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Easiest And Best Exercise For Slim Waist And Flat Tummy

by Fashionlady
Waist Exercises for women

Waist Exercises

While the year-end holidays have passed by and we have entered the New Year completely renewed, all the merry making, eating and drinking has left behind some undesirable stomach tyres. We have to get the tyres off or else the upcoming parties at which we wish to flaunt our curvy clothing wouldn’t be possible. This is why, we are going to give you a couple of exercises that can be performed for a slimmer waist. But do not starve. Eat right, in moderation and workout regularly- your waist would come in shape if you have the patience. No miracle medication or pills would slim down your waist. What truly works is a good dose of exercise!

Exercises That You Should Not Do!

Experts opine the following five shouldn’t be done at all!

  • Sit Ups
  • Crunches
  • Heavy Squats
  • Side Bends
  • Russian Twists

Disclaimer: Speak to a body trainer and allow him or her to understand the level of training you need, before you start these exercises. His or her word would take precedence over what is written here.

The Vertical Hip Lift

With the vertical hip lift, you get to improve the power needed for the muscles around the waist and the glutes. This exercise also helps tone up the hamstring and the hips, and you should do this by creating an L shape. The L shape is created when you lie flat on the back and lift your legs towards the ceiling. When the legs are elevated and are above the hips, lift your hips by making the feet rise higher. Your feet need to be steady; swaying defeats the purpose!

The Vertical Hip Lift

The Side Plank

Why are trainers around the world insisting on the side plank? This is because the lateral muscles on the core are affected tremendously. They say, sixty seconds of planks to begin with tones up each muscle and accentuates the curves.

Side Plank

The Hip Thrust

This is a fun way to lose weight around the waist and perfect for those who love Bollywood dances of the 90s- pelvic hip thrusts were famous back then. Jokes apart, you need to lie down on a flat surface- the floor. Gather your legs together and lift the glutes towards the ceiling with full force. This helps tone the muscles of the lower back, shape the glutes and work on your curves. How feminine is this workout? Interesting, isn’t it?

The Hip Thrust


You should also try burpees, which help condition the body and lose flab around the waist too. Burpees are also good to tone and condition every part of the body, and if you add push-ups to it, you would exhaust sooner and burn more calories. Icing on the cake!


Bicycle Crunches

It’s a double whammy with bicycle crunches, where you get to tone the abs and simultaneously have a good cardio workout. Go down on one knee and turn the torso to the left; repeat the same within a second. This makes the lower and the upper body work in tandem, and you can work out for ten seconds per leg. Repeat five times and the core would be well-worked upon!

Bicycle Crunches

The Cat Vomit

If you want the muscles around your waist and the glutes to be firm and nice, you should try the cat vomit exercise. To do this exercise, kneel on all fours. Take a deep breath and exhale out with full force, emulating the puking action of a cat. Doing this would make the abs contract forcefully and tone it too. Repeat ten times by holding the position for ten seconds each time.

The Cat Vomit

Intense Rope Jump

The intense rope jump is an amazing way to make the waist slim and toned. This is because the metabolic rate of the body substantially increases, and this helps strengthen the core as well. Double whammy for those that want to look slim, get slim and slim down the waist too! When you do this regime, you should be as careful as possible while jumping the rope. Twist the muscles around the waist from left to right and vice-versa, when you jump. This helps the body get used to the regime faster, which means you slim off pretty well too. Forty seconds is what you need, with a fifteen minute break and five repetitions.



We spoke about side planks, now let’s see what PLANKS do. Planks are core exercises for the abs, which apart from crunches can help you perform the best to attain a toned waist. You need to get onto the floor and lay down. After this, you need to squeeze the muscles of the buttocks and straighten up the body while doing so. Slowly, lift the hips towards the ceiling with buttocks facing the ceiling and hold on to the position for a good ten seconds or more.

Planks for waist

Here were the many exercises and ways on how to get a slimmer waist the easiest way, and you don’t have to visit a gym for the same. However, always check with an expert and a doctor before you start any of these exercises, to know whether your body can manage these easy exercises or not. If you have more exercises that help slim down the waist, which you could use and are sure of results, do write in and let us know!

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