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Top 9 Health Benefits Of Collagen Powder

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Health Benefits of Collagen Powder

Health Benefits of Collagen Powder

There is a bounteous abundance of collagen in our body as it is an integral part of the connective tissue for our blood cells, bones, muscles, cartilage, organs, and arteries. But with growing age, the collagen production decreases and leads to a number of health issues. As such, consuming a beverage containing collagen powder can prove to be beneficial for offsetting your collagen loss. For this reason, beverages made from animal or fish minerals are very powerful. Read this article to find out how this magical ingredient can work wonders for your health!

What Is Collagen?

Collagen is the connective tissue protein that holds our body together. It boosts our skin strength and elasticity and removes dead skin cells, as well. As we start to age, our collagen production starts to slow down leading to wrinkles, sagging skin, and joint pain. Collagen levels can also be depleted due to eating a low sugar diet, smoking, and sun exposure. You may suffer from collagen-related diseases due to genetic defects, poor intake of collagen-rich foods and digestive problems.

Collagen Powder

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What Are The Different Types Of Collagen?

There are at least 20 types of collagen in our body but Type 1, Type 2, and Type 3 form 80-90% of it. Mentioned below is an overview of the major types of collagen:

Type 1:

Type 1 is the most common and strongest collagen type present in the human body. It is composed of eosinophilic fibers which outline body parts like tendons, organs, skin, and ligament. Type 1 collagen also forms the bones and is present in the GI tract. This type of collagen speeds up the healing process of wounds.

Type 2:

Type 2 collagen can strengthen the cartilage present in the connective tissues. Our joint health mainly depends on the level of Type 2 collagen. Increasing the levels of Type 2 collagen is beneficial for decreasing joint related pain or arthritic symptoms.

Type 3:

Type 3 is composed of reticular fibers that form our organs and skin. It is usually present along with Type 1 and gives skin its elasticity and firmness. Because of this reason, a deficiency in Type 3 collagen has been connected with a higher risk of ruptured blood vessels.

What Is Collagen Powder?

Collagen powder is a rich source of the amino acid glycine and helps improve metabolic functions and detoxification. For achieving the fullest benefit, you should take collagen powder on an empty stomach or 30 minutes before a meal. If you are still wondering what is collagen powder good for, then you can read ahead to know more about its nutritional benefits.

Top 9 Health Benefits of Consuming Collagen Powder:

Gelatin is cooked collagen. It is further dried and processed into a powder. It transforms into a gel when it is mixed with water. Collagen powder is a superfood and can be incorporated into your diet easily.

Learn more about the goodness of collagen powder:

1. Reduces Joint Problems:

Collagen plays an essential role in building and strengthening joints, and it can help in reducing the discomfort associated with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. When you experience a loss of collagen, your tendons and ligaments can start losing their elasticity and this can lead to stiffness, discomfort, and swollen joints. Consuming collagen powder can strengthen your bones and reduce the risk of age-related joint problems.

Tip: Add one to two tsp of collagen powder in a cup of turmeric tea. Consume this drink three or four times a week for maximum benefits.

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2. Improves Skin Health:

As you age, your collagen production takes a dip. And this can lead to various visible signs of aging like sagging skin, wrinkles, and fine lines. Boosting collagen levels can leave your skin looking firmer, smoother, and younger too! Studies have revealed the anti-aging properties of collagen and how it can improve skin elasticity. This is the reason why collagen for skin is strongly recommended by dermatologists to reverse the signs of aging. Collagen can also reduce stretch marks and cellulite by improving your skin’s elasticity.

Tip: Add one to two tsp of collagen powder in a cup of green tea. Drink this tonic three to four times a week for a natural anti-aging skin treatment.

3. Helps Heal Leaky Gut:

The Leaky gut syndrome is a condition where bad bacteria, toxins, and undigested food pass through the digestive system into the bloodstream. The intake of collagen powder can help cure this condition. The benefit of collagen powder consumption is that it can help in healing the protective lining of the gastrointestinal tract. The amino acids present in the collagen powder can help in tissue building and treat the gastrointestinal symptoms, like leaky gut syndrome, acid reflux, and Crohn’s disease. In addition, collagen can also help with the water absorption and the flushing out of the toxins from the body.

Tip: Add one tsp of collagen powder to your beverage. Drinking this solution can increase your protein levels and hydrochloric acid production.

Tip: Consuming foods like a bone broth can offer plenty of protein present in collagen. You can try a three-day bone broth detox if you are suffering from the stomach flu. This can help your body to remove harmful toxins and also reduce alcohol-induced liver damage or other symptoms of chronic liver injury.


6. Strengthen Nails, Hair, and Teeth:

Healthy nails, hair, and teeth are a sign of good health. Any signs like peeling nails, hair loss, etc. could be a sign of low collagen levels. The collagen protein helps in protecting our fingernails, hair, and teeth. You should add rich collagen supplements to your diet for healthy nails and hair. Collagen powder is a therapeutic solution for hair loss and other skin-related diseases.

7. Improves Cardiovascular Health:

Another important benefit of consuming collagen powder is its ability to improve the functioning of the cardiovascular system. Since collagen is an important component of the arteries consuming collagen powder can boost heart health.

Tip: Add two tsp of collagen powder to your breakfast smoothie to improve your cardiovascular health.

8. Enhances Sleep Quality:

Collagen plays an essential role in improving the functioning of the neurotransmitters within the brain. Research has stated that glycine can improve the sleep quality among insomnia patients. Consuming collagen powder not only improves sleep quality but also reduces daytime sluggishness and strengthens memory levels.

Tip: Mix one tsp of collagen powder with chamomile tea one hour before bedtime. Chamomile is a natural remedy for sleeplessness. Hence, this tonic works wonderfully.

9. Boosts Athletic Performance:

The amino acids, glycine, and proline can help in repairing tissues, reduce inflammation, and help minimize sports-related injuries. Increasing the intake of collagen powders can decrease the risk of bone injuries and muscle tear. The glycine and arginine present in collagen can also help in restoring muscle mass. Arginine can stimulate the release of growth hormones, which is known for increasing muscle mass.

Tip: For improving athletic performance and reducing injury risk, try this protein shake mixed with collagen powder. Mix one small cooked sweet potato and canned pumpkin, two tsp of collagen peptides, one tsp of pure honey, one tsp cinnamon, a pinch of ginger, nutmeg, cloves, ½ cup ice, and 1 cup of water. The cinnamon powder can help to repair connective tissues, sweet potato replenishes muscles glycogen, and honey reduces muscle fatigue.

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Simple Ways To Use Collagen Powder:

  • Add collagen powder while making homemade jelly and pudding.
  • You can add it to your glass of smoothie and or cup of tea.
  • Add it to baking dishes, muffin bars, and pancakes to increase your protein intake.
  • Replace your protein powder with collagen powder.
  • Consume collagen powder as a sports supplement pre and post workout sessions.
  • You can also add collagen powder in homemade jelly and natural fruit snacks.
  • Eggs, fish, milk, and poultry are excellent food choices for boosting collagen levels.

A Word Of Caution:

Although collagen powders are generally considered safe for consumption, it is advisable that you consult your doctor before adding it to your healthcare regimen. Your physician is the best person to guide you about the best collagen supplements or collagen powders available in the market and the apt dosage as per your age and health condition.

Hope you found this post on the health benefits of collagen powder informative. If you have tried collagen powders before please share your experience with other health watchers here.

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