentle shampoo. Mix just one or two drops of the dishwashing soap with the shampoo and work up a good lather. Rinse thoroughly because the dishwashing agent is a very harsh agent and can strip your hair of its natural oils. Make sure you follow this shampooing treatment with deep oil conditioning to ensure that your hair is well moisturized. Skipping this might make your hair very dry and brittle.

3. Vinegar and Warm Water Rinse

Mix equal parts of vinegar and warm water and douse your hair with this mixture. Vinegar is acidic and helps to break down the hair color and fade it. If your hair color shade isn’t dark, you will be able to see it fading with regular use of vinegar. Make sure you let your hair soak in the vinegar-water solution for at least 15-20 minutes for best results.

So, here are our top picks to salvage your hair from a disastrous hair coloring session. Though we suggest you go to a professional salon to get it fixed, these hair color removers can do the job quite well. Let us know if you have tried any of the products listed above and if it worked wonders for you.

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