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15 Minute Workout For Muffin Tops And Love Handles

by Fashionlady
15 minute workout for women

15 minute workout

Most of you fitness bugs might be thinking that a 15 minute workout is a piece of fiction. My dear, once 15 minute workout for women is done, your abs will swear by it. Because instead of going for hour-long training sessions, the simple 15 minute ab workout is more effective in letter and spirit.

What is the secret of 15 minute morning workout you may ask? Well, it combines two fat-loss techniques (and proven one) – metabolic strength training as well as Tabata training into one focussed workout.

Firstly, you have to work out your major muscles to the point of fatigue with the help of 10-minute strength circuit. Then you have to finish with the “Tabata top off”. You have to alternate both by putting 20 seconds of maximum intensity and 10 seconds of rest, 8 times.

15 minute ab workout

Whether you are a busy mom or an athletic gal, 15 minute weight workout, 15 minute arm workout, 15 minute fat burning workout will help you magically regain the body stats you dreamt of.

Getting Started On 15 Minute Workout

Let us take a look at the game-changing workout. This high-intensity 15 minute workout in the form of 15 minute weight workout, 15 minute dumbbell workout, 15 minute bodyweight workout, 15 minute arm workout, 15 minute fat burning workout, 15 minute workout for beginners can be done anywhere, anytime. Not to mention the results, which tone the entire body in as little as three weeks.

15 minute morning workout

Now the basic premise behind the 30-1 routine shown above is simple. When you do 30 reps of five key workouts, with one minute rest in between, it helps you in building strength and defining muscles like your chest, legs, butt and core. This workout tests out your weakness and gives you a chance to make them stronger.

1. Squat

This is a basic move in 15 minute workout for women that targets your thighs and hamstrings. All you need to do is spread your legs slightly wider. Then push your hips all the way back and squat straight down so as to align your knees with ankles. Now return to the starting position and repeat for 30 reps.

Squat exercises

2. Push-Ups

This is that 15 minute ab workout which is the first fitness move learned by most women but practised incorrectly.

For proper and best form, start your push-up from the floor while placing your hands in line with your chest. Then press the heels of your hands to lift the torso, chest, and thighs off the ground as one unit. This position gets you parallel to the floor. In order to complete the push-up, return to the ground in that straight, strong unit.


3. Burpees

It might not be easy to do this 15 minute workout for beginners but it is worth it since it activates many different muscle groups, particularly of your shoulders, triceps, chest, calves, and thighs. The best burpee happens when you are in squat position. Drop to the floor and get your legs back to get into a high plank position.

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4. Crunches

This 15 minute ab workout crunches your lower abs in a pretty decent way. Keep your knees bent and hip-distance apart and your feet flat on the ground. Roll your back down slowly, one vertebra at a time. Place each hand behind your head. Engage your core, lift up slowly into a crunch and release your back down. Repeat this for 30 reps!

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