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10 Sexy and Colourful Sarongs Ideas for the Summer Months at the Beach

by Fashionlady
Colourful Sarongs Ideas

Colourful Sarongs Ideas

While mom and dad are busy packing in the essentials for the beach holiday, you need to have your bags packed right, too. From sun tan lotions to make up for the beach-daytime look, chappals or flip-flops for the feet to a large jute hat with a cute bow to show off, a camera is a must and a data connection to pose for the Instagram account is a necessity too, but wait, would mom and dad be happy with you wearing your two-piece swimwear? Don’t allow that thought to dampen your holidaying spirit, wrap your sexy waist in a colourful sarong this time!


Wrap yourself in this beautiful sarong and make a traditional yet fashionable statement at the beach. While the onlookers would be in awe, you wouldn’t have to worry about creepy eyes checking you out!

Colourful sarong for women

Source: pinterest.com

It is blue summer, darlings

Chunky neckpieces and with a sexy satin blue two piece bikini, why not? But if daddy and mommy aren’t too happy with too much skin show, make them happier with a fashionable sexy blue sarong, wrapped neat and pretty around your waist

Sarongs with chunky neckpieces

Source: pinterest.com

Violets aren’t purple

For the woman who has her colours in place, she would surely know how to flaunt a shade or two of purple with grace. Summer times and the beach parties are for all, dress to look the part and do that in style!

Summer sarongs for beach-parties

Source: pinterest.com

We heart heartshell sarongs

Heartshell sarongs, so cute and colourful, wouldn’t you want to flaunt the summer-beach look with total swag and style? This is a sarong that is so meant for you, to bring out the chic diva from within!

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Heartshell sarongs

Source: pinterest.com

Satin purple printed sarongs

Throw a little more challenges to the eyes that roam around your presence while being at the beach, and let them keep guessing the fabric. Shhh! It’s satin and with prints so tiny and chic, in purple that too!

Purple printed sarongs

Source: pinterest.com

Pretty pinks

Summers bring us the freedom of flowing colours and fabrics, pinks and peaches especially. While that is in mind, what about a pretty pink sarong tied into a skirt for the chic party at the ravenous bar tonight!

Pink sarongs ideas

Source: ebay.com

Psychedelically yours

Flutter and fly to the morning’s sunshine, the sands at the beach so warm and friendly beckons the soul. Prints on the sarong so chic and nice, mom and dad wouldn’t mind you adding to the beach fun with spice!

Colourful sarongs

Source: pinterest.com

Wear it like the BALI BABES

Chic, trendy and with a touch of all things BALI, mom and dad would be happy seeing their little angel all grown up in BALI sarongs, which bring out the oomph and style!

Sarongs with chunky neckpieces

Source: pinterest.com

Satin blues for the sea

People will stare, and you should be the reason why they do that! A satin blue sarong for the beach time out with mom and dad, helps keep the look chic and haute, while you remain calm and sexy!

Satin blue sarong for beach

Source: pinterest.com

Tie and dye hippie reds

Bonhomie and chic, mom would want to wear it too, but be a little selfish for yourself and let no one take the thunder away!

Beach sarongs

Source: pinterest.com

Orange is the new sexy

Self coloured and so sexy, sheer beauty in fabrics light and calm, soothing to the eyes and attractive as beach wear too, an orange sexy sarong is a must-have in every PYT’s wardrobe!

Orange colored sarong

Source: naine24.postimees.ee

Which one would it be girls? And if you have your own colourful sarongs to show us, drop in a picture and a few lines!

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